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March 14/04 10:24 am - Blizzard Bike Club News

Posted by Editoress on 03/14/04

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC (March 14th)

Pat Ferris won a tough Baldonnel Roubaix race, Sunday. His time was 1:48:00 hours for the 46 km event. Mike Hientzman was second at 1:55:00, Ian Hoffman 1:57:00 and Stephen Ferris 1:58:00.

Twelve riders had to contend with five inches of fresh snow on gravel roads to get around the circuit, which was about half gravel and half clear pavement. There were lots of falls into the soft snow. The pack split as soon as the riders hit the snowy gravel road. 1998 winner Pat and 2003 co-winner Stephen Ferris pulled away on the slippery, snowy road. They stayed together for the full lap and continued together until the last time up the snowy hill. Stephen spun out in the snow and was forced to try and walk/pedal up the hill which was very slow. This bit of bad luck allowed Pat Ferris to get some time and win the race.

Mike Hientzman survived numerous crashes to catch and pass Stephen to pick up 2nd place with Ian Hoffman of Grande Prairie getting third spot. Stephen Ferris came in 4th and Rod Lewis fifth at 2:34:00.

Gord Harris won the one lap event with 1:09:00. Keith Koebel was second at 1:13:00, Barb Polehoykie third at 1:33:00 and Adam Currie 4th at 1:39:00.

Pat Ferris is leading the Roubaix Cup points with 5 and Mike Hientzman second with 4 points for the three race series.

There were three DNF's owing to the harsh conditions.

Coming up:

-Sunday: Frozen John Roubaix, 2 pm at Frozen John Hill.


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