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March 25/05 12:08 pm - Victoria Cycling League

Posted by Editoress on 03/25/05

Victoria Cycling League - Caleb Pike
Courtesy Martin Willock, Victoria Wheelers

The Sunday March 20th cycling road race at Caleb Pike was cold and rainy. 28 riders signed on and 18 riders finished. Our next race is Wednesday April 6th at Newton Heights Hilly Criterium.

A Group ˆ 15 Laps
1. Taylor Little (Team Coastal)
2. Jason Eagles (Organic Athlete Victoria)
3. Bob Cameron (Organic Athlete Victoria)
4. Tom Skinner
5. James Sparling (Beachy Sport)
6. David Lundine (Victoria Wheelers)
7. Brett Boniface (Organic Athlete Victoria)
8. Dave McLeod (Organic Athlete Victoria)
9. Travis Chater (Team X)
10. Keith Milne (Organic Athlete Victoria)

B Group ˆ 12 Laps
1. Mark Schurch (Victoria Wheelers)
2. Laurie Munn (Schwalbe)
3 (Alec Walton (Victoria Wheelers)
4. Scott Thumlert (Victoria Wheelers)
5. Matt Pucsek (Victoria Wheelers)
6. Mike Tramner (Victoria Wheelers)
7. Dennis McCallum (Organic Athlete Victoria)

1. Noelle Daigle (Victoria Wheelers)


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