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May 14/05 1:12 am - Randell 7th in Belgium

Posted by Editoress on 05/14/05

Randell 7th in Vlamertinge Belgium
Courtesy Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel Sympatico MSN's Andrew Randell finished 7th yesterday in the Vlamertinge Kermesse in West Flanders Belgium. Randell attacked to join the final selection of ten riders in the 12 lap 119km race.

Jurgen Deceunink of the Lombarden/Firestone team attacked inside the final 5kms to finish alone. American Mark McCormack of the Collavita team finished 2nd, leading in the reaming 9 riders from the winning move.

Randell's race report is available on the team's website

1. Jurgen Deceuninck (Lombarden / Firestone)2:35:00
2. Mark McCormack (Colavita Olive)at 0:09
3. David Dewulf (C.C. Cambrai)
4. Stefaan Vermeersch (Mez Team Belgium- Snellegem)
5. David Geldhof (Wielerclub New Heebra-Moorsele)
6. Goswin Laplasse (Vzw Wielerclub "Onder Ons - Parike")
7. Andrew Randell (Jet Fuel Coffee)
8. Stijn Nauwynck (Lombarden / Firestone)
9. Nico Couckuyt (Delsol Team - Heule)
10. Wim Packet (W.C." Soenens-Germond" Ingelmunster)all s.t.
11. Nick Demeulemeester (Sporting Club Meerse - Kluisbergen)1:10
12. Stephane Leveille (E.C. Raismes Petite Foret)
13. Jonathan Page (Colavita Olive)
14. Rino Vantomme (Jong En Moedig - Ardooie)
15. Serge Denecker (W.C." Soenens-Germond" Ingelmunster)
16. Jonas Reybrouck (Cycling Team Lispanne-De Haan)
17. Giovani Van Laecke (Sporting Club Meerse - Kluisbergen)
18. Chris Deblauwe (Wielerploeg Cerdi-Team - Ingelmunster)
19. Lorenzo Louagie (Jong En Moedig - Ardooie)
20. Bruno Vandenbulcke (C.T. Edl - Prolacon Mar - Dj.Matic)
21. Mirando Dumoulin (Lombarden / Firestone)
22. Wesley Coudenys (Rijschool Ah - Gentse Vs)
23. Wesley Declerck (Wielerclub New Heebra-Moorsele)
24. Thomas Van Acker (Mez Team Belgium- Snellegem)
25. Bart Vanneste (Delsol Team - Heule)
26. Youri Capoen (K.S.V. - Deerlijk - Gaverzicht)
27. Juan Haedo (Colavita Olive)
28. Roland Knockaert (VC T Meetjesland - Eeklo)
29. Zach Bell (Jet Fuel Coffee)
30. Bert Liefooghe (K.S.V. - Deerlijk - Gaverzicht)all s.t.


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