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August 15/98 11:20 am - Adrenalin Update #2

Posted by Editor on 08/15/98

Adrenalin Update #2

Janet Rerecich here again with another update on the Kokanee 24 Hrs of Adrenalin at Hardwood Hills. For any folks in the southern Ontario area....check out the news on CTV/CFTO with some live coverage of today's event.

The sun is down and the moon and stars are out on this beautiful night. The temperature has cooled quite a bit and is a welcome relief to riders after such a hot day. Everyone is settling into a flow now that people have all riden the course at least once, found the porta-pottie and food tent. Not much else to worry about except getting through the night ride. Night riding was described by someone today as a real different ride...almost like tunnel vision because you can only see as much as your light can illuminate. Even though there are 354 teams...there's lots of times that people will ride all alone in the dark with no sounds but their own breathing and derailluer clicking. Lots can happen over the night and this is when most changes in race order occur.

Items of note:

*Chevy Trucks' John Stamstad, going for his three-peat here at Hardwood, is not feeling well today. Seems he has a tummy bug of some sort and is fighting to stay on top of the race but it looks like this may be a very close race.

*GT Bicycles Hans 'no way' Rey was awesome tonight as he bounced all over on two wheels. At one point, he had a volunteer lye on the stage and he did all sorts of different stunts over, around and above him without ever touching him. Poor guy was pretty red faced when it was all over.

*There is a jousting inflatable for folks to try out in between laps.

*Celebs doing the race include Steve Bauer (yellow jersey holder, Tour

de France) and Todd Brooker (Olympic skiier) who are both participating on teams this weekend.

*Now we are all waiting for the irreplacable "Mike's Famous Corn Roast". Mike has been around this event since it's inception 5 years ago and drove up from Virginia to do the corn roast again this year.

AND NOW FOR THE STANDINGS: (for cities of riders, see previous entry) It's a tight race in a number of categories.for close races, I've included the race times

Solo- Male
1. John Stamstad 9 laps 9:53:47
2. Andy Johnson 9 laps 9:53:49
3. Perry Bizyk 8 laps

1. Carol Loucks 5 laps 8:06 (moved into first)
2. Hellaina Rothenburg 5 laps 8:16 (dropped to second)
3. Joany Verschuuren 5 laps 8:41 (moved up big time)
4. Julie Forsbrey 5 laps 8:43
5. Bridget Bonderanko 3 laps 6:46

2 Person
1. Dirt Devils 8 laps 9:06
2. Mocktop 8 laps 9:09
3. Jason Szalay 8 laps 9:15

4 Person Elite
1. Disciples of Dirt 11 laps
2. Hide Your Daughters 10 laps 9:49
3. Who Brought the Beer 10 laps 9:51

5 Person All Female (Under 135)
1. The Nailbiterz 8 laps
2. JTS 7 laps

5 Person All Female (Over 135)
1. Rip N Hammer Chix 8 laps 9:34
2. Nitemares 8 laps 9:48
3. Blazing Bitches 7 laps

5 Person Under 99
1. Ford Devinci 9 laps
2. SI Racing 1 9 laps
3. Special Ed Inc 9 laps

5 Person 100-149
1. Dirt Digglers 10 laps 9:15
2. Gears Racing 10 laps 9:23
3. Mother Goldfish Crew 10 laps 9:44

5 Person 150-199
1. Five Screaming Inches 10 laps 9:52
2. D'Ornellas Racing 10 laps 9:58
3. Canadian All Sports 10 laps 9:59

5 Person 200+
1. Senile Cyclists 9 laps 9:01
2. Boyd's Niteriders 9 laps 9:32
3. Kamikaze I 9 laps 9:33

1. Hardwood Hills 10 laps 9:31
2. Team Ski Pro Shop 10 laps 9:46
3. Team KHS 10 laps 9:47

That's all for now! Stay tuned as we go all night long and we'll have an update sometime in the morning!


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