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August 28/98 11:39 am - Stage 2 Grand Prix Feminin International

Posted by Editor on 08/28/98

Grand Prix Feminin International - Stage 2

Chrissy Redden reports - Todays 91 km stage took place under hot and humid conditions.

At the 30 km mark, Annie Gariepy (Team Elita) launched an attack that at one point had a gap of 2 minutes on the pack. She was caught at the beginning of the first climb (75km) by a major effort by Team Canada and the Québec Tour-Air Transat who brought the group up to her.

The final climb of the day (8km to the finish) had some very steep and twisting sections that took its toll on the pack.

Tomorrow is a 96.9km stage with 1 sprint and 1 climb (I know I said todays stage had only one climb, but I missed the final climb to the finish - I have a day by day stage description but, my french isn't that good)

Stage 2
1Alison DunlapUSAGermany2:39.54
2Alison SydorCANCanadas.t.
3Lyne BessetteCANCC Vezar-Sugoi0:12
4Caroline AlexanderGBRTeam Elita0:13
5Sue PalmerCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat0:31
6Élisabeth Chevanne-BrunelFRAQuébec Tour-Air Transat0:40
7Melanie DorionCANTeam Elita0:50
8Kim LangtonCANTeam Elita0:57
9Chrissy ReddenCANCanadas.t.
10Sandy EspesethCANBC Teams.t.
11Sabine SpitzGERGermany1:43
12Cybil DiguistiniCANTeam Elita1:59
13Melanie McQuaidCANCanadas.t.
14Anne SamploniusCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat3:31
15Teah GoldsteinCANBC Team3:59
16Regina MarundeGERGermany4:01
17Amy JarvisCANTeam Elita4:03
18Melanie NadeauCANCC Vezar-Sugoi4:26
19Patricia SinclairCANCanada5:02
20Karen TimewellCANBC Team5:12
21Allyson FoxCANTeam Ontario5:50
22Sophie St-JacquesCANTeam Elita6:07
23Annie GariepyCANTeam Elita6:14
24Kathleen MillarCANTeam Ontario7:59
25Nadia RoyCANCC Vezar-Sugoi8:30
26Sophie RadeckiCANTeam Ontario9:23
27Fanny LarivièreCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat10:16
28Sabine GentieuFRAQuébec Tour-Air Transats.t.
29Nora RöschGERGermany12:10
30Simone EsslingerGERGermany13:10
31Darnelle MooreCANBC Team15:16
Élise GrondinCANCC Vezar-SugoiDNF
1Alison DunlapUSAGermany5:24:50
2Alison SydorCANCanada0:04
3Lyne BessetteCANCC Vezar-Sugoi0:26
4Caroline AlexanderGBRTeam Elita0:43
5Sue PalmerCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat0:55
6Élisabeth Chevanne-BrunelFRAQuébec Tour-Air Transat6:58
7Sandy EspesethCANBC Team7:06
8Melanie DorionCANTeam Elita7:10
9Chrissy ReddenCANCanadas.t.
10Kim LangtonCANTeam Elita7:13
11Sabine SpitzGERGermany8:04
12Cybil DiguistiniCANTeam Elita8:11
13Melanie McQuaidCANCanadas.t.
14Anne SamploniusCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat9:38
15Regina MarundeGERGermany10:11
16Teah GoldsteinCANBC Team10:12
17Amy JarvisCANTeam Elita10:21
18Melanie NadeauCANCC Vezar-Sugoi10:46
19Patricia SinclairCANCanada11:33
20Allyson FoxCANTeam Ontario12:05
21Annie GariepyCANTeam Elita12:20
22Sophie St-JacquesCANTeam Elita12:31
23Kathleen MillarCANTeam Ontario14:25
24Karen TimewellCANBC Team16:20
25Fanny LarivièreCANQuébec Tour-Air Transat16:32
26Sabine GentieuFRAQuébec Tour-Air Transat16:46
27Nadia RoyCANCC Vezar-Sugoi20:04
28Darnelle MooreCANBC Team21:40
29Nora RöschGERGermany23:35
30Simone EsslingerGERGermany24:38
31Sophie RadeckiCANTeam Ontario25:39


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