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January 23/06 9:13 am - Forest City Velodrome: Can-Am Challenge

Posted by Editoress on 01/23/06

Can-Am-Que Challenge at London Velodrome January 21st

What a great night of track racing at the Forest City Velodrome. The Velodrome hosted an event that had riders cheering for each other, the Velo-kids had a deadheat in a Pursuit, the Madison was won on the final corner. All the riders got along and had a "Blast".

In the Challenge section of the program, the competition was a 3 event battle during the evening. Junior racer from Quebec, Lawrence Laroux, set a fast time in the Flying lap with 2 Ontario riders finishing 2nd & 3rd. Their accumulated time was enough to take the top honours in the first event, Quebec was second and the US came a close 3rd.

The second Challenge Event was the Olympic Sprint race, 9 teams were entered with the Ontario Team of Peirs Davidge, rg, and Keith Thorarison clocking in at 33.80 seconds. The US team from Michigan, Junior Matt Rose, Bob Ackers & Terry Palmer were second with team Quebec being edged out by just over a second for 3rd.

The final event of the Challenge, the Kierin pitted 2 riders from each Team in a single event final .... no qualifying, just a 8 lap dash for Glory. As the Pacer came off the track with 3.5 laps to go Ontario's Keith Thorarison, jumped the field to open a gap. With 1.5 laps to go out of nowhere Laroux the Junior from Quebec came across to get on the wheel of the speedy Thorarison. In a blink of a eye, with 1 lap to go, Laroux attacked Thorarison, who had dumped his legs on the backstretch in an attempt to hold off the very quick Canadian Junior Sprint Champion. Laroux came out the winner in the finally, however his win was not enough for the Quebec team to past the Ontario Team for the Can-Am-Que Challenge.

Racing continues next weekend with the Forest City Six-Day Bike race. Racing begins at 7pm Friday & Saturday nights, the Sunday event will begin at 2pm. The London Track League will also be racing each night of the Six-Day. Adult Admission is $10.00, Seniors $5.00, Kids are FREE.

See you at the track

Flying Lap
1. Laurence Laroux8.53
2. Keith Thorarison8.63
3. Terry Palmer8.93
4. Dave Byer9.21
5. Dave St James9.25
6. Garnet Abbey9.27
7. Jeff Schiller9.35
8. Mike Angiers9.51
9. Rob Akers9.75
10. Rene Kosko9.75
11. Justin Knotzke9.93
12. Philippe Raymond9.93
13. Damion Kurzuwaiki9.93
14. Frank Mesi9.96
15. Matt Rose10.07
16. Blake Dailey11.22
17. Todd Scheske11.39
18. Kristen Worley12.53
Flying Lap- Velo Kids
1. Paul Orphan12.76
2. Amberley Berman12.85
3. Norbert Salamon13.00
4. Connor Haycock13.90

Scratch Race

Group A (15 laps)
1. Eric Robertson
2. Keith Thorarison
3. Dave St James
4. Garnet Abbey
5. Todd Scheske
6. Dave Byer
7. Terry Palmer
8. Philippe Raymond
9. Piers Davidge

Group B(15 laps)
1. Pat Shea
2. Chris Vlemmix
3. Rob Akers
4. Ian Whenham
5. Simon Dearing
6. Justin Knotzke
. Mike Angiers
. Matt Rose
. Disco dave Haycock

Group C
1. Jeff Schiller
2. Damion Kurzuwaiki
3. Brian Kelly
4. Rene Kosko
5. Ryan Crawford
6. Taylor Hogan
7. Blake Dailey
8. Dave Berman

Handicap Race
1. Alex Fournier
2. Connor Haycock
3. Norbert Salamon
4. Amberley Berman
5. Kirsten Worley

Team Sprints - 3 Man
1. Keith Thorarison/ Rob Good/ Piers Davidge33.8
2. Matt Rose/ Terry Palmer/ Rob Akers34.42
3. Eric Robertson/ Damion Kurzuwaiki/ Jeff Schiller34.94
4. Garnet Abbey/ Simon Dearing/ Brian Kelly35.5
5. Laurence Laroux/ Ian Whenham/ Rene Kosko35.59
6. Todd Scheske/ Taylor Hogan/ Frank Mesi35.9
7. Dave St James/ Dave Byer/ Pat Shea36.3
8. Chris Vlemmix/ Disco Haycock/ Ryan Crawford36.65

Scratch Race

Group A (30 laps)
1. Eric Robertson
2. Dave Byer
3. Keith Thorarison
4. Todd Scheske
5. Dave St James
6. Terry Palmer
7. Philippe Raymond
8. Piers Davidge

Group B (20 laps)
1. Damion Kurzuwaiki
2. Jeff Schiller
3. Pat Shea
4. Justin Knotzke
5. Mike Angiers
6. Frank Mesi
7. Matt Rose
8. Terry Palmer
9. Chris Vlemmix

Group C (12 laps)
1. Alex Fournier
2. Ryan Crawford
3. Frank Mesi
4. Brian Kelly
5. Blake Dailey

1. Laurence Laroux
2. Keith Thorarison
3. Todd Scheske
4. Terry Palmer
5. Dave Byer
6. Ian Whenham

Pursuit Race - Velo Kids
1. Paul Orphan
2. Amberley Berman

Pursuit Race - Velo Kids
1. Norbert Salamon
2. Connor Haycock

1. Eric Robertson/Piers Davidge7 Pts
2. Garnet Abbey/Rob Good5 Pts
3. Dave St James/Dave Byer3 Pts
4. Keith Thorarison/Philippe Raymond1 PT
Challenge Events
Flying Lap
1. Ontario17.84
2. Quebec18.13
3. USA18.65
Team Sprint
1. Ontario3 Pts
2. USA1 Pts
3. Quebec1 Pt
1. Quebec3 Pts
2. Ontario1 Pts
3. USA1 Pt
Final Standing
1. Ontario8 Pts
2. Quebec6 Pts
3. USA4 Pts


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