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February 1/06 9:11 am - Race Reports: Burnaby Velodrome & Canadians in California

Posted by Editor on 02/1/06

Canadians in California
Courtesy Ryan Mckenzie

The season officially kicked off down in California with three Canadian riders meeting up to race in the 100 km "Ride it like you stole it!" Crit and the inaugural Winter Classic Track Race. 108 riders, including 5 Pro teams, took the line just down the street from where the LA Track World Cup was held last weekend. Kevin Lacombe, Martin Gilbert and Ryan Mckenzie were all very active in the race always placing at least two in any major breaks. With two laps to go Martin took a flyer and had a good gap on the field but was soon swallowed up by the lead-out from California's newest pro team, Successful Living (formerly Seasilver). All three said they felt fit and it was a great training race to see where they were at this early in the season.

Ryan Mckenzie's website is

Pro-Elite I/II Men

1. Randall Coxworth, Karl Strauss/SDBC
2. Paul Che, Team Helen's
3. Aaron Quesnell, Karl Strauss/SDBC
4. Andy Wilson, Karl Strauss/SDBC
5. Gary Scott

13. Kevin Lacombe, Volkswagen/Trek
15. Martin Gilbert, Kodak Gallery.Sierra Nevada
17. Ryan Mckenzie

Winter Classic Track Race (One day event)

Men - 20 Lap Tempo
1 Wojciech Ziolkowski Poland National Team 7 points
2 Rafal Ratajczyk Poland National Team 5
3 Ryan Mckenzie Cycle Promo 3
4 Dawid Glowacki Poland National Team 2
5 Jakub Sredzinkski Poland National Team 1

40 Lap Points
1 Wojciech Ziolkowski Poland National Team 7 points
2 Rafal Ratajczyk Poland National Team 5
3 Dawid Glowacki Poland National Team 3
4 Ryan McKenzie Cycle Promo 2
5 Lukasz Bujko Poland National Team 1

25 Lap Scratch Race
1 Rafal Poper Poland National Team
2 Ryan Mckenzie Cycle Promo
3 Lukasz Kwiatkowski Poland National Team
4 Stephen Alfred Spike
5 Austin Carroll CPT

1 Poland National #2 46 points
2 Ryan McKenzie /John Walsh 21, -1 lap
3 Home Depot Center 16, -1 lap
4 Eddy B 8, -1 lap
5 David Koesel / John Allen 4, -1 lap

Burnaby Velodrome Club - Thunderdome Wed Night Race Series
Courtesy Steve Crowe

January 25, 2006 Race Report: Race night #3

Another night of fast action on Wednesday night as the racers took to the boards. Riders from south of the boarder dominated the racing this time around as a couple of big names made a surprise appearance.

The numbers were down slightly in the B/C group but things should change as Cody Campbell made the jump up to the A group. This should make the B/C's breath a little easier now that the young kid is making his mark with the big guns. It is now safe for all the regulars that haven't put in all the miles to reappear as the heat is off at the front for a while.

First up for the B/C was a quick 40 lap scratch. A solid effort from visiting Brett Walker from south of the border gave him the win with Stu Ballintyne, and Claire Cameron rounded out the top three.

The second race of the night a 40 lap points turned the heat up a little but once again Brett put in a very solid effort to win going away. This time followed by Luke Fennel and Moriah MacGregor.

The big surprise of the night was in the A group. A very fit looking guy in Cofidis gear was up on the boards early. Turns out it was Tyler Farrar getting a little speed work in as he waits for his work visa to clear so he can join his team in Europe. He was happy to spend time talking with anyone of us who went by to shake his hand. A real treat to see a pro drop by to ride and race with the club.

The group also ran a scratch followed by a points race. No surprise that Tyler finished at the head of the field in both but it was anything but easy. Second in the scratch was John Perkins followed by Jeff Ain.

Fast would hardly describe the pace for the points race as the guys all hammered away trying to make some distance on our visiting pro. Kudos to Cody Campbell and Jeff Ain for attacking from the front as only young guys can do. At the end Tyler won a close race with Jeff Ain second and John Perkins third.

Talking with Tyler after racing he mentioned if his visa isn't finalized he may be riding and racing next Wednesday. Drop by and say hello if you get a chance.


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