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Welcome to Canadian Cyclist Reviews. Our philosophy is that a reviewer requires experience and knowledge before they can hope to provide a complete and unbiased report. Our aim is to give you the facts and specifications, plus the benefit of our experience with literally hundreds (if not thousands) of different models and brands.

Our reviewers include some of the most experienced people in the industry, such as our Tech Editor Mike Badyk (a former shop owner, event organizer and a product reviewer with 20 years-plus of experience), Senior Product Reviewer Chad Grochowina (National Team mechanic for multiple world championships and the Olympic Games, pro team mechanic), our Editor, Rob Jones (30-plus years of experience in the sport and industry), and our Editoress, Tracy Harkness (20-plus years in the sport, including bike shop management). We wil also have guest reviewers providing articles on a variety of topics and products.

The Reviews section is broken into categories - Bikes / Clothing / Components / etc. - and you can also sort the reviews by whether or not they are women-specific products.

We hope you enjoy the Reviews, and find them useful. if you have any comments, feel free to either post them in the Tech section of our Forums, or send us an e-mail at:

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