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February 2/06 8:42 am - Ride with Rendall Stage 7

Posted by Editor on 02/2/06

Ride with Rendall Stage 7

All eyes were on Aaron Fillion at the a start of the RWR/ Peak Winter Series' stage 7. After the beating Aaron handed out in the time trial last week, everyone was wondering if he could do it again on stage 7's much hillier course. While the climbers were more in their element this week, Aaron still pounded out the wattage to get ahead far enough to prevent them from catching him on the final climb before the course leveled out. Derrick St. John's was the closest rider but still shy of the mark of 38:55.6 set by Aaron.

The woman's race played out the same way with shear wattage winning the stage. NAtasha Elliott's average wattage of 261W took her to first place in her category and 9th overall. Cynthia Clark and Patricia Von Neissen

1. Arron Fillion 38:55.6
2. Derrick St. John 41:02.4
3. Marc Boudreau 42:00.1
4. Warren MacDonald 42:55.4
5. Glen Rendall 42:59.8

1. Natash Elliott 44:49.9
2. Cynthia Clark 46:45.8
3. Patricia Von Neissen 52:30.2
4. Genvieve Pellerin 52:44.2
5. Vicki Thomas 53:05.4

Stage 8 of the 16 stage RWR/ Peak Winter Series will take place this coming weekend with heats in Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal. Riders will race in waves of 5 to 8 to determine the results of each the stage with full results appearing on

The 16 race indoor series designed for fun and fitness that is based on points. The series started in December and runs into April so there is still time to challenge for high GC placing as competitors are not required to race all stages. The series is for all levels of ability so come for the racing or come for the training and social aspect of it. If you have never experienced mutirider racing before, the first ride is free so come on out. For more details on the series, visit


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