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February 5/06 8:26 am - Temple to Temple Final, Forest City Velodrome Six Day

Posted by Editoress on 02/5/06

Temple to Temple
Courtesy Gilles Morneau

Final results for the Temple to Temple mountain bike race, Jan 29 to Feb 04, in Belize. This was not an easy one. Roads are hard here, my ass is on

Day 1: Lubaantun Temple to Blue Creek - 85k
1. Roger Troyer (Belize) 2:51:50
2. Walker Ferguson (USA)
3. Gilles Morneau (Can) all s.t.

Day 2: Blue Creek to Hopkins - 150k
1. Roger Troyer (Belize) 5:16:45

Day 3: Hopkins to Jaguar Paw - 110K
1. John Nobile (USA) 4:16:32

Day 4: Jaguar Paw to Caracol - 125 K
1. Roger Troyer (Belize) 5:15:30
2. Walker Ferguson (USA)
3. Gilles Morneau (Can) all s.t.

Day 5: Caracol Temple to San Ignacio - 85K
1. Dan Casper Marshall (Can) 3:18:30

Day 6: San Ignacio to Caves Branch - 65K
1. Dain Zafke (USA) 1:35:25

Day 7: Caves Branch to Placencia hotel - 120k
Dain Zafke 4:00:35


1. Roger Troyer (Belize) 26:48:28
2. Gilles Morneau (Can) 27:17:25
3. John Nobile (USA) 27:32:03
4. Walker Ferguson (USA) 27:47:34
5. Dain Zafke (USA) 27:58:10

1. Kirsten Roesel (Ger) 28:54:24
2. Shalini Zabanin (Belize) 37:15:58
3. Stephanie Vogel (USA) 42:21:09

Forest City Velodrome Six Day - Day 5 London ON

Spectators who braved the bad weather to come out to the velodrome were treated to another night of tense, nail biting action. The first 30 minute session of night five of the six-day saw Team Delhi, Mike Renneboog and Keith Thorarison, open up an early lead in points by winning both the team sprint competition and the point sprint. The other 4 teams were all within 2 points of each other.

In the second session Team Burlington, Garnet Abbey and Vince Dejong, took the miss and out top points and combined that with points in the final sprint to move into second place.

Numerous attacks were made to try and gain a lap but all were unsuccessful.

Team Brantford was the stronger team in the last session but fell short of catching Team Delhi for overall points. Team Delhi dominated the preem sprints.

Team London continued their tough luck when Dave St James was unable to continue after last nights spill during a team exchange. Subs John Craig and Marc Goveia did their best to fill in for St. James.

Going into the last day tomorrow Team Brantford still has the overall lead followed by Teams Delhi, Burlington, Waterloo and London.

Racing Sunday afternoon - the final day - starts at 2pm.

Team standings going into the last day:
1. Team Brantford - 46 pts
2. Team Delhi - 44 pts
3. Team Burlington - 41 pts
4. Team Waterloo - 38 pts
5. Team London - 31 pts


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