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September 13/98 5:48 am - Commonwealth's Women's Story, Ontario Track Results

Posted by Editor on 09/13/98

Lynne Bessette wins a Gold in the RR!!!

Riding like a cagey veteran Lynne Bessette out sprinted breakaway companions Anna Wilson of Australia and Susie Pryde of New Zealand to win Canada's first cycling Gold Medal of the 98 Commonwealth Games.

On the second of six laps Bessette covered an attack by Pryde, they were quickly joined by Wilson and a Welsh rider Louis Jones. The quartet quickly built a 1 minute lead on the pack as all of the strong teams were represented in the break. As the gap continued to open only Kathy Watt of Australia tried to bridge, but she was quickly marked by the entire peleton. Her attacking did bring the gap down to about 2 minutes with 3 laps to go. On the 4th lap another strong attack by Watt split the pack. In the lead group were Watt and 2 Australian "teammates", 2 New Zealanders and Linda Jackson. With none of the New Zealand or Aussies wanting to work with Watt or Jackson the gap stayed at 2 minutes, with the main pack another minute down by the end of the 5 th lap. On the last lap another Watt attack shed all but Jackson, however, these 2 could not close the gap on the lead group.

Meanwhile, at the front an attack, by Bessette on the second hill shed the Welsh rider, but she was unable to shake Pryde and Wilson, so a 3 up sprint looked inevitable. Most onlookers picked Wilson, one of the strongest female sprinters, to take the win. With about 1.5 km to go the cat and mouse started. Wilson was leading, followed by Pryde then Bessette. They climbed through the feed zone at a very slow pace, then started the descent to the finish line. With the pace picking up slightly, Lynne attacked hard at 500 m and stayed away to the finish, Pryde finished second and a disappointed Wilson took the Bronze. Jones held on for 4th, followed closely by Watt in 5th and Jackson in 6th.

It was a good day for the team eh!!

Steve Lund
(National Team Coach)
More results from the Commonwealth Games

1. Lynne Bessette (Canada) 2.24.59
2. Susannah Pryde (New Zealand)
3. Anna Wilson (Australia) all s.t.
4. Louise Jones (Wales) 1.36
5. Kathy Watt (Australia)1.39
6. Linda Jackson (Canada)1.40
7. Tracey Gaudry (Australia) 4.42
8. Juanita Feldhahn (Australia) 4.48
9. Joanna Lawn (New Zealand) 4.48
10. Jacinta Coleman (New Zealand) 4.49
12. Andrea Hannos (Canada) 8.15
13. Annie Gariepy (Canada)
15. Kimberly Langton (Canada)
23. Anne Samplonius (Canada) all s.t.

Marcel Thysman Memorial Track Meet
(courtesy Val Davidge)

Flying 200

1. Keith Thorarinson Hummingbird
2. Dave Swan Evian Mississauga
3. Adrian Mezenberg Ziggys
4. Mike McCorkell Lakeshore
5. Nick Warren Team Welwyn, UK

Miss and Out

1. Keith Thorarinson Hummingbird
2. Piers Davidge Evian Mississauga
3. Nick Warren Team Welwyn, UK
4. Dave Swan Evian Mississauga
5. Jonathon Murphy Ziggys

Olympic Sprint

1. Evian Mississauga (Davidge, Swan, Archbold)
2. Hummingbird Comp. (Thorarinson, Foreshaw, Murphy)
3. Ind. Comp. (Warren, Rac, Roberts)
4. Lakeshore (Karpick, McCorkell, Pyjor)

20 Lap Snowball

1. Piers Davidge Evian Mississauga
2. Jeff Archbald Evian Mississauga
3. Nick Warren Team Welwyn
4. Keith Thorarinson Hummingbird
5. Jonathon Murphy Ziggys

Handicap Sprint

1. Keith Thorarinson Hummingbird
2. Magoasha Pyjor Lakeshore
3. Jonathon Murphy Ziggys
4. Dave Swan Evian Mississauga
5. Dave Warren Team Welwyn

Ken Pew Memorial Sprint

1. Keith Thorarinson Hummingbird
2. Nick Warren Tean Welwyn
3. Piers Davidge Evian Mississauga
4. Dave Swan Evian Mississauga

Marcel Thysman Memorial Madison

1. Piers Davidge and Dave Swan Evian Mississauga
2. Adrian Mezenberg and Nick Warren
3. Jeff Archbold and Jonathon Murphy
4. Gerard Yates and Keith Thorarinson
5. Darren Rac and Mark Foreshaw
6. Magoasha Pyjor and Mike McCorkell


1, Keith Thorarinson 28 points
2. Piers Davidge 27 points
3. Nick Warren 23 points
4. Dave Swan 20 points
5. Adrian Mezenberg 12 points
Jonathon Murphy 12 points
Jeff Archbold 12 points

Many thanks to the Officials Adrian Mezenberg (Chief), Eleanor Mezenberg, Keith Davidge and Joe De Maeyer who donated their services to the event. Also to Wayne and Sandy Langton, Joe and Terry Halliday for their invaluable volunteer contributions. As usual, we couldn't have done it without you. Congratulations to the riders and apologies for such a small prize list.

Ontario High School MTB Championships

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