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September 13/98 10:34 am - Women's World Cup

Posted by Editor on 09/13/98

Women‚s World Cup #5
(courtesy Lynn Barry)

I got a partial fill-in of the race in Holland today. I do not know what happen to everyone. Riders were greeted to driving rain, strong winds for the start of the 5th race in the Women's World Cup. The course was relatively flat, so the pace was high, but very nervous because of the conditions. The roads were narrow, and there were a lot of cobbles. The race was generally marked by numerous crashes in the slippery conditions. Most of the Canadian riders were involved in crashes, and I am not sure that any finished. Heather Cole and Leigh Hobson were with the front group with about 20K to go, when two riders touched wheels, and brought a number of riders down, including Cole and Hobson. One women broke three ribs,and one had a broken collarbone. Leigh Hobson was thrown over her handlebars but luckily avoided any serious injury, however did come out with some bruises and road rash. Heather Cole was launched off her bike and landed on her head. She apparently had trouble getting up, and when someone got to her, it was also noticed that she was bleeding quite a bit. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she spent 4 hours getting checked out, receiving stitches, and some IV. They released her back to the team hotel, about 8 pm Holland time. At this point Heather plans to continue racing this week at the Tour of Holland, which starts Tuesday. Better luck to all of them !

Spijkenisse, Netherlands - 117 km

1. Diana Ziliute (Lit)
2. Ina Teutenberg (Ger)
4. Dede Demet (USA)
5. Debbie Mansveld (Ned) all s.t.

Ontario Provincial „Personal Best‰ Update
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

The „Personal Best‰ Championship, which was to have been held at Aeropark on a very interesting and fast circuit, has been moved to Holland Marsh due to some heavy construction taking place around the Rand Corporation on October 4th. This change in venue will provide riders with the opportunity to do their best-ever 15 km time as the Holland Marsh course - an east-west-oriented flat strip - is possibly one of the fastest in Ontario.

Further details will follow as the organizers firm up arrangements with the local authorities. We also intend approaching the CCA re: requirements for a record attempt (a best- ever performance at the distance, as our national body prefers to call it.) Even if the CCA no longer recognizes successful record attempts, I am quite certain that the vast majority of competitive cyclists DO! We will have two qualified commissaire timekeepers to record all rides including the sub 19 minute ones we expect. For further information, call (905) 271-8300 after next Wednesday. Peter McCaffery


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