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March 10/06 2:45 am - Volta Ciclistica do Porto Alegre: Stage 2a and 2b, Report and Results

Posted by Editoress on 03/10/06

Volta Ciclistica do Porto Alegre - Brazil
Courtesy Brett Boniface

The 90km run into Torres from Tramandai Wednesday morning was anything but a leisurely cruise. With 16 riders all on the heels of overall Best Young Rider, Ryan Anderson, there were quite a few key players to mark during the intermediate sprints. IRC Cameron Law managed to retain the jersey heading into the 10.9km time trial.

With temperatures reaching 40+ degrees on the road it was great news when the chief commissare decided to waive the UCI policy that stipulates (so I am told), no feeding is to be allowed for stages less than 100km long.

The finish heading into Torres was completely insane with three quick corners in the last 2km crashes were happening all over the place. Fraser Hayes had a great ride managing to swerve around not one but two crashes placing 19th overall on the stage while picking up some prize money to boot. Ryan, Brett and Daniel placed 39th, 64th, and 81st respectively.

The afternoon TT started off with a 1km 6% hill followed by a very windy flat ride back into Torres. Inspired by the red jersey, Ryan Anderson was very impressive placing 26th overall with some clip on aero bars and a disc wheel that just acquired a few new ripples courtesy of Air Canada and United airlines. Ryan relinquished the jersey by a mere 43s Magno Nazaret of Scott Pro Cycling Team. Feeling a little light on the TT equipment Fraser, Brett and Daniel did a pretty good job placing under the time cut saving their legs to help retake and grab a solid hold on the young rider classification during tomorrows 210km stage finishing off with a 20km climb into Gramando.

Stage 2a: Tramadai - Torres, 89.6 km
1. Nicleu Santos (Scott - Marcondes Pro Cycling Team)
2. Fabielle Mota (Flamengo/Sao Lucas/Americana)
3. Armoando Camargo (Memorial Santos Pro Cycling Team)

19. Fraser Hayes (IRC Cameron Law)
39. Ryan Anderson (IRC Cameron Law)
64. Brett Boniface (IRC Cameron Law)
81. Daniel Goncalves (IRC Cameron Law)

Stage 2b: 10.9km TT, Tores
1. Pedro Nicacio (Scott - Marcondes Pro Cycling Team) 3:28
2. Migel Direnna (Avai / Florianopolis) at 0:19
3. Armando Camargo (Memorial Santos Pro Cycling Team) 0:30

26. Ryan Anderson (IRC Cameron Law) 1:26
82. Fraser Hayes (IRC Cameron Law) 2:41
84. Daniel Goncalves (IRC Cameron Law) 2:52
85. Brett Boniface (IRC Cameron Law) 2:54
GC (42.5km/h)
1. Pedro Nicacio (Scott - Marcondes Pro Cycling Team)
2. Armoando Camargo (Memorial Santos Pro Cycling Team) 0:18
3. Migel Direnna (Avai / Florianopolis) 0:19

20. Ryan Anderson (IRC Cameron Law) 1:26
47. Fraser Hayes (IRC Cameron Law) 2:41
75. Brett Boniface (IRC Cameron Law) 11:03
90. Daniel Goncalves (IRC Cameron Law) 15:24

U23 GC

1. Magno Nazaret (Scott/Marcondes Cesar/Fadenp/SJC) 5:28:07
2. Otavio Bulgarelli (Peels/Caloi/Nossa Caixa/Iracemapolis) at 0:37
3. Ryan Anderson (ICR/Cameron Law) 0:43


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