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September 18/98 9:23 am - More Commonwealth Games Info

Posted by Editor on 09/18/98

More Commonwealth Games Info

Men‚s Match Sprint

Round 1

Darryn Hill (Australia) bt Stefan Baraud (Cayman Islands) 11.539
Sean Eadie (Australia) bt Clinton Grant (Trinidad) 11.778
Daniel Day (Australia) bt Alwyn McMath (Northern Ireland) 11.291
Stephen Alfred (Trinidad) bt Shawn Kelly (Barmuda) 11.078
Craig Maclean (Scotland) bt David Fitzsimmons (New Zealand) 11.360
Peter Jacques (England) bt Douglas Baron (Canada) 11.617
Rosman Alwi (Malaysia) bt Craig Percival (England)
Barry Forde (Barbados) bt J P Van Zyl (South Africa) 11.474
Chris Hoy (Scotland) bt John Cumberbatch (Barbados) 11.027

Round 2

Darryn Hill (Australia) bt J.P. Van Zyl (South Africa) 11.597
Sean Eadie (Australia) bt Clinton Grant (Trinidad) 11.723
Daniel Day (Australia) bt Douglas Baron (Canada) 10.916
Stephen Alfred (Trinidad) bt Chris Hoy (Scotland) 10.920
Barry Forde (Barbados) bt Craig Maclean (Scotland) 11.253
Rosman Alwi (Malaysia) bt Peter Jacques (England) did not finish


J.P. Van Zyl (South Africa) bt Chris Hoy (Scotland), Rosman Alwi (Malaysia) 11.062
Craig Maclean (Scotland) bt Clinton Grant (Trinidad), Douglas Baron (Canada) 10.987

Note: Doug Baron eliminated

Women's Sprint

200M ITT

1. Tanya Dubnicoff (Canada) 11.490 (new Commonwealth Record)
2. Michelle Ferris (Australia) 11.597
3. Lori Muenzer (Canada) 11.624
4. Lyndelle Higginson (Australia) 12.133
5. Fiona Ramage (New Zealand) 12.153
6. Melanie Szubrycht (England) 12.268
7. Halimah Janis (Malaysia) 12.422
8. Louise Jones (Wales) 13.059

Round 1

Tanya Dubnicoff (Canada) bt Louise Jones (Wales) 13.554
Michelle Ferris (Australia) bt Halimah Mohammed Janis (Malaysia) 12.883
Lori Muenzer (Canada) bt Melanie Szubrycht (England) 12.279
Lyndelle Higginson (Australia) bt Fiona Ramage (New Zealand), Tracey Van
Niekerk (South Africa) 12.258

Women‚s 3000M Individual Pursuit


1. Alayna Burns (Australia) 3.40.389
2. Lucy Tyler Sharman (Australia) 3.41.015
3. Sarah Ulmer (New Zealand) 3.42.063
4. Yvonne McGregor (England) 3.43.885
5. Karen Barrow (Australia) 3.45.824
6. Rawea Greenwood (New Zealand)3.50.723
7. Megan Hughes (Wales) 3.54.300
8. Andrea Hannos (Canada) 3.54.864
9. Lyne Bessette (Canada) 3.59.877

10. Zoe Anderson (Scotland) 4.01.719
11. Annie Gariepy (Canada) 4.03.128
12. Michelle Ward (England) 4.03.498


1. Sarah Ulmer (New Zealand) 3.41.667
2. Alayna Burns (Australia) 3.42.968
3. Yvonne McGregor (England) 3.53.977

Men's 4000M IndividualPursuit:

Bradley McGee and Luke Roberts won the semi-finals to set up an all-Australian gold medal race. McGee looked very easy.


1. Brad McGee (Australia) 4.33.138
2. Matt Illingworth (England) 4.38.764
3. Luke Roberts (Australia) 4.39.597
4. Bradley Wiggins (England) 4.43.095
5. Lee Vertongen (New Zealand) 4.43.124

10. Paul Henderson (Canada) 4.55.007


1. Brad McGee (Australia) 4.30.594
2. Luke Roberts (Australia) caught
3. Matt Illingworth (England) 3.03.950

World Championships

The Junior women‚s race is about to start, check our World‚s reporting pages (English and French) for lap-by-lap updates, starting at about 9:45 am EDT


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