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April 1/06 5:56 am - Forest City Velodrome: Six Day

Posted by Editoress on 04/1/06

Forest City Velodrome: Six Day - Night #1
Courtesy Rob Good

As predicted the first night of racing was fast and competitive, with 5 well matched teams. None of the teams were able to take any advantage to gain a lap. The largest lead of the night was up to 1/2 a lap during a Jam in the second 30 Minute Madison.

The Delhi team of Eric Robertson & Mike Renneboog controlled the race early, They attacked in the opening 30 Minute segment, but could only open a small gap before the Burlington team of Dave St. James & Garnett Abbey were able to bring the racing back together for the final sprint which in a great move with 3 laps remaining St. James out dueled Team London (Adam Thuss & John Craig Jr.). At the end of the first Madison all 5 teams were within 4 points of the leading Delhi team.

In the first intermission, The London Track League entertained the largest crowd for opening night for our 6 day races. In the LTL Challenge the squad of Ryan Crawford (Junior), Disco Dave Haycock & Chris Vlemmix, were the first team to set a time standard for the $100 prize for the Team Time trial over 15 Laps. There combined time of 3.03.50 is now the time to beat, Each intermission will see different teams from the London Track League try to better the time to win the Cash.

In the second 30 Minute Madison, Team Vancouver (Keith Thoraranson & Dave Byer) were put into difficulty early with a monster attack from St. James and Abbey, after 6 minutes of Jamming all teams were back together, however the huge effort to stay on the same lap cost the Vancouver team a lot of energy. This was very evident as during the "Miss & Out" Thoraranson was the first rider eliminated. As the riders jockeyed for position in the last few laps, the 2 young Espoires Eric Robertson & Adam Thuss were setting up for a what turned out to be the Sprint of the night, with 3 to go Robertson jumped with Thuss on his wheel, Thuss made a move over Robertson and the 2 stayed side by side for the next 2 laps. As they came to the line it was a photo finish. It took the judges to look at the picture of the finish to declare Robertson the eventual winner of a hard fought Miss & Out.

In the final 40 Minute Madison, 2 spectator preems caused havoc in the pack, do you go for the cash or do you save it for the double points to determine the nights finish. Delhi attacked on both preems, and came home taking the $100 preems. This however put them in a world of hurt trying to recover for the finish sprint. With Vancouver's Sprinter having a problem with leg cramps, Team Burlington continued to keep the pace of the race in the 46 - 48kph. At that speed it makes it impossible to try to take laps. As the time came down for the final sprint, Team London came over the top with the Waterloo Team on there wheel. The gap opened with 3 laps to go, John Craig got a great exchange from Thuss which propelled him to the front with 2 laps to go. It was a battle of the Veterans as Craig and rg went all out to the line for the double points on offer. In the end Team Waterloo edged Team London by 1/2 a wheel at the line. This did nothing to change the final results as Team Delhi came home night 1 winners by 3 points over the 2 teams who tied in points, Team London & Waterloo.

A very entertaining evening of Madison racing with 5 days to go.

Racing resumes tonight (Saturday) at 7pm. Sunday afternoon racing starts at 2pm.

Results Of 1st Day Racing - Mar 31, 2006

1. Delhi (Eric Robertson/Michael Renneboog), 35 pts
2. London (Adam Thuss/John Craig Jr), 32
3. Waterloo (Rob Good/Neil Dignamrob Good), 32
4. Burlington (Garnet Abbey/Dave St James), 27
5. Vancouver (Keith Thorarison/Dave Byer), 21

Overall Point Standing After First Night

1. Team Delhi, 10 pts
2. Team London, 9
3. Team Waterloo, 9
4. Team Burlington, 7
5. Team Vancouver, 6

London Track League Races

Velo-Kids Flying Lap
1. Billy Rudnicki, 12.59
2. Mackenzie Rudnicki, 13.28

London Track League Flying Lap
1. Ryan Crawford, 9.10
2. Chris Vlemmix, 9.34
3. Amy Fraser, 10.03
4. Brian Kelly, 10.34
5. Dave Haycock, 10.53

3 Man Team Challenge - 15 Laps
1. Ryan Crawford
2. Chris Vlemmix, 3.03.42
3. Dave Haycock

5 Lap Sprint
1. Amy Fraser
2. Brian Kelly

Velo-Kids Sprint
1. Mackenzie Rudnicki
2. Billy Rudnicki

Scratch Race - 20 Laps
1. Chris Vlemmix
2. Ryan Crawfrord
3. Amy Fraser
4. Disco Dave Haycock
5. Brian Kelly


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