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April 6/06 7:53 am - Walters Reinstated to National Team, Race with Rendall Final

Posted by Editoress on 04/6/06

Walters Reinstated

We received this note from Mark's wife Robyn

As a result of the CCA's recent consideration and acknowledgement of oversight in this case, Mark has been reinstated to the National Team. Both Mark and I are grateful to the CCA for reconsidering and for respectfully listening to our multiple concerns.

We were also humbled by the general support in the cycling community on these issues and wish to recognize the value of such in achieving resolution. Thank you.

On another note, and really more importantly, we are very relieved that Michael Barry's Flanders injuries will not redefine his life as a husband, father, and athlete. In these type of crashes, the ones that have nothing to do with ability, the risk is high and resulting injuries are a crap-shoot...these are the ones most deeply feared. I am sure that Dede and Liam are basking in the simple warmth of Michael's presence these days.

Robyn Walters

RWR/ Peak Winter Series - Final
Courtesy Gen Rendall

Stage 16 of the RWR/ Peak Winter Series played out much the same as the past few weeks with Derrick St.John taking his 5th win of the series thanks to a strong ride on a long course accented by very steep climbs and false flats.

Derrick capitalized on a metal war that was waging between between Marc Boudreau and Warren MacDonald who were locked in a race for top GC honors. Both Mark and Warren pushed themselves hard and watched each other's moves while Derrick powered away leaving no doubt who the strongest rider on the day was. Derrick's time of 58:31.2 took first while Warren and Marc finished 2nd and 3rd with times of 59:35.1 and 1:01:29.1.

After 16 races, the battle for the championship had extra drama when it was decided by bonus points that were awarded for posting a personnel best time in a time trial stage. After the best 13 of 16 races were calculated, Warren's PB bonus from Stage 10 turned out to be the winning margin that pushed him 5pts ahead of Marc who finished with 190pts. Derrick St.John took third in the series with a points total of 183.

Going into the final race of the series, Cynthia Clark had the series title wrapped up but had something to prove with series strong rider Natasha Elliot lining up in the same heat. To this point, Natasha Elliott had won every stage she had entered so both riders attacked the steep climbs in an attempt to win the final stage. When the dust had settled, Cynthia time of 1:11:33.6 vs. Natasha's 1:12:28.5 left no doubt that her overall win was the result of hard work. Cathy Bodnoff climbed onto the podium to take 3rd on the stage (1:13:11.2). After all the GC calculations were done, Cynthia Clark finished with 220pts, second place overall went to Diane Dupuis with 153pts and Natasha Elliot climbed into 3rd spot with 137pts.

The other category that was contesting GC rankings in the RWR/ Peak Winter Series was the men's B category. Riders from Vancouver were well represented by Mike McIvor (259pts) and Brian Griffin (161pts) who took the overall title and third spot. Ottawa's Serge Tongoc (181pts) split the pairing and took second with his consistent riding throughout the stages. The win might be bitter sweat for Mike as he will now be moved up to the A category in next years series.

Final GC

Men A
1. Warren MacDonald, 190pts
2. Marc Boudreau, 185pts
3. Derrick St.John, 83pts

Men B
1. Mike McIvor, 259pts
2. Serge Tongoc, 181pts
3. Brian Griffin, 161pts

1. Cynthia Clark 220pts
2. Diane Dupuis 153pts
3. Natasha Elliot 137pts

More indepth GC and Stage results can be seen at

In the end, 165 riders took part in the 16 race series that saw riders in Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa go head to head in 8 rider heats at the Peak Centre for Human Performance. A special thanks goes out to all those who helped out and to all who took part. The series would be nowhere without the inspiration and respect shown to one another throughout the series. Good luck with the outdoor season.

Many thanks,
Glen Rendall


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