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April 7/06 4:11 am - Forest City Velodrome: 6 Day Racing Continues this Weekend

Posted by Editoress on 04/7/06

Forest City Velodrome - Six Day, Part 1
Courtesy Rob Good

What an unbelievable first 3 days of racing at the Forest City Velodrome in London Ontario. Many attacks followed by numerous teams taking laps during the 3 Madison's each night.

If you like bike racing or have an interest in the Velodrome you will not want to miss any of the action this weekend.

A Madison is a relay race where teams of 2 riders tag one another in order to stay competitive and give each rider time to recover before being thrown into the race. At the Forest City Velodrome the exchanges between the riders on each team happen every 3 laps, with 5 teams competing during the Madison, it makes for very exciting racing action during the 3 x 30 minute Madison's each night.

During Night 3, Team Burlington, Dave St. James & Garnett Abbey were the most active team during the racing. The duo attacked early in the first Madison, with the pressure on the Jam lasted 12 minutes before a lap was gained. This put the other 4 teams down a lap. With the other teams down a lap everyone was on the offensive for the sprint points and attacking to gain their lap back. In the final sprint of the first Madison. Team Delhi, Mike Renneboog & Eric Robertson looked like they were in position to take the sprint when like a cannon St. James & Abbey came over the top on an exchange to power for the win in the last 40m.

In the 2nd Madison, all the riders were waiting for the hammer to fall, and it did after 3 minutes of racing, the 1st of many $100.00 Primes was on offer from the very generous spectators in attendance. A Prime is a special race within the race and is usually 10 laps in length, with 2 laps to go team London, Adam Thuss & John Craig Jr. were in control and seemed to have the cash in their pocket when again out of nowhere Abbey closed the gap and pipped the London team at the line. You would have thought that the pace would have slowed a little but that was not the case, Abbey & St. James just kept putting the hurt on the other teams by continuing the Jam after the Prime sprint. The length of the Jam put the Miss & Out late in the middle session. 2 Teams controlled the "Devil" not allowing any of the other teams to take the lead. The Waterloo team was the first to be eliminated, As each rider was eliminated from the race (being last across the line on the bell lap, gets you out of the race), Thuss & Robertson were again the last 2 competing for win, in a very close finish Thuss edged Robertson. The teams regrouped with 4 minutes left in the Madison, the Waterloo team attacked to gain their lap back, the only problem was that Burlington covered the attack and put all the teams other than Waterloo down another lap. At the end of the session a photo finish at the line between Team Vancouver and Team London.

At Intermission, London Track League riders took to the track to demonstrate their abilities. Some very quick times were posted by our new Juniors Ryan Crawford and Joe Veloce. The Velo-Kids also put on a good show with 2 new riders, Carter Pond 13.47 seconds & Heidi Warner 16.50 seconds for their flying laps. The Team of Ryan Crawford, Dave Haycock, Chris Vlemmix have set the fast time so far in the Team Time Trial of 3.03.42, The winning team will go home Sunday with $100 for their efforts.

In the Final 40 minute Madison, the 2 teams who lost a lap late in session 2, attacked continuously for the entire session. It felt like our legs were going to explode but no one was able to gain any advantage. Every time the pace would ease, both Thuss & Robertson would pick up the speed. As the session came to a close, the team of Neil Dignam & Keith Thorarison attacked with 6 laps to go. They stayed on the front to the finish for the double points in the final sprint.

What a great night of racing, the results after 3 nights have two teams tied in points for the lead.

Racing continues this Friday & Saturday Night at 7pm, The Finale is Sunday afternoon at 2pm.


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