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April 11/06 8:29 am - Harris Roubaix Red Truck Classic Results

Posted by Editoress on 04/11/06

2006 Harris Roubaix Red Truck Classic
Courtesy Geoff Rice , Trek Red Truck Racing Team

Unofficial Results

Cat 1 Men

1. Scott Goguen (BC) Masi-Adobe Cycling Team
2. Damien Kerzawinski (ON) Independent
3. Andrew Pinfold (BC) Symmetrics Cycling Team
4. Tim Sherstobitoff (BC) Kelowna Cycles
5. Sean Dawson (BC) Masi-Adobe Cycling Team
6. Andrew Kyle (BC) Sugoi/Giant
7. Scott Slater (BC) Masi- Adobe Cycling Team
8. Jackson Buehler (BC ) Trek Red Truck Racing Team
9. Dave Vukets (ON) Team R.A.C.E
10. Kevin Noiles (BC) Masi- Adobe Cycling Team

Women - (all categories rode together)

1. Mandy Poitras (BC) Symmetrics Cycling Team
2. Leah Guloien (BC) Team Sugoi
3. Lee Darling (BC) Team Coastal
4. Julia Hlynsky (BC) Dizzy Chicks
5. Lisa Sweeney (BC) Colorado Premier Training/Colnago
6. Jean Anne McKirdy (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
7. Claire Cameron (BC) GS Campione
8. Barb Zimich (BC) Team Coastal
9. Jennelle Cassidy (BC) Dizzy Chicks
10. Tricia Spooner (ON) Serono Cycle Logic

Cat 3 Men

1. Nathan MacDonald (BC) Team GS Campione
2. Mike Burns (BC) DEVO
3. Jason Thompson (BC) Escape Velocity
4. Matt Dilay, IRC-p/b Cameron Law
5. Vinko Poldrugovac, Fast Twitch Cycling
6. Bruce Denis (BC) Independent
7. Mark Hinman (WA) Wines of Washington
8. Heracio Chaves (BC) Mighty Riders
9. Trevor Hopkins (BC) Team Whistler/Natures Path
10. Victor Brudov (BC) Russian Rocket

Cat 4/5 Men

1. Tyler Trace (BC) Independent
2. Eric Giroux (BC)
3. Patrick Nesbitt (BC)
4. Anselmo Rossiello (BC) Coastal
5. Kenji Jackson (BC) Russ Hay's The Bicycle Shop
6. Steven Devantier (BC) Local Ride
7. Tylor Sayer (BC) Giga Bike
8. Curtis Weber


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