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September 24/98 3:46 am - B.C., Alberta, Vuelta

Posted by Editor on 09/24/98

North Shore Mountain Bike Alliance - Fall Schedule
(courtesy Lee Lau)

1. IMBA's Subaru Trail Crew to North Vancouver.

IMBA (the International Mountain Bike Association) is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to trail access advocacy and education in relation to mountain-biking. Subaru teamed up with IMBA to fund advocacy efforts through two husband-wife teams (West and East Coast). These teams are roving trail advocates with impressive credentials and we are privileged to have them visiting North Vancouver sometime over Halloween weekend on Sunday November 1 and Monday November 2.

2. Trail Day - Coiler on West Vancouver November 1

November 1; Sunday from 10 to 3; come one come all!! Trail party; bring tools and yourself and we'll supply food, drinks, more tools and kit and caboodle. Plan is to park on the parking lot above the fourth switchback. We'll have people out there and the IMBA trail crew will be there. After we're done, maybe a mass group-ride?

You all probably know that they've been ticketing on Cypress and that a lot of the trails in Cypress are under a microscope. So, its our chance to show District of West Vancouver that we're serious and here to stay.

3. Trail Forum - November 2

Two forums are planned - one during the day and one in evening:

Day - NSMBA, IMBA and, possibly, other trail user reps will meet with all land-owners to discuss their plans for mountain-biking. We hope to give them draft trail standards (building, maintenance and stunts) to discuss at this time.

Evening - All trail user reps and members in a schmoozefest, possibly at the Sports BC office.

The goals of these two forums are for everyone to share concerns and, hopefully, give them a better understanding of what makes us, as mountainbikers, tick.

4. Stand up and be counted

We are trying to battle the stereotype of all of us as "gnarly dudes and dudettes". To that end, we will be circulating a questionnaire, to be posted in shops. Whether or not you are members, please fill it out and tell friends who ride there to fill it out so we can get some sort of handle on what we're all about.

1998 Mt. Norquay Provincial Hill Climb Championship, Alberta

Following are results from the Mt. Norquay Provincial Hill Climb Championship bicycle race, held Sunday, September 20, 1998 at Banff, on the 5.5 km. Mt. Norquay Rd.

Anand repeats: Matt Anand, fresh off the plane from the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia, won the 20th edition of the Mt. Norquay Provincial Hill Climb Championship bicycle race, held Sunday, September 20. Anand, riding for U.S. professional team Mercury, clinched his 4th championship in the past 8 years. The women‚s event was won by Joy Mekechuk, of Edmonton‚s Juventus club, her second Hill Climb victory in three years.

Name Team Time

1. Matt Anand Mercury 5.5 km. in 12‚:48.8"
2. Jacob Erker Bow/Republik 12:56.9
3. Chad Kozak Bow/Republik 13:34.8
4. Chris Blanchard DeVinci/Ford 13:56.6
5. Kevin McFadzen Headwinds 14:15.6
6. Mike Haponiuk ERTC 14:55.5
7. Andy Holmwood Outdoors Inc. 14:59.6
8. Donal Schafer Bicisport 15:18.1
9. Michael Vukadinovic Brew Bros./Soma 16:45.6

Open Women

1. Joy Mekechuk Juventus 16:32.4
2. Marg Fedyna ERTC 17:10.3
3. Frances Bagley Dynamic Cycle 17:11.2
4. Kathleen VanIhinger Bicisport 17:53.4
5. Joanne Breau Bow/Republik 18:03.9
6. Leslie Schlebach The Bike Shop 18:16.4
7. Allison Carroll The Bike Shop 19:11.5
8. Sue Padua Rocky Mountain 19:19.9
9. Monica Olsen ERTC 20:02.7
10. Julie Creaser Sport Swap 20:32.1

Category 3

1. Steve Williams Oryxx 15:01.9
2. Garth Marken Bicisport 15:03.1
3. Chris Wright Juventus 15:26.0
4. Len Conlin Bicisport 15:41.1
5. Dave Clifford Bicisport 15:48.1
6. Don Robertson Cafe Racers 16:02.2
7. Gregg Menard Juventus 16:02.7
8. Bob McKerrell Bow/Republik 16:38.4

Category 4

1. Steven Elm Eurotech 14:15.3
2. Michael Boer Dynamic 14:38.8
3. Jesse Collins Sport Swap 15:32.3
4. Ben Johnstone Dynamic 16:08.9
5. Brent Hambleton Bicisport 16:14.5
6. Gary Rybaczok ERTC 16:18.6
7. Derek Mitchell Ride Å’n Glide 16:27.2
8. Dan Bierd Bicisport 16:35.3
9. Ray Litwin Bicisport 16:35.7
10. Darcy Hertzberg Bicisport 16:37.5
11. Andrew Harish Brew Bros./Soma 17:30.0
12. Frank Kovacs Bow/Republik 18:48.8

Cadet Men

1. Phil Goebel ERTC 16:10.4
2. Cory Wallace Mountain Spirit 16:53.1
3. Stewart Cruickshank Bow/Republik 20:27.5

Junior Men

1. Zach Davis NCTDC/Bike Shop 15:24.9
2. Nicholas Utting Bow/Republik 15:43.7
3. Stuart Hughes Bow/Republik 15:46.4
4. Gabe Davis Cafe Racers 20:58.4

Veteran A Men

1. Murdoch Macleod Sport Swap 15:37.1
2. Ted Dahms Bow/Republik 16:05.1
3. C.P. Walsh Brew Bros./Soma 16:23.7
4. Ken Germaine Ride Å’n Glide 16:35.6
5. Kevin Marken Bicisport 17:29.9
6. Allan Marcial Bicisport 18:18.9
7. Brent Hammer Ride Å’n Glide 20:56.0

Veteran B Men

1. Tim Deschenes Velocity 14:39.4
(new record ˆ old record 14:42.4 by Deschenes, 1997)
2. David Watson Velocity 15:29.5
3. Aaron Gluzman Bike Shop 16:33.2
4. Sandy Szabo EVCA 18:07.1
5. Claude Breau Bow/Republik 19:19.7

Veteran C Men

1. Barry Evans Juventus 16:33.9
(new record ˆ old record 16:44.7 by Peter Heppleston, 1997)

Veteran D Men

1. Peter Bigg EVCA 17:57.2
2. Werner Fenske EVCA 19:25.8
3. John Edmunds EVCA 19:57.1

Veteran C Women

1. Marcy Dibbs EVCA 23:39.7

Veteran A, B, D Women

(no entries)

Vuelta Espana

1. Roberto Heras (Spain) Kelme 4:13:26
2. Fernando Escartin (Spain) Kelme at 0:30
3. Alvaro Galdeano (Spain) Euskaltel s.t.
4. Laurent Jalabert (France) ONCE 0:31
5. Gilberto Simoni (Italy) Cantina Tollo
6. Marco Serpellini (Italy) Brescialat
7. Abraham Olano (Spain) Banesto
8. Alex Zuelle (Switzerland) Lotus
9. Daniel Clavero (Spain) Vitalicio Seguros
10. Andrei Zintchenko (Russia) Vitalicio Seguros all s.t.


1. Olano 83:14:13
2. Jalabert at 0:22
3. Jose Maria Jimenez (Spain) Banesto 0:31
4. Escartin 0:37
5. Heras 2:05
6. Zuelle 2:12
7. Clavero 2:17
8. Galdeano 3:03
9. Lance Armstrong (U.S.) U.S. Postal 3:20
10. Jose Castelblanco (Colombia) Avianca 4:24


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