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September 26/98 10:26 am - More Canadian Gold, Tour de Suisse News

Posted by Editor on 09/26/98

More Canadian Gold at the Masters Worlds

Norm Sheil has won a world title at the Masters World Championships in Manchester, England. Sheil took the Points Race in his 10 kilometre, 65 years and over category. Sheil was a world champion twice in the `50s (1955 and 1958) in the Pursuit.

News From Tour de Suisse Féminin
(courtesy Lynn Barry)

The final stage today saw many riders pull out because of sickness. Heather (Cole) said the race was a circuit, and every lap there were riders riding the opposite way back to their hotel. There were even riders getting shots on the line from the race doctor to help settle their stomachs. Four of the five Canadians started today, with Lyne Bessette dropping out after a few laps. She too was having stomach problems.

Heather also finished today, despite a fever of 102. Sandy Espeseth I believe was okay, and Heather said overall she had a good ride during the Tour. Leigh Hobson is riding well, and finished somewhere in the top 30. That position may not be accurate, but Heather told me she finished with the leaders every day (we are waiting for today's results). Sandy Spencer dropped out on Thursday, due to sickness.

Tomorrow is the final Women's World Cup of the season. Leigh and Sandy are starting, but there is a question about Lyne, Heather and Stacey.

Lynn also passed on the following comments:

After talking to Heather, and hearing some of the more descriptive details of what kind of shape some of the women are in, I realized again that many of us cannot really understand what they go through at some of these races in Europe. The accommodations are often marginal, the food can be questionable, and the travel brutal.

I know many people who express how wonderful it must be to travel Europe and race your bike. Yes, it is the dream of many bike racers, but it is definitely much less than idyllic. Living a great deal of the time at or below the poverty line to fulfill one's goals takes a great deal of focus and dedication. Riding and being competitive with the best in the world also requires immense suffering. The fact that they are there is a huge accomplishment. They need support in every way possible, and I hope they continue get it.


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