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May 3/06 10:55 am - Tour of the Gila: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 05/3/06

Tour of the Gila New Mexico

Report Courtesy Team Biovail

Wind and hills was what greeted the riders today in the first stage of the 20th annual Tour of the Gila. It was the typical high desert climate, warm, windy, sunny and dry, and the competitors had to also survive the 6,000 feet elevation of Silver City, NM. Right from the start the course climbed for 4.4 miles with gradients ranging from 2-5%, then there were 2 more good rolling hills before the turn around in which the out-n-back course had the cyclists climb back over the descents they had done to finally plunge back down the 4.4 miles to the finish. With a head wind for the uphill on the way out, the last miles were tailwind, downhill and speeds were in excess of 70kmh.

It was a race where gearing was critical, with small ring climbs and fast and furious descents. The riders were sent off in 30 second intervals with the start order determined alphabetically. This put 2005 World's bronze medalist Kristen Armstrong of Team Lipton as one of the first riders to race, and she set the fastest time to beat early on as she came across the line in 40:53. Her time looked to be the one that might stand until Anne Samplonius of Team Biovail came blistering across the finish in 40:33, 20 seconds faster then Armstrong. No one else would come under 41 minutes, and Erin Willock (Webcor Platinum) rounded out the top 3 with a time of 41:26.

So, Anne Samplonius (Team Biovail) takes the pink leaders jersey into stage 2, a 71.5 mile point to point race ending on a 6.7 mile climb.

Aujourd’hui commence la 20e édition du Tour de Gila au Nouveau-Mexique qui se déroulera du 3 au 7 mai. Le tour de Gila se compose de 5 étapes : un contre-la-montre, trois courses sur route et un critérium. En début d’après-midi, les cinq filles composant pour ce Tour l’équipe Biovail (Anne Samplonius, Joelle Numainville, Jennifer Stephenson, Stéphanie Bourbeau et Gabriella Gonzales) ont effectué la première des étapes : un contre-la-montre très sélectif de 26 km. Le contre-la-montre comportait trois montées dont une au tout début du parcours (7km avec une inclinaison moyenne de 5%) obligeant les coureuses a trouver rapidement la bonne cadence. Le soleil et le vent étaient au rendez-vous. De plus, une altitude d’environ 6000 pieds ajoutait un obstacle aux coureuses. Anne qui était une des favorite pour cette épreuve a pris le premier rang avec 20 secondes d’avance sur Kristen Armstrong de l’équipe Lipton. L’équipe Biovail détient donc le maillot jaune ( qui est rose pour ce tour!!!) et devra le défendre au cours desprochains jours. Demain sera une étape de montagne ou les coureuses devront démontrer beaucoup d’audace et d’entraide afin de conserver leur première position au classement général.

Stage 1: Tyrone Time Trial 15.7 miles/25.3km

1. Anne Samplonius (Team Biovail)40:33.05
2. Kristin Armstrong (Team Lipton)at 0:20
3. Erinne Willock (Webcor Platinum)0:53
4. Jessica Phillips (Argon 18/Champion)1:27
5. Rachel Heal (Victory Brewing)1:48
6. Kori Seehafer (Team Lipton)1:49
7. Dotsie Bausch (Colavita Cooking Light)1:58
8. Suz Weldon (TRIA)2:12
9. Betina Hold (Webcor Platinum)2:15
10. Kristin Sanders (Cheerwine)2:16
11. Gabriel Gonzalez-Ferrat (Team Biovail)2:17
12. Kristen LaSasso (Team Lipton)2:23
13. Alison Powers (Rio Grande/Sports)2:24
14. Beverley Harper (Touchstone Climbin )2:29
15. India Sanjuan (Touchstone Climbin )2:32
16. Meredith Miller (Team Lipton)2:56
17. Mara Abbott (Rio Grande/Sports)3:17
18. Brooke Ourada (Colavita Cooking LighTeam )3:22
19. Leigh Hobson (Victory Brewing)3:31
20. Kathery Curi (Webcor Platinum)3:40
21. Jennifer Gerbach (Colorado Premier )3:51
22. Laura Van Gilder (Team Lipton)3:56
23. Jenn Reither (TRIA)4:02
24. Penny Avril (Touchstone Climbin )4:09
25. Pat Ross (Touchstone Climbin )4:11
26. Merrill Sapp (Landis/Trek/VW)4:12
27. Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing)4:14
28. Liza Rachetto (Team Lipton)4:17
29. Marisa Asplund (Colorado Premier Team )4:17
30. Christen King (Argon 18/Champion)4:20
31. Alexandra Wrubleski (Team H&R Block)4:23
32. Kele Murdoin (Velo Bella-Kona)4:24
33. Nicole Evans (FFKR)4:29
34. Stephanie Bourbeau (Team Biovail)4:29
35. Megan Monroe (Colorado Premier Team )4:42
36. Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing)4:54
37. Andrea Dvorak (Charlottesville Ra )4:54
38. Carol Hutton (Argon 18/Champion)5:01
39. Michelle Beltran (Cheerwine)5:02
40. Tracey Olbright (Argon 18/Champion)5:08
41. Sharon Allpress (TRIA)5:11
42. Amber Rais (Webcor-Platinum)5:12
43. Molly Hummel (Colorado Premier Team )5:22
44. Aimee Vasse (Colorado Premier Team )5:41
45. Jennifer Stephenson (Team Biovail)5:42
46. Christy Roberts (Paragon Ski & Sport )5:49
47. Nicky Wangsgard (Colorado Premier Team )6:06
48. Lisa Matlock (JR Engineering)6:09
49. Mary Schuette (Rio Grande/Sports)6:23
50. Erin Alders (McGuire Cycling Team )6:24
51. Jennifer Manefield (Cheerwine)6:27
52. Courtenay Brown (McGuire Cycling Team )6:27
53. Kathleen Billington (Utica, NY)6:34
54. Megan Hottman (MRRC-TREK/VW)6:35
55. Carla Flores (Argon 18/Champion)6:42
56. Sarah Bamberaer (Cheerwine)6:47
57. Maria Monica (McGuire Cycling Team )6:49
58. Valeria Sanders (TRIA)7:28
59. Jane Ziegler (Velo Bella-Kona)7:33
60. Hiroka Shimada (Velo Bella-Kona)7:58
61. Jen Joynt (Velo Bella-Kona)8:04
62. Moriah MacGregor (TRIA)8:06
63. Gwen Erffmeyer (JR Engineering)8:08
64. Daniela Camarena (Southwest Speed Cycling)8:12
65. Sonya Looney (Titus/CU Cycling)8:26
66. Jen Chapman (Velo Bella-Kona)8:40
67. Joelle Numainville (Team Biovail)9:47
68. Noel Weddle (Velo Bella-Kona)10:10
69. Maryedith Lopez (Pollidas)10:17
Pro 1/2 Men
1. Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United Pro)34:51.80
2. Scott Moninger (Health Net-Maxxis)at 0:40
3. Burke Swindlehurst (Navigators)1:21
4. Gord Fraser (Health Net-Maxxis)1:32
5. Scott Nydam (Rio Grande/Sports)1:40
6. Phil Zajicke (Navigators)1:45
7. Chris Wherry (Toyota-United Pro)1:48
8. Chris Stockburger (Toyota-United Pro)1:50
9. Anthony Colby (TargetTraining)2:14
10. Ian McKissick (Recycled Cycles/Ra )2:20
11. James Mattis (California Giant)2:21
12. Andrew Miller (Successful Living)2:25
13. Blake Caldwell (TIAA-CREF)2:26
14. Ryan Blickem (TargetTraining)2:26
15. Justin England (Toyota-United Pro)2:35
16. Steffano Barberi (Toyota-United Pro)2:36
17. Michael Dietrich ( Nevada)2:48
18. Jonathan Garcia (Team Einstein's Cycling)2:50
19. Bryan Smith (TIAA-CREF)2:52
20. Jon Tarkington (Vitamin Cottage Cycling)3:03
21. Curtis Gunn (Successful Living)3:04
22. Mike Carter (Team Einstein's Cycling)3:04
23. Daniel Ramsey (Successful Living)3:19
24. Osvaldo Olmos (BMC Racing Team)3:22
25. Andy Edwards (Wild Oats/Al's Bar )3:30
26. John Hunt (California Giant)3:30
27. Brian Dziewa (Mercy Cycling Team )3:32
28. Kevin Rowe (California Giant)3:36
29. Matt Willinger (California Giant)3:36
30. Jacob Rosebarger (Rio Grande/Sports)3:40
31. Jesse Gordon (Park City Cycling)3:46
32. Danny Pate (TIAA-CREF)3:48
33. Stefan Rothe (Mercy Cycling Team )3:51
34. Mike Lange (TIAA-CREF)3:55
35. Dominique Perras ( Nevada)3:58
36. Roman Kilun (Health Net-Maxxis)3:59
37. Michael Olheiser (MMW/CARVE)4:02
38. Jason Donald (Team Einstein's Cycling)4:04
39. Justin Morgan (Broadmark/Hagens-B)4:04
40. Jarred Berger (KAOS)4:05
41. Dan Vinson (Kahala LaGrange)4:07
42. Chad Hartley (TIAA-CREF)4:13
43. Lucas Euser (TIAA-CREF)4:26
44. Sam Johnson (Broadmark/Hagens-B)4:30
45. David Rodriguez (BMC Racing Team)4:37
46. Kyle Barbary (BMC Racing Team)4:39
47. Craig McCartney (Wild Oats/Al's Bar )4:40
48. Jaime Gandara (Southwest Speed Cycling)4:43
49. Jonathan Baker (Vitamin Cottage)4:43
50. Ian MacGregor (TIAA-CREF)4:44
51. Peter Knoop (Memphis Motorwerks )4:44
52. Johnny Hayes (CRCA/Sakonnet Tech )4:45
53. Jose Garcia (Toyota-United Pro)4:46
54. Chris Kuhl (CRCA/Sakonnet Tech )4:55
55. Ryan Lee (Successful Living)4:55
56. Daniel Doornbos (NMBRA/NMVS)4:56
57. Mike Telega (California Giant)5:00
58. Ryan Hamity (Team Einstein's Cycling)5:02
59. Dario Falquier (Webcor/Alto Velo)5:06
60. Andy Guptill (TargetTraining)5:12
61. Adam Livingston (Successful Living)5:19
62. Kyle Colavito (Team Einstein's Cycling)5:21
63. Matt Shriver (TargetTraining)5:23
64. Chuck Coyle (Vitamin Cottage Cycling)5:24
65. Aram Dellalian (Amgen Cycling)5:41
66. Guy East (CRCA/Sakonnet Tech )5:55
67. Joshua Bezecny (TargetTraining)5:57
68. Lee Rosenthal (CRCA/Sakonnet Tech N. )5:59
69. Brian Lemke (Landis/Trek/VW)6:06
70. Evan Lawrence (Broadmark/Hagens-B)6:11
71. Skyler Bishop ( Nevada)6:19
72. Paul Esposti (Sports Garage)6:20
73. Jeremia Wiscovitch (Successful Living-)6:21
74. Andrew Fischer (Broadmark/Hagens-B)6:22
75. James Strangeland (Broadmark/Hagens-B )6:26
76. Jonathan Parrish (Landis/Trek/VW)6:30
77. Alex Rock (Contender Bicycles )6:32
78. Rahsaan Bahati (TIAA-CREF)6:34
79. David Wiswell (CRCA/Sakonnet Tech )6:38
80. Nick Friesen (Landis/Trek/VW)6:41
81. Brian Wyrick (Mercy Cycling Team )6:47
82. Jason Klikna (BMC Racing Team)6:48
83. Jon Heidemann (Team Einstein's Cycling)6:54
84. Ralph Henderson (na)6:56
85. Roy Pickavance (Team Century Tel)6:57
86. David Reid (Landis/Trek/VW)7:06
87. Wayne Puckett (Team Spine)7:25
88. Stephen Shepherd (Rio Grande/Sports)7:45
89. Shane Peltonen (Team Einstein's Cycling)7:56
90. Marco Vasquez (Team Kaos/Nebraska )8:05
91. Frank Breure (Memphis Motorwerks )8:21
92. Jack Seehofer (Team Einstein's Cycling)8:27
93. Justin Hale (BMC Racing Team)9:04
94. Mat Stephens (Mercy Cycling Team )9:42
95. Owen Gue (Broadmark/Hagens-B )9:53
96. Derek Wilkerson (Toyota-United Pro)10:01
97. Ian Ayers (Colavita Olive Oil )11:20
98. Patrick Dunaway (California Giant)12:25
99. Ken Hanson (BMC Racing Team)14:40


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