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May 8/06 10:37 am - NORBA #1 DH: Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/8/06

NORBA #1 Fontana, CA


Courtesy Brodie Bikes

British Columbia native and Tuscon, AZ resident Jackie Harmony raced to a podium finish on the first stop of the Norba National Championship Series bike race in Fontana, CA. Harmony finished 5th in a razor close race where she was 1.5 seconds away from second place. Commenting on the Race, Jackie stated only that “I was happy (with the results), but I can go faster” and vowed to improve her training regimen in preparation for the next NORBA National Race in North Carolina.

The result hallmarks Brodie's recent refocus on the racing scene that has industry folk scratching their heads everywhere except at Brodie HQ. “Brodie has always been about good people riding good bikes a little differently than the mainstream” notes US program Manager, Ernest Vogel. “So, with most of the big companies pulling back on their race programs citing racings declining ability to generate sales, it made perfect sense to the Brodie crew to revamp the once storied race program. People may have forgotten that the first Canadian National Championship was won on a Brodie and Brodie's Product Manager, Bruce Spicer was a 13 time national champion.”

“We have the most state of the art, rider centric race support camp in the business and we've got a few empty lockers on board. We're not looking to fill them by throwing money at high maintenance “I could be world champ, if…” type people, but we definitely have a few openings for riders who fit the Brodie attitude. In fact, we've already turned down a few pretty notable applicants. Jackie is fast and working incredibly hard to get faster every day, but on top of everything, she's just a good person to be around.”

This is Jackie's second season racing pro, and first as a factory sponsored rider. She has already qualified to participate in World Cup events and the World Championships later this summer in New Zealand. Racing for Brodie Bicycles this season Jackie has placed 2nd in Boulder Canyon, NV, 1st in Santa Barbara, CA, and 8th racing in the men's division of probably the most dangerous and technically demanding course so far this season in El Paso, TX. Her only disappointment was “getting completely stuck in the mud at Sea Otter and missing the top 15.”

Pro WomenTimeDiff
1. Joanna Petterson (RSA) Morewood Bikes02:38.000
2. April Lawyer (USA) Maxxis02:46.4300:08.44
3. Wendy Reynolds (USA) Beqar Nake02:46.4600:08.46
4. Kote Driscoll (USA) Chumba/Bookoo Energy02:47.9400:09.95
5. Jackie Harmony (Can) Brodie02:48.0300:10.03
6. Erin Thain (USA) 02:49.4000:11.41
7. Anka Martin (RSA) Honda/Iron02:50.0600:12.06
8. Jennifer Whalen (USA) Jenxracer02:53.8100:15.81
9. Addie Lepper (USA) Harlot Wea02:54.8500:16.86
10. Stephanie Gaudreau (USA) Amp'd Raci02:58.4600:20.46
11. Gabriela Williams (USA) Wilmanco02:59.7200:21.72
12. Michelle Camp (USA) Mcfatson03:02.6100:24.62
13. Michelle Rivera (USA) TNT03:02.9000:24.90
14. Lauren Petersen (USA) Sinister03:03.1900:25.19
15. Lisa Reinhard (USA) 03:04.1100:26.11
16. Leana Gerrard (USA) Bear Naked03:13.4900:35.49
17. Darian Harvey (USA) 03:23.0100:45.01
18. Jessica Vogt (USA) Turner03:28.6400:50.65
Pro MenTimeDiff
1. Cody Warren (USA) C-Dub Racing02:14.62
2. Jeff Beatty (Can) Nrg.Com02:15.0100:00.40
3. Amiel Cavalier (Aus) Giant/Sram02:15.3000:00.68
4. Jared Rando (Aus) Giant/Michelin02:15.4600:00.85
5. Justin Havukainen (USA) Ironhorse02:15.5800:00.96
6. Curtis Keene (USA) Cane Creek02:15.6600:01.04
7. Daniel Umland (Us) 02:15.7700:01.15
8. Waylon Smith (GBr) Khs02:16.0200:01.40
9. Evan Turpen (USA) Iron Horse02:16.6400:02.02
10. Cole Bangert (USA) Morewood Bikes02:16.7500:02.13
11. Geritt Beytagh (USA) Morewood Bikes02:16.8800:02.27
12. Joel Bain (Aus) Cannondale02:17.3400:02.73
13. Lars Sternberg (USA) Fluidride02:17.3700:02.75
14. Christopher Herndon (USA) Cane Creek02:17.4900:02.87
15. Colin Bailey (USA) Intense02:17.7600:03.15
16. Jonathan Neethling (RSA) Morewood Bikes02:18.0300:03.42
17. Ryan Condrashoff (USA) Planetx02:18.4500:03.83
18. Sanjay Shanbhag (USA) Commencal02:18.4600:03.85
19. Sven Martin (RSA) Homda02:19.2700:04.66
20. Des Curry (NZl) Odi/Smith02:20.1900:05.57
21. Connor MacLeod (Can) Cove Bikes02:20.2500:05.64
22. Sean Mcclendon (USA) Aventcycle02:20.5200:05.91
23. Adriano Digiacinto (Can) Cove Factory02:21.3700:06.76
24. Ben Bell (Aus) Yeti/Fox R02:22.2300:07.61
25. James Schwanke (USA) Kenda Utop02:22.3700:07.76
26. Ian Odom (USA) Chumba Racing02:22.5000:07.88
27. Mike Haderer (USA) Foxshox/Yeti02:22.6400:08.03
28. Robin Baloochi (USA) Commencal02:23.6700:09.06
29. Jeff Evans (USA) KHS/Utopia02:23.9100:09.29
30. Kyle Adams (USA) Odi/Southr02:24.0000:09.38
31. Julius Syvanen (Fin) Commerical02:24.0000:09.39
32. Jonathan Canfield (USA) Honda/Iron02:25.7400:11.13
33. Steve Wentz (USA) Turner/Wah02:26.3000:11.68
34. Max Nelson (USA) Odi Southr02:26.5700:11.95
35. Keith Mott (USA) KHS02:26.7100:12.09
36. Curtis Zamora (USA) Romic/Down02:26.7300:12.12
37. Orlando Martinez (Cub) Go Bis02:27.3300:12.72
38. Tony Gardikis (USA) Intense Cycle02:28.5900:13.98
39. Quinton Spaulding (USA) KHS Bicycles02:29.2300:14.62
40. Sean Methven (USA) Turner/66102:33.7500:19.13
41. Jim Beckman (USA) Fetish Cycles02:44.7900:30.17
42. Dante Harmony (USA) Brodie02:45.4700:30.85
43. David Klaassenvanoorsch (USA) KHS Bicycles03:10.1400:55.52
44. Mike King (USA) 03:15.6601:01.04
45. Alfonso Garcia (USA) 03:35.2901:20.67
DNF. Craig Woodhead (Aus) Chumba Racing
DNF. Jiro Nakamura (Jpn)
DNF. Mitchell Delfs (Aus) Manitou/Shimano


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