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May 9/06 10:07 am - Fredericton Stage Race

Posted by Editoress on 05/9/06

Fredericton Stage Race

May 7th, Fredericton NB

Citizen Women
1. Elizabeth Rusell (Independent) CITF0:20:16
2. Kathy Rusell (Independent) CITF0:21:24
U17 Men
1. Rene Boudreau (Radical Edge F'ton) RU17M0:18:20
2. Stuart Wight (Independent) RU17M0:18:24
3. Charlie Evans (Radical Edge F'ton) RU17M0:18:53
4. Michael Smolinski (Independent) RU17M0:19:09
5. Eric Garland (Radical Edge F'ton) RU17M0:19:15
6. Jean-Richard Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop) RU17M0:19:16
7. Paul Carson (Independent) RU17M0:20:53
DNS. Marc Petrie (Independent) RU17M
Master Women
1. Susan Fenzel (Team OSB) MW0:20:44
Senior 4 Women
1. Laura Homenick (Mike's Bike Shop) SRF40:22:09
Senior 4 Men
1. Jeremie Fournier (Independent) SR40:33:26
Master B
1. Paul Goobie (Mike's Bike Shop) MB0:16:26
2. Norman Siebrasse (Radical Edge F'ton) MB0:17:21
3. Andrew Arsenault (Radical Edge F'ton) MB0:17:26
4. Greg Violette (Radical Edge F'ton) MB0:17:30
5. Charles Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop) MB0:17:58
6. Jean-Guy Cormier (Independent) MB0:18:11
7. John McAdam (Radical Edge F'ton) MB0:18:18
8. Mel Soicher (Team OSB) MB0:18:27
9. Wally Smolinski (Independent) MB0:18:50
10. George Versloot (Team OSB) MB0:18:55
DNS. Jamey Smith (Radical Edge F'ton) MB
DNS. Gary Timberlake (Team OSB) MB
DNS. Andrew Langille (Team OSB) MB
DNS. Darrin Deveau (Independent) MB
Junior Women
1. Meghan Read (Valley Stove & Cycle) JRF0:19:48
2. Jessica Dahn (Radical Edge F'ton) JRF0:20:07
Junior Men
1. Olivier Maltais (Team Xtreme) JRM0:16:51
2. Mitchell Armstrong (Dalvey/Taylor's Garage) JRM0:16:55
3. Jonathan Daigle (Radical Edge F'ton) JRM0:17:50
4. Mike Bolton (Darlings Island Race Team) JRM0:17:59
5. Duncan Sturz (Independent) JRM0:18:08
7. Ben Bschaden (County SpinSkis) JRM0:20:14
Master A
1. Andre Charlebois (Mike's Bike Shop) MA0:16:04
2. Stephen Morris (Bikes and Beans) MA0:16:05
3. Carl Ripley (Mike's Bike Shop) MA0:16:58
4. Marc LeJeune (Independent) MA0:18:23
5. Jason Thorne (Independent) MA0:19:02
6. Allen Roderick (Team OSB) MA0:20:31
DNS. Doug Jones (Radical Edge F'ton) MA
Senior Women
1. Heather Lamson (Independent) SRF10:17:03
2. Jane McKeown (Radical Edge F'ton) SRF10:17:53
3. Jeanne Ju (Bicycles Plus) SRF10:18:05
4. Heidi King (Independent) SRF10:18:21
5. Anna Healy (Radical Edge F'ton) SRF10:19:04
6. Sacha LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop) SRF10:20:14
DNS. Guylaine Chiasson (Independent) SRF1
DNF. Kelly Murray (Radical Edge F'ton) SRF1
Senior Men
1. Brian McKeown (Radical Edge F'ton) SR10:15:03
2. Jamie Lamb (Louis Garneau Optik 800) SR10:15:09
3. Clint Simmons (Radical Edge F'ton) SR10:15:39
4. Justin Theriault (Radical Edge F'ton) SR10:15:39
5. Shaughn Smith (Bike Works) SR10:15:56
6. Mike Davis (Radical Edge F'ton) SR10:15:59
7. Jeff Sparkes (Radical Edge F'ton) SR10:16:19
8. Terry Tomlin (OGC/Opus) SR10:16:32
9. Joseph Ewings (Independent) SR10:16:36
10. Jeff Currie (Mike's Bike Shop) SR10:17:04
11. Adam Douthwright (Team OSB) SR10:17:16
12. Martin Pelletier (Independent) SR10:17:37
13. Michael LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop) SR10:17:42
14. Robert McNair (Independent) SR10:21:54
DNS. Christopher Reynolds (Independent) SR1
DNS. Roger Doucette (Independent) SR1
DNS. Justin St.Onge (Hub Cycle) SR1
Road Race
Citizen Women
1. Tracy Thibodeau (Independent) CITF1:14:13
2. Elizabeth Rusell (Independent) CITF4:05
3. Kathy Rusell (Independent) CITF8:23
Junior Women
1. Meghan Read (Valley Stove & Cycle) JRF1:58:17
2. Jessica Dahn (Radical Edge F'ton) JRFat 0:02
Junior Men
1. Jonathan Daigle (Radical Edge F'ton) JRM2:14:37
2. Olivier Maltais (Team Xtreme) JRMat 0:14
3. Mitchell Armstrong (Dalvey/Taylor's Garage) JRM1:10
4. Duncan Sturz (Independent) JRM1:19
5. Mike Bolton (Darlings Island Race Team) JRM7:18
6. Ben Bschaden (County SpinSkis) JRM19:55
DNS. Michael Smolinski (Independent) JRM
Master A
1. Doug Jones (Radical Edge F'ton) MA2:43:43
2. Carl Ripley (Mike's Bike Shop) MAat 3:25
3. Francois Gazzano (Mike's Bike Shop) MA3:41
4. Marc LeJeune (Independent) MA3:52
5. Jason Thorne (Independent) MA16:47
6. Allen Roderick (Team OSB) MA55:11
DNS. Stephen Morris (Bikes and Beans) MA
DNF. Andre Charlebois (Mike's Bike Shop) MA
Master B
1. Jamey Smith (Radical Edge F'ton) MB2:09:15
2. Norman Siebrasse (Radical Edge F'ton) MBat 4:27
3. Andrew Arsenault (Radical Edge F'ton) MB4:36
4. Greg Violette (Radical Edge F'ton) MB6:38
5. Jean-Guy Cormier (Independent) MB6:39
6. Andrew Langille (Team OSB) MB6:45
7. Gary Timberlake (Team OSB) MB6:47
8. George Versloot (Team OSB) MB8:15
9. Charles Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop) MB9:13
10. Paul Goobie (Mike's Bike Shop) MB10:46
11. John McAdam (Radical Edge F'ton) MB17:36
12. Mel Soicher (Team OSB) MB21:11
DNS. Darrin Deveau (Independent) MB
DNS. Wally Smolinski (Independent) MB
U17 Men
1. Jean-Richard Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop) RU17M1:09:23
2. Rene Boudreau (Radical Edge F'ton) RU17Mat 0:04
3. Charlie Evans (Radical Edge F'ton) RU17M0:15
4. Stuart Wight (Independent) RU17M1:04
7. Ian Thorpes (Independent) RU17M10:28
9. Paul Carson (Independent) RU17M16:47
DNF. Eric Garland (Radical Edge F'ton) RU17M
U17 Women
1. Hannah Langille (Team OSB) RU17W1:32:25
Senior Men
1. Joseph Ewings (Independent) SR13:09:27
2. Justin Theriault (Radical Edge F'ton) SR1at 0:03
3. Jeff Currie (Mike's Bike Shop) SR11:53
4. Mike Davis (Radical Edge F'ton) SR11:58
5. Terry Tomlin (OGC/Opus) SR15:40
6. Brian McKeown (Radical Edge F'ton) SR15:43
7. Roger Doucette (Independent) SR17:38
8. Shaughn Smith (Bike Works) SR18:28
9. Martin Pelletier (Independent) SR117:26
10. Adam Douthwright (Team OSB) SR120:57
11. Robert McNair (Independent) SR133:25
DNF. Jeff Sparkes (Radical Edge F'ton) SR1DNF
DNF. Clint Simmons (Radical Edge F'ton) SR1DNF
DNF. Jamie Lamb (Louis Garneau Optik) SR1DNF
DNF. Michael LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop) SR1DNF
DNS. Jeremie Fournier (Independent) SR1DNF
DNF. Justin St.Onge (Hub Cycle) SR1DNS
Master Women
1. Susan Fenzel (Team OSB) MW1:59:46
Senior 4
1. Christopher Reynolds (Independent) SR43:00:57
Senior Women
1. Heather Lamson (Independent) SRF12:45:08
2. Heidi King (Independent) SRF1at 8:12
3. Anna Healy (Radical Edge F'ton) SRF18:13
4. Kelly Murray (Radical Edge F'ton) SRF18:16
5. Jane McKeown (Radical Edge F'ton) SRF113:27
6. Jeanne Ju (Bicycles Plus) SRF122:53
7. Sacha LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop) SRF148:24
DNS. Guylaine Chiasson (Independent) SRF1DNS
Senior 4 Women
1. Laura Homenick (Mike's Bike Shop) SRF42:51:28
Final GC
Sr 1 Men
1. Justin Theriault (Radical Edge F'ton)3:25:09
2. Joseph Ewings (Independent)3:26:03
3. Mike Davis (Radical Edge F'ton)3:27:24
4. Jeff Currie (Mike's Bike Shop)3:28:24
5. Brian McKeown (Radical Edge F'ton)3:30:13
6. Terry Tomlin (OGC/Opus)3:31:39
7. Shaughn Smith (Bike Works)3:33:51
8. Roger Doucette (Independent)3:41:10
9. Martin Pelletier (Independent)3:44:30
10. Adam Douthwright (Team OSB)3:47:40
11. Robert McNair (Independent)4:04:46
12. Jamie Lamb (Louis Garneau Optik 800)4:20:18
13. Clint Simmons (Radical Edge F'ton)4:20:48
14. Jeff Sparkes (Radical Edge F'ton)4:21:28
15. Michael LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop)4:22:51
DNS. Justin St.Onge (Hub Cycle)
DNF. Christopher Reynolds (Independent)
Senior Women
1. Heather Lamson (Independent)3:02:11
2. Heidi King (Independent)3:11:41
3. Anna Healy (Radical Edge F'ton)3:12:25
4. Kelly Murray (Radical Edge F'ton)3:15:39
5. Jane McKeown (Radical Edge F'ton)3:16:28
6. Jeanne Ju (Bicycles Plus)3:26:06
7. Sacha LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop)3:53:46
DNS. Guylaine Chiasson (Independent)
Master A
1. Carl Ripley (Mike's Bike Shop)3:04:06
2. Marc LeJeune (Independent)3:05:58
3. Doug Jones (Radical Edge F'ton)3:06:17
4. Francois Gazzano (Mike's Bike Shop)3:09:58
5. Jason Thorne (Independent)3:19:32
6. Allen Roderick (Team OSB)3:59:25
7. Andre Charlebois (Mike's Bike Shop)4:16:51
8. Stephen Morris (Bikes and Beans)4:16:52
Junior Men
1. Olivier Maltais (Team Xtreme)2:31:42
2. Jonathan Daigle (Radical Edge F'ton)2:32:27
3. Mitchell Armstrong (Dalvey/Taylor's Garage)2:32:42
4. Duncan Sturz (Independent)2:34:04
5. Mike Bolton (Darlings Island Race Team)2:39:54
6. Ben Bschaden (County SpinSkis)2:54:46
Junior Women
1. Meghan Read (Valley Stove & Cycle)2:18:05
2. Jessica Dahn (Radical Edge F'ton)2:18:26
Master B
1. Norman Siebrasse (Radical Edge F'ton)2:31:03
2. Andrew Arsenault (Radical Edge F'ton)2:31:17
3. Greg Violette (Radical Edge F'ton)2:33:23
4. Jean-Guy Cormier (Independent)2:34:05
5. George Versloot (Team OSB)2:36:25
6. Charles Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop)2:36:26
7. Paul Goobie (Mike's Bike Shop)2:36:27
8. John McAdam (Radical Edge F'ton)2:45:09
9. Mel Soicher (Team OSB)2:48:53
10. Wally Smolinski (Independent)3:04:19
11. Jamey Smith (Radical Edge F'ton)2:30:04
12. Gary Timberlake (Team OSB)2:36:51
13. Andrew Langille (Team OSB)2:36:49


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