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May 12/06 6:35 am - Tour de l'Aude: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 05/12/06

Tour de l'Aude France

Stage 1: Gruissan TTT, 28 km
1. Buitenpoort Flexpoint37:11.54
2. T-Mobileat 0:18.98
3. Nurnberg Versicherung0:37.45
4. AA-Drink CT0:49.40
5. Univega1:19.23
6. French National Team1:31.98
7. Bianchi Aliverti Kookai1:35.76
8. Fenix Colnago1:47.80
9. Nobili Rubinetterie2:19.20
10. German National Team2:27.29
11. Australian National Team2:58.83
12. Dutch National Team2:59.72
13. Belgian National Team3:09.14
14. USA National Team3:49.80
15. New Zealand National Team3:56.95
16. Colombian National Team4:00.66
17. Lotto Belisol4:08.80
18. Les Pruneaux d'Agen4:19.76
19. Giant PC4:40.86
1. Loes Gunnewijk (Ned) Buitenpoort-Flexpoint Team37:11.54
2. Susanne Ljungskog (Swe) Buitenpoort-Flexpoint Team
3. Amber Neben (USA) Buitenpoort-Flexpoint Team
4. Madeleine Sandig (Ger) Buitenpoort-Flexpoint Teamall s.t.
5. Sandra Rombouts (Ned) Buitenpoort-Flexpoint Team0:03.31
6. Ina Teutenberg (Ger) T-Mobile Professional Cycling0:18.98
7. Judith Arndt (Ger) T-Mobile Professional Cycling
8. Kimberly Anderson (USA) T-Mobile Professional Cyclingboth s.t.
9. Oenone Wood (Aus) Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung0:30.45
10. Trixi Worrack (Ger) Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung
11. Anke Wichmann (Ger) Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung
12. Eva Lutz (Ger) Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung
13. Claudia Hausler (Ger) Equipe Nurnberger Versicherungall s.t.
14. Suzanne De Goede (Ned) AA-Drink Cycling Team0:35.40
15. Adrie Visser (Ned) AA-Drink Cycling Team
16. Theresa Senff (Ger) AA-Drink Cycling Team
17. Angela Brodtka (Ger) AA-Drink Cycling Teamall s.t.
18. Priska Doppmann (Sui) Univega Pro Cycling Team0:40.23
19. Sarah Grab (Sui) Univega Pro Cycling Team
20. Sarah Duster (Ger) Univega Pro Cycling Team
21. Emma Rickards (Aus) Univega Pro Cycling Teamall s.t.
22. Beatrice Thomas (Fra) French National Team0:44.98
23. Marina Jaunatre (Fra) French National Team
24. Maryline Salvetat (Fra) French National Team
25. Magalie Finot Lavier (Fra) French National Team
26. Karine Gautard (Fra) French National Teamall s.t.
27. Edwige Pitel (Fra) Bianchi Aliverti Kookai0:49.76
28. Trine Hansen (Den) Bianchi Aliverti Kookai
29. Dorte Rasmussen (Den) Bianchi Aliverti Kookai
30. Svetlana Bubnenkova (Rus) Fenixs-Colnago0:54.80
31. Olga Zabelinskaya (Rus) Fenixs-Colnago
32. Elena Stramoysova (Rus) Fenixs-Colnago
33. Johanna Buick (NZl) Fenixs-Colnago
34. Maja Adamsen (Den) Fenixs-Colnagoall s.t.
35. Edita Puncinskaite (Ltu) Nobili Rubinetterie Menikini Cogeas1:00.20
36. Olivia Gollan (Aus) Nobili Rubinetterie Menikini Cogeas
37. Evelyn Garcia (ESa) Nobili Rubinetterie Menikini Cogeas
38. Elodie Touffet (Fra) Nobili Rubinetterie Menikini Cogeas
39. Bianca Knopfle (Ger) German National Teamall s.t.
40. Alexandra Sontheimer (Ger) German National Team
41. Charlotte Becker (Ger) German National Team
42. Lisa Brennauer (Ger) German National Team
43. Sabine Fischer (Ger) German National Teamall s.t.
44. Kimberly Baldwin (USA) T-Mobile Professional Cycling1:07.66
45. Amanda Spratt (Aus) Australian National Team1:09.83
46. Alexis Rhodes (Aus) Australian National Team
47. Candice Sullivan (Aus) Australian National Team
48. Jenny Mac Pherson (Aus) Australian National Team
49. Sally Ann Cowman (Aus) Australian National Team
50. Debby Mansveld (Ned) Dutch National Team1:14.72
51. Chantal Beltman (Ned) Dutch National Team
52. Irène Van Den Broeck (Ned) Dutch National Teamboth s.t.
53. Sharon Van Essen (Ned) Dutch National Teamall s.t.
54. Sofie Goor (Bel) Belgian National Team1:20.14
55. Laure Werner (Bel) Belgian National Team
56. Sharon Vandromme (Bel) Belgian National Team
57. Cindy Pieters (Bel) Belgian National Team
58. Josephine Groenveld (Ned) AA-Drink Cycling Team1:20.81
59. Kateryn Curi (USA) USA National Team1:24.80
60. Lauren Franges (USA) USA National Team
61. Grace Fleury (USA) USA National Teamboth s.t.
62. Carissa Wilkes (NZl) New Zealand National Team1:29.95
63. Alison Shanks (NZl) New Zealand National Team
64. Amy Mosen (NZl) New Zealand National Team
65. Marina Duvnjak (NZl) New Zealand National Team
66. Michelle Kiesanowski (NZl) New Zealand National Team
67. Dale Tye (NZl) New Zealand National Teamall s.t.
68. Maria Calle (Col) Colombian National Team1:34.66
69. Monica Mendes (Col) Colombian National Team
70. Magdali Trujillo (Col) Colombian National Team
71. Millerlandy Agudelo (Col) Colombian National Teamall s.t.
72. Natalie Bates (Aus) AA-Drink Cycling Team1:39.37
73. An Van Rie (Bel) Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam1:39.80
74. Inge Van Den Broeck (Bel) Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
75. Siobhan Dervan (Irl) Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
76. Katryn Watt (Aus) Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam
77. Marielle Aunave (Fra) Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteamall s.t.
78. Alexandra Le Henaff (Fra) Les Pruneaux d'Agen1:44.76
79. Tony Bradshaw (NZl) Les Pruneaux d'Agen
80. Elisabeth Chavanne Brunel (Fra) Les Pruneaux d'Agen
81. Nathalie Mousques (Fra) Les Pruneaux d'Agen
82. Tamara Boyd (NZl) Les Pruneaux d'Agen
83. Sylvie Riedle (Fra) Les Pruneaux d'Agenall s.t.
84. Yanxia Jiang (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling1:49.86
85. Min Gao (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling
86. Lang Meng (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling
87. Wan Yiu Wong (HKg) Giant Pro Cycling
88. Xiong Yng Ruan (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling
89. Yan Mei Wu (Chn) Giant Pro Cyclingall s.t.
90. Lyne Bessette (Can) T-Mobile Professional Cycling2:16.09
91. Amy Moore (Can) T-Mobile Professional Cyclings.t.
92. Sara Peeters (Bel) Belgian National Team3:22.36
93. Hannah Banks (Aus) Australian National Team3:27.26
94. Volha Hayeva (Blr) Bianchi Aliverti Kookai3:36.64
95. Lise Christensen (Den) Bianchi Aliverti Kookais.t.
96. Janne Brok (Ned) Dutch National Team3:59.37
97. Marta Vilajosana (Esp) Nobili Rubinetterie Menikini Cogeas4:53.61
98. Mirjam Melchers (Ned) Buitenpoort-Flexpoint Team4:55.90
99. Regina Schleicher (Ger) Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung5:00.00
100. Sarah Grab (Sui) Univega Pro Cycling Team5:00.02
101. Fanny Riberot (Fra) French National Team5:13.68
102. Iris Slappendel (Ned) Dutch National Team5:41.16
103. Christina Ruiter (USA) USA National Team5:49.86
104. Karen Steurs (Bel) Belgian National Team6:14.57
105. Alessandra Borghi (Ita) Nobili Rubinetterie Menikini Cogeas6:18.65
106. Katherine Lambden (USA) USA National Team6:45.75
107. Lava Kroepsch (USA) USA National Teams.t.
108. Mette Andreasen (Den) Bianchi Aliverti Kookai7:05.76
109. Marlen Johrend (Ger) German National Team7:06.81
110. Elena Eifler (Ger) Fenixs-Colnago7:44.98
111. Marielle Aunave (Fra) Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam9:46.40


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