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May 13/06 8:37 am - Joe Martin Stage Race: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 05/13/06

Joe Martin Stage Race Fayetteville, Arkansas
Report by Jim Williams, Colavita/Cooking Light

Round 1 of Joe Martin goes to Colavita/ Cooking Light

The first stage of the Joe Martin Stage race was contested today in windy but sunny conditions. The Joe Martin race is a unique stage race in that the first two stages are road stages followed by the Individual time trail on stage 3. This makes for very aggressive racing as the days first winner is also the one that pulls on the leader‚s jersey.

From the gun riders attempted to get away and it was Victory Brewing's Leigh Hobson that was able to escape the grips of the peloton first. She was joined by Colavita/Cooking Light's Brooke Ourada and the two worked an advantage of over a minute into the head wind that the riders faced most of the day.

The main obstacle of the day was a 10 mile climb up Mt. Gaylor which caused the most pain to the rider‚s legs. Both Hobson and Ourada forged ahead with their break, while behind the Webcor team sent their climbing specialist on the attack. Eventually a group of 4 went clear containing, Rachel Heal of Victory, Kori Seehafer of Lipton, Erinne Wilock of Webcor and Colavita/Cooking Lights Dotsie Bausch. They crested the top of the climb ahead and were followed 30 seconds latter by a group of 25 that contained Kate Bates, of Neurenburg as well as several riders from Victory, Lipton, Cheerywine and a trio of Colavita/Cooking Light riders including Tina, Pic, Sue Plamer Komar and Brook Ourada. After a 20 mile chase by Cheerywine the 4 leaders were caught and the final 15 miles of the race saw attack after attach go. Colavita/Cooking Light did a great job keeping Tina Pic in the mix and with 1 K to go it was Sue Plamer Komar dueling with Kori Seehafer of Lipton to see who could lead their sprinter out faster. Their drag race in the last kilometer split the field and Laura VanGilder launched her sprint on the up hill drag to the finish. Tina Pic was able to come by her for the win with Dotsie Bausch right there for third. Rolling across the line, spent from their efforts but still ahead of the main field were Seehafer in 4th and Colavita/Cooking Lights Plamer Komar in 5th. Tomorrow riders face a double stage with a70 mile road race in the morning and an uphill time trial in the evening.

Stage 1 - May 12: Road race, /

Pro Men - 110/177km
1. Gord Fraser (Health Net p/b Maxxis)4:21:37
2. Ivan Stevic (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)
3. Alex Candelario (Jelly Belly)
4. Edward King (Priority Health)
5. Scott Moninger (Health Net p/b Maxxis)
6. Aaron Tuckerman (Team Rubicon/Gleukos)
7. Chad Cagle (Mercy Cycling)
8. Predrag Prokic (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)
9. Justin England (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)
10. Chris Wherry (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)
11. Viktor Laza (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)
12. Caleb Manion (Jelly Belly)
13. Mike Olheiser (Memphis Motor Werks/ CARVE)
14. Paul Esposti (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)
15. Buck Miller (Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team)
16. Andrew Bajadali (Jelly Belly)
17. Erik Tomlinson (Dent Wizard Cycling Team)
18. Andy Guptill (TargeTraining)
19. Jason Donald (Team Einstein's Cycling)
20. Tero Hameenaho (CTCA / Tulsa Wheelmen)
21. Heano Jaramillo (Monex)
22. Brad Viera (Rite Aid)
23. Janne Hamalainen (CTCA / Tulsa Wheelmen)
24. Stefan Rothe (Mercy Cycling)
25. Barry Wicks (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)
26. Richard England (Priority Health)
27. Logan Hunn (Team Rubicon/Gleukos)
28. Chris Rozdilsky (Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team)
29. Glen Mitchel (Priority Health)
30. Jean Sebastien Perron (Calyon-LiteSpeed)
31. Ryan Trebon (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)
32. Jamie Kimberley (Turin Bicycle/Life Fitness)
33. Stefano Barberi (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)
34. Ian Stanford (Nature Valley / Penn Cycle)
35. Jarred Berger (Team Kaos/Nebraska Medical Center)
36. Jonathan Kersha (Columbia Bike Club Race Team)
37. Ernesto Lechuga (Memphis Motor Werks/ CARVE)
38. Nathan O'Neill (Health Net p/b Maxxis)
39. William Gault (Tulsa Wheelmen / CTCA)
40. Tom Zirbel (Priority Health)
41. Christian Valenzuela (Monex)
42. Stephen Shepherd (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)
43. Frank Pipp (TargeTraining)
44. Eudaldo Asencio (UCI CT: CAICO Pro Cycling Team)
45. Mat Ankney (Mercy Cycling)
46. Emmanuel Suarez (Monex)
47. Jack Seehofer (Team Einstein's Cycling)
48. Kyle Gritters (Health Net p/b Maxxis)
49. Matty Rice (Jelly Belly)
50. Derek Goerke (HRRC/College Point/Bike Source)
51. Brian Jensen (Jelly Belly)
52. Edgar Ibarra (Mercy Cycling)
53. Alexander Gonzalez (UCI CT: CAICO Pro Cycling Team)all s.t.
54. Duane Dickey (Bianchi/Grand Performance)0:33
55. Roman Kilun (Health Net p/b Maxxis)0:48
56. Bobby Lea (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)0:51
57. Gordon McCauley (Monex)
58. Josh Thornton (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)
59. Russell Langley (Rite Aid)all s.t.
60. Hugh Moran (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)0:59
61. Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly)1:08
62. Brice Jones (Jelly Belly)
63. Nick Reistad (Jelly Belly)
64. Tim Johnson (Health Net p/b Maxxis)all s.t.
65. Derek Wilkerson (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)1:42
66. Ryan Keels (Compliance Depot)8:46
67. Ryan Nenninger (Mercy-Specialized)
68. Noah Singer (Mercy Development Cycling Team)
69. Chad Nikolz (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)
70. Brian Eppen (Mercy-Specialized)
71. Josh Bezecny (TargeTraining)
72. Kurt Fletcher (Dent Wizard Cycling Team)
73. Charly Vives (Calyon-LiteSpeed)
74. John Delong (Rite Aid)
75. Brian Dziewa (Mercy Cycling)
76. Mason O'Neal (Velossimo Racing benefitting Susan G Komen)
77. Tom Burke (West Michigan Coast Riders)
78. Michael Necessary (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)
79. David Sachs (Vision Quest Team)
80. Jeffrey Schroetlin (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)
81. Edwin Ramos (UCI CT: CAICO Pro Cycling Team)
82. Karl Kupecz (Velossimo Racing benefitting Susan G Komen)
83. Andy Applegate (Abercrombie & Fitch p/b Inferno)
84. Ryan Heydenrych (Mercy Development Cycling Team)
85. Anuthee Huffstetter (Compliance Depot)
86. Franco Font (UCI CT: CAICO Pro Cycling Team)
87. Chris Spence (Team Kaos/Nebraska Medical Center)
88. Stephen Spanbauer (Papa John's Racing Team)
89. Ethan Froese (Columbia Bike Club Race Team)
90. Brian Kendall (Team Einstein's Cycling)
91. Pleasure Jackson (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)
92. Devon Vigus (Monex)
93. Neal Arnett (NA)
94. Whitey Debroux (Team Einstein's Cycling)
95. Chris Frederick (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)
96. Eddie Swedlund (RBM Elite / Matrix)
97. Emile Abraham (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)
98. Eric Essick (Papa John's Racing Team)
99. Shawn Milne (Navigators Insurance)
100. Trevor Lister (Turin Bicycle/Life Fitness)
101. Paul Deninger (Mercy-Specialized)
102. Jason Woods (Dogfish)
103. Mark Hekman (Abercrombie & Fitch p/b Inferno)
104. Joshua Johnson (Big Shark Racing)
105. Zach Reed (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)
106. Jay Blankenship (Team X Cycling)
107. Barkley Robinson (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)
108. Jake Rosenbarger (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)
109. Kevin Attkisson (Texas Roadhouse)all s.t.
110. Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi/Grand Performance)14:29
111. Hunter East (Memphis Motor Werks/ CARVE)
112. Steven Grife (Boston Mountain Cyclists)
113. Jeremy Sievers (
114. Scott Barnes (Boston Mountain Cyclist)
115. Marco Vasquez (Team Kaos/Nebraska Medical Center)
116. Joshua Carter (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)
117. Ryan Barnett (UCI CT: CAICO Pro Cycling Team)
118. Andrew Lister (Turin Bicycle/Life Fitness)
119. Jonathan Garcia (Team Einstein's Cycling)
120. Joseph Miller (Compliance Depot)
121. Scott Walnofer (Boston Mountain Cyclists)
122. Keith Franklin (CTCA / Tulsa Wheelmen)
123. Sterling Magnell (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)
124. Shane Densmore (Compliance Depot)
125. William Crecelius (Papa Johns Racing Team)
126. Eric Marcotte (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
127. Shawn Adams (Abercrombie & Fitch p/b Inferno)
128. Maxime Vives (Calyon-LiteSpeed)
129. Michael Cody (Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team)
130. Matt White (Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team)
131. Thomas Luke (HRRC/College Point/Bike Source)
132. Scott Veggeberg (Compliance Depot)
133. Tracy Smith (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)all s.t.
134. Bain Foote (Herring Gas)21:52
135. Brian Baker (Papa Johns Racing Team)
136. Travis Woodruff (Litespeed/PCW)both s.t.
137. Chad Vandelune (
138. Eddy Hilger (Priority Health)
139. Brian Sheedy (Priority Health)both s.t.
140. Zack Bell (Rite Aid)24:47
141. Andrew Smith (Dent Wizard Cycling Team)
142. Frank Traviesio (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)
143. Andrew Weir (Sunrise Sports)all s.t.
144. Eric Reber (Pedal Pushers)32:35
145. Cesar Correa (Endeavour Cycling)38:39
146. Jason Macom (Mercy Development Cycling Team)38:54
147. Leo Frayre (Mercy Cycling)
148. Curt Kippenberger (Mercy Development Cycling Team)both s.t.
149. Loren Dodson (Velossimo Racing benefitting Susan G Komen)39:48
150. John Meehan (Mercy-Specialized)39:52
151. Matt Muyres (Nature Valley / Penn Cycle)
152. Michael Cragun (Team X Cycling)
153. Owen Gue (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)
154. Kirk Carlsen (Team Rubicon/Gleukos)
155. Brooke Boocock (Calyon-LiteSpeed)
156. Erik Lyman (Calyon-LiteSpeed)
157. Ryan Gamm (Abercrombie & Fitch pb Inferno)all s.t.
DNF Zach Martin (Mercy Development Cycling Team)
DNF Eric Keim (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)
DNF Brady Gibney (Endeavour Cycling)
DNF John McLauchlin (Memphis Motor Werks/ CARVE)
DNF Joel Dion Poitras (Calyon-LiteSpeed)
DNF Eric Warnsman (Northwest Cycling Club/Alkek Velodrome)
DNF Josh Dillon (Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team)
DNF Richard Speer (Team Rubicon/Gleukos)
DNF Wes Hartman (TargeTraining)
DNF Karl Stover (Dent Wizard Cycling Team)
DNF Andrew Fischer (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)
DNF Lucas Musselman (Cannondale)
DNF Josh Lewis (CTCA / Tulsa Wheelmen)
DNF Justin Morgan (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)
DNF Ryan Fiddler (Mercy Development Cycling Team)
DNF Abe Mcnutt (Abercrombie & Fitch pb Inferno)
DNF Bruno Langlois (AEG - TOSHIBA - JetNetwork)
DNF Mat Stephens (Mercy Cycling)
DNF Eneas Freyre (TargeTraining)
DNF Glenn Fant (Monex)
DNF Justin Jackson (MATRIX)
DNF Clark Butcher (Memphis Motor Werks/ CARVE)
DNF Jim Farasy (Boston Mountain Cyclist)
DNF Dan Timmerman (Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team)
DNF Winfield Gibson (CTCA / Tulsa Wheelmen)
DNF Robbie King (Priority Health)
DNF Matt Henry (Nature Valley / Penn Cycle)
DNF Ruben Borrero (UCI CT: CAICO Pro Cycling Team)
DNF Ryan Hamity (Team Einstein's Cycling)
DNF Christoph Herby (Rite Aid)
DNF Nathan Rogut (Compliance Depot)
DNF Tommy Nankervis (Priority Health)
DNF Anthony Colby (TargeTraining)
DNF John Olney (Mercy-Specialized)
DNF Ben Raby (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
DNF Cale Mcaninch (Boston Mountain Cyclists)
DNF Michael Lanyon (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)
DNF Jamson Hendler (West Michigan Coast Riders)
DNF Sean Sullivan (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)
DNF Jose Garcia (Toyota-United Pro Cycling)
DNF Solomon Woras (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)
Women - 64 miles/103km
1. Tina Pic (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)2:40:41
2. Laura Vangilder (Team Lipton)
3. Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)
4. Kori Seehafer (Team Lipton)all s.t.
5. Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)0:09
6. Erinne Willock (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)
7. Rachel Heal (Victory Brewing Team)
8. Katherine Bates (Nurenberg)
9. Alison Powers (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)
10. Sarah Bambeger (Cheerwine)
11. Kristen Lasasso (Team Lipton)
12. Jennifer Manefield (Cheerwine)
13. Kathleen Billington (TRIA)
14. Alisha Lion (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)
15. Leigh Hobson (Victory Brewing Team)
16. Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing Team)
17. Betina Hold (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)
18. Katharine Carroll (Victory Brewing Team)
19. Kristin Sanders (Cheerwine)all s.t.
20. Andrea Ratkovic (B1. Rocks)0:27
21. Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing Team)
22. Felicia Gomez (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)
23. Suz Weldon (TRIA)
24. Hiroko Shimada (Velo Bella-Kona)all s.t.
25. Andrea Dvorak (Unattached)0:36
26. Tara Ross (Victory Brewing Team)0:41
27. Brooke Ourada (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)0:45
28. Charm Breon (Cheerwine)2:37
29. Tracie Akerhielm (Compliance Depot Cycling Team)3:40
30. Kim Geist (Victory Brewing Team)7:53
31. Brenda Lyons (Victory Brewing Team)7:57
32. Beth Allen (Team Joy Rides/Austin Flyers)
33. Sima Trapp (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)
34. Liza Rachetto (Team Lipton)
35. Allyson Brandt (ConexTrain)
36. Amanda Lawrence (Verducci Racing/Break Away Bikes)
37. Pam Hinton (TRIA)
38. Molly Vetter-Smith (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)
39. Syrae Weikle (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)
40. Kristin Wentworth (NOVA - IS CORP)
41. Cat Malone (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)
42. Laura Bowles (Victory Brewing Team)
43. Laura Yoisten (Victory Brewing Team)
44. Rebecca Anderson (Americas Dairyland)
45. Michelle Beltran (Cheerwine)
46. Maatje Benassi (Excel Sports)
47. Kele Murdin (Velo Bella-Kona)
48. Shannon Koch (Compliance Depot Cycling Team)
49. Jane Ziegler (Velo Bella-Kona)
50. Helene Carabin (B1. Rocks)
51. Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda Tire)
52. Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)
53. Mary Downing (Team Kenda Tire)
54. Tamyra Barnard (Team Kenda Tire)
55. Robin Farina (Team Kenda Tire)
56. Amber Rais (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)
57. Gina Grain (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)
58. Mandy Lozano (Cheerwine)
59. Audrey Lemieux (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)all s.t.
60. Carrie Eller (TRIA)10:01
61. Juli Fiocca (ConexTrain)
62. Shontell Gauthier (Team Joy Rides/Austin Flyers)both s.t.
63. Patricia Palmer (Americas Dairyland)10:07
64. Caroline Soong (Team Kenda Tire)s.t.
65. Kendra Keeley (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)12:04
66. Audrey Carmical (Team Joy Rides/Austin Flyers)12:55
67. Miranda Quigley (Team Joy Rides/Austin Flyers)
68. Jennifer Chapman (Velo Bella-Kona)
69. Allison Carter (Team Kenda Tire)17:56
70. Suzanne Aguero (Mercy Cycling Team)
71. Jenny Trew (Team Kenda Tire)
72. Marley Shipps (NA)
73. Rebecca Gross (US Armed Forces)all s.t.
74. Sarah Tillotson (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)18:53
75. Carrieann Kopernik (NOVA - IS CORP)23:09
76. Megan Melamed (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)
77. Betsy Galenti (America's Dairyland)both s.t.
OTL Amanda Cox (Team Kenda Tire)40:51
OTL Natalie Klemko (America's Dairyland)s.t.
OTL Debbie Dust (Team Kenda Tire )43:57
DNF Stacey Bertsch (Mercy Cycling Team)
DNF Mackenzie Woodring (Priority Health Cycling Team)


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