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May 23/06 9:51 am - Sprockids Youth Challenge

Posted by Editoress on 05/23/06

Sprockids Youth Challenge Halfmoon Bay BC, May 19th
Courtesy Doug Detwiller, Sprockids


The sport of mountain biking was created by a small group of friends in California who wanted to ride/race their bikes down an old mountain gravel road. They weren't doing it for medals or prize money, but rather to experience the thrill of doing something on their own terms. There weren't a lot of rules and structure to their races, and this was one of the main attractions of these early events.

The emphasis was on having fun, and being out there with friends, pushing and testing one's boundaries. On Friday May 19th, over 300 young riders from Grades 1 to 12 came out to the annual "Sprockids Youth Challenge" at Connor Park in Halfmoon Bay to do just that. For a lot of riders this was their first race and they were definitely "stepping out of their comfort zone."

Competition is a natural thing among humans and, if it is presented in a positive light, everyone can come away with a smile on their face and a new experience to add to their repertoire. The emphasis of this event is not on winning, but rather having fun, doing your best, and being part of something special. From the smiles, laughter, cheers, and hugs that were witnessed over the course of the day, it is very clear that these favourable goals were accomplished.


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