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May 24/06 10:13 am - Midweek Club Tuesday Night Races

Posted by Editoress on 05/24/06

Midweek Club Tuesday Night Races

Early Race
19 Laps - 18.6 km - 39.9 km/h average

1. Grant Buyar (Midweek CC) 28:00
2. Chris Kirk (Ind.)
3. Mauro Rizzardo (Pavan)
4. Peter Hein (Midweek CC)
5. Elliot Horwitz (Midweek CC)
6. Maogosha Pyjor (Cycle4MS)
7. Lucinda Wallace (MBRC)
8. Karen Watson (McMaster)
9. Amanda Sin (3Rox Racing)
10.Mike Amaral (Ind.)
11.David Lee-Shee (La Bicicletta)
12.Derek Hsiung (La Bicicletta) all s.t.
13.Catlin Dmitriew (BikeZone Racing) at 0:20

Over seventy riders took the start in the Midweek Tueday Night's Late Race for a 47km criterium under ideal conditions. From the gun there was the customary attack and a four man group of Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycle Club), Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta), Rodney McEwen (Jet Fuel) and Thorben Wieditz (Italpasta) set a blistering pace for the opening lap. But it is rare for early attacks to go the distance on the fast Buckhorn circuit and they were soon reeled in with Matthew Guse (Team R.A.C.E.) active in the chase.

A mid-race prime was taken by La Bicicletta's Darko Ficko over Jet Fuel's Peter Morse, who followed up with long attack with teamate Nat Faulkner, but it was their Jet Fuel teamate Jeff Hansen who would go clear with Ryan Polwaski (Bikesports) - who had apparently recovered after his weekend win at the Niagara classic - and Pavan strongman Brent Aquino. Hansen would taken the win while Cockburn would take the sprint for third and move into the series lead; for last week's leader Dan Lefebvre finished out of the top ten.

Thanks to Midweek's Craig Fagan and Dan Rothnie for set and takedown and marshalling duties and to Kirith Borsato for marshalling despite still recovering from a 24 hr mtn. bike on the weekend and to the many others who helped run the event and manage the lap counter.

Late Race
48 Laps - 47.0 km - 44.8 km/h avg. speed.

1. Jeff Hansen (Jet Fuel) 1:03
2. Brent Aquino (Pavan)
3. Ryan Polwaski (Bikesports) both s.t
4. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) at 35"
5. Rodney McEwen (Jet Fuel)
6. Paolo Eugeni (Hooter CT) both s.t.
7. Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling Club) s.t.
8. Mark Polsinelli (Pavan)
9. Roy Zucchetto (Pavan)
10.Thorben Wieditz (Italpasta) all s.t.

74 Starters
Prime: Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)

1. Julia Farrell (Wheels of Bloor)
2. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta)
3. Heather Davidson-Meyn (Wheels of Bloor)


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