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May 30/06 2:25 am - Shimano Front Quick Release Recall

Posted by Editoress on 05/30/06

Shimano Front Quick Release Recall

Shimano Issues Voluntary Recall in Conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Shimano Canada Ltd. announces a voluntary recall for select front quick releases.

Shimano has identified a potential safety issue concerning the ‘quick release’ that is fitted to front wheels of certain road and off-road bicycles. As all Shimano products should meet the highest industry standards, as a precautionary measure, and in the interests of putting the safety of its consumers first, Shimano has decided to undertake a voluntary recall of all affected quick releases.

Shimano estimates that there are less than 5000 affected skewers in North America. Shimano has had no reports of any accidents or injuries associated with the use of these skewers. As a precautionary measure, Shimano requests that you stop riding with affected front skewers.

Products Subject to Recall:

Only ‘quick release skewers’ on Front hubs purchased or received after November 1st, 2005 are affected. The affected ‘quick release’ skewers were supplied with the following model Shimano front hubs and Shimano Front wheels (see chart below for model #’s). Only ‘quick release’ mechanisms with silver-colored skewers purchased or received after November 1st, 2005 are affected. ‘Quick releases” with black skewers are not subject to the recall. Also, ‘quick release’ skewers which have a small round sticker placed on the back side of the quick release lever (see diagram below) are NOT affected by the recall.

Corrective Action:

If you discover that your bicycle has the affected ‘quick release’, or even uncertain whether or not the hub on your bike contains the affected ‘quick release’, you SHOULD STOP RIDING IMMEDIATELY and take it to a local bike shop for verification.


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