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May 29/06 10:26 am - Velo NB MTB XC # 1

Posted by Editoress on 05/29/06

3rd Annual Rockin' @ Rockwood Mountain Bike Classic (VeloNB MTB XC # 1) May 21st
Courtesy Trudy McAvity

Results of our first MTB XC of the year in the VeloNB series. The race was held at Rockwood Park in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The next in the series will be held on June 18, 2006 in Dieppe, N.B. Further info available on the website,

Open Elite Women (17+)
1. Anna Healy (NB) Radical Edge F'ton1:52:23.08
2. Heidi King (NB) Radical Edge F'tonat 9:08.18
3. Heather Lamson (NB)18:12.64
4. Krista Koval (NB)28:34.26
5. Guylaine Chiasson (NB)35:46.50
Open Elite Men (17+)
1. Jeff Sparkes (NB) Radical Edge F'ton1:59:28.56
2. Jeff Currie (NB) Mike's Bike Shopat 3:24.96
3. Shaughn Smith (NB) Bike Works3:39.96
4. Michael LeBlanc (NB) Mike's Bike Shop8:06.96
5. Martin Pelletier (NB)15:32.42
6. Robert McNair (NB) Kings County Wheelers18:23.96
Expert Male (17-39)
1. Derek Leblanc (NB) Southeast MTB Club1:42:54.61
2. Mathieu Maltais (NB)at 8:35.96
3. Christian Charette (NB) Mike's Bike Shop8:44.97
4. Pablo Vergara (NB) Mike's Bike Shop10:03.23
5. Rene Julien (NB) Mike's Bike Shop12:12.27
6. Mathieu G. Boudreau (NB)13:05.15
7. Jason Hallman (NB) Radical Edge F'ton20:37.97
8. Don Ricker (NB) Mike's Bike Shop
DNF. Richard McFadden (NB)
Senior Sport Women (19-29)
1. Michelle Chase (NB) Mike's Bike Shop1:22:44.88
Senior Sport Men (19-29)
1. Daniel Gillet (NB)1:21:06.17
2. Pascal Sirois (NB)at 15:55.50
3. Luc Belliveau (NB) Mike's Bike Shop23:51.30
Master Sport Men
1. Sean Ritchie (NB) Mike's Bike Shop1:29:36.70
2. Francois Maltais (NB) Southeast MTB Clubat14:47.93
3. Chris Selkirk (NB)18:29.97
Master Expert Men
1. Andrew Arsenault (NB) Radical Edge F'ton1:14:05.34
2. Charles Cormier (NB) Mike's Bike Shopat 9:47.16
3. Vital Melanson (NB)16:59.90
4. Kenneth Gauthier (NB)17:13.97
5. Mark Hall (NB) Darlings Island Race Team27:17.30
Master Sport Men 40+
1. David Petrie (NB)1:01:57.63 100
U17 Expert/Junior Sport Male
1. Jonathan Daigle (NB) Radical Edge F'ton1:12:26.0
2. Duncan Sturz (PEI)at 3:16.14
3. Marc Petrie (NB)5:23.80
4. Mike Bolton (NB) Darlings Island Race Team7:01.58
Under 17 Sport Male (15-16)
1. Pascal Theriault (NB)53:48.69
2. Jason Robichaud (NB) Club Cycliste de la Peninsuleat 3:45.00
3. Jean-Richard Cormier (NB) Mike's Bike Shop5:18.98
4. Brendan Benson (NB) Darlings Island Race Team10:31.99
Under 15 Male (13-14)
1. Patrick Gauthier (NB)26:59.40
2. Charlie Evans (NB) Radical Edge F'tonat :39.97
3. Gabriel Boudreau (NB)3:16.16
4. Sebastian Cormier (NB)3:31.97
5. Ian Forbes (NB) Albert Street School Sprockids Club3:41.15
6. Michael Benson (NB) Darlings Island Race Team11:37.97
7. Douglas Cooper (NB)19:09.17
Under 13 Male/Female (10-12)
1. Michael Martin (NB)32:16.43
2. Braden Selkirk. at 5:59.99
3. Andrew Evans (NB) Radical Edge F'ton11:50.98
4. Thomas Emerson (NB)14:56.99


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