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June 13/06 8:49 am - RAAM Update after Day 2

Posted by Editoress on 06/13/06

Race Across America, Day 2 - Solos and 24-Hour Race
Courtesy RAAM

On the second day of racing, the competition at the front of the pack shows no sign of slowing down. Robic regained his #1 spot and had 6 minutes on Baloh at Time Station, #11 in Kayenta, AZ. A little over two hours behind them, but riding within minutes of each other are Jonathan Boyer, Tinker Juarez and Kenny Souza. (Souza fell back a spot when he missed a turn and lost approximately 40 minutes.) Valentin Zeller, of Austria, dropped out in Flagstaff, AZ after a valiant effort to overcome the serious dehydration he suffered on Sunday.

In the women's race, Shanna "Banana" Armstrong's initial lead of 1+ hour over Patty Jo Struve is now a matter of minutes.

Mixed in with the top five Enduro riders are Traditionalists Marcel Knaus, Daniel Wyss, James Kern, on a recumbent, and Gerhard Gulewicz who fought serious dehydration yesterday.

It will be very interesting to watch the race play out this year, with the Solo Enduro riders riding up to this point as they would ride the Solo Traditional race. Once the Enduro riders start taking time towards their minimum 40 hours sleep/rest time, the leader board will mark changes that may or may not have any effect on the race's final results. We may also see race speeds pick up.

The 24-hour teams pedaled their way into Flagstaff, AZ fast and furiously. Team Beat Cancer, a team that could not be missed in their pink team kits in honor of breast cancer, slew the field with a total time of 24:24, 90 minutes of which was not riding time but penalties incurred. The Swami's Team and Pam Reed's Badwater Crew fought hard for second place and arrived in that order with 40 minutes difference. Team Illumina, made up of colleagues from the biotech firm of that name, came in around 90 minutes later, just before Robic.

Allen Larsen, calling in from Tuba City, AZ (TS 10) says that other than some trouble navigating Flagstaff, the route was marked with beautiful weather, nice temperatures, and tailwinds to Tuba City. It should be gorgeous riding weather as the racers cross Monument Valley.

Kevin Wallace, co-owner of Gears Bike Shop in Mississauga is currently 7th in the Solo Traditional category.

Courtesy Team R.A.C.E & Gears Bike Shop
In the spirit of doing things to the extreme, Kevin is raising money for the Betty Wallace Women's Health Centre at Trillium Health Centre. He is doing the riding, we need to do the donating. Kevin's goal for this intense race is $250 000.00, please help us make a dent.

Please send your positive thoughts to Kevin. You can read about the race, follow his path and hourly results, and if you are inspired and willing to participate in our cause, donate!

Please check out and double click on the enter site, pink bar at the bottom. Please send Kevin a message by signing the Guestbook. These messages are read to Kevin over a loud speaker while he is riding, having a huge effect on his ability to stay motivated. Daily dedications also do this and are shared on the site. will give you all the fascinating details about RAAM with pictures and detailed time stamps.


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