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June 14/06 11:50 am - RAAM: Day 3 Report, Day 4 AM standings

Posted by Editoress on 06/14/06

The Race Across America - Solos Day 3, Teams Day 1
Courtesy RAAM

June 13th report

Tuesday our lead riders had some very big climbs to contend with. After enjoying a relatively easy 100 miles and breathtaking scenery of Monument Valley, racers faced a climb summiting at 8,431 feet followed by two 7000-foot passes in quick succession. And then, 10,857 foot Wolf Creek Pass, 25 miles after the time station in Pagosa Springs. A 70-mile downhill into Kansas is their reward. Most of the solos will be climbing into at least Wednesday.

Solo Traditional racer Daniel Wyss led the entire field for the first time on Monday, just briefly, near Time Station #12, Mexican Hat, UT, before Robic passed him again - and opened a lead of 2 hours! But today the Enduro riders arrived in Durango, CO, where they all must stop for a minimum of 2 hours. Although this means we will probably see the top Solo Traditional riders moving up in the list of riders at each Time Station, the Enduro riders' rest is expected to increase the speed of their race.

At Pagosa Springs, Allen Larsen (`03 Rookie of the Year and `04 RAAM Winner) reports that the field is now led by Solo Traditional rider Marcel Knaus with Daniel Wyss next up Wolf Creek Pass.

Guy Wells, 55, is suffering at the back of the Solo Enduro pack. At last check, he was traveling at under the minimum average speed required to stay in the race. He may have stopped in Flagstaff to get some rest.

Three Solo Traditional riders have pulled out of RAAM today. James Kern, who was aiming to be the first Solo Recumbent finisher, has pulmonary edema. Lou Lamoureux has dropped out after a crash. Orlando Borini had back problems that he could not shake.

Back in California, the Teams got off to a great start at Oceanside Pier. Almost all the teams have made it as far as Time Station #3, Chiriaco Summit. A couple of the teams, Team Cyclonauts and Team Nor'easter, have sent riders to the hospital in Brawley, Calif. The latter's rider was blown off his bike by crosswinds that sent him skidding 5-10 yards. His fall left him unconscious but he is now awake and on the mend

Current Standings (June 14th am)

Men's Solo - TraditionalMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Daniel Wyss9772065.8
2. Marcel Knaus9772065.8
3. Fabio Biasiolo9772065.8
4. David Haase9772065.8
5. Kevin Wallace931.72111.1
6. Dino Nico Valsesia931.72111.1
7. Guus Moonen931.72111.1
8. Tony O'Keeffe885.52157.3
9. Gerhard Gulewicz885.52157.3
10. Attila Kaldy815.32227.5
11. David Jones771.22271.6
12. James Kern - DNF Medical7212321.8
13. Orlando Borini - DNF Medical7212321.8
14. Louis Lamoureux - DNF Medical488.92553.9
Men's Solo - EnduroMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Marko Baloh9772065.8
2. Jonathan Boyer9772065.8
DNF. Jure' Robic - DNF Medical885.52157.3
4. David Tinker Juarez885.52157.3
5. Kenny Souza815.32227.5
6. Rob Lucas815.32227.5
7. Bryce Walsh815.32227.5
8. Jean - Marc Velez771.22271.6
9. Fred Boethling771.22271.6
10. Guido Kunze7212321.8
11. Mitchell Lesack7212321.8
12. Guy Wells - DNF Time565.12477.7
13. Valentin Zeller - DNF Medical488.92553.9
Women's Solo - TraditionalMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Shanna Armstrong815.32227.5
2. Patty Jo Struve7212321.8
Two Person MaleMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Team BodyXchange / Garden Pathways389.92652.9
2. Team Race for Wishes281.72761.1
3. Cheniere's Making Cancer History Team281.72761.1
4. Team eXtreme281.72761.1
Two Person MixedMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Racing Against Diabetes771.22271.6
Two Person RecumbentMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Volae Wolf Pack341.62701.2
Four Person MaleMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Beaver Creek - Vail389.92652.9
2. Athletes Racing for Charity Team389.92652.9
3. Swiss DAMOVO Team389.92652.9
4. Dreams for Kids341.62701.2
5. Team Heifer International341.62701.2
6. Gearsandtears341.62701.2
7. Team OC Quattro341.62701.2
8. 2CURE - HD281.72761.1
9. Team care 4 kids (NICH)281.72761.1
10. Vencendo Desafios Team Brazil281.72761.1
11. Team Cyclonauts228.42814.4
12. Team Nor'easter228.42814.4
Four Person FemaleMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Vail / Beaver Creek B2B Divas341.62701.2
2. Team Red Helmets281.72761.1
Four Person MixedMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Emily's Team341.62701.2
2. Just Sweat No Tears341.62701.2
3. Team 4 Gone281.72761.1
Four Person TandemMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Team JDRF281.72761.1
Corporate ChallengeMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Team Type 1389.92652.9
2. Team ViaSat341.62701.2
3. Team Donate Life 8341.62701.2
4. Cycling for Chaffey281.72761.1
Corporate Challenge HPVMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Handcycleteam RC - Enjo Volarlberg815.32227.5
24 Hour Corporate ChallengeMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Team Beat Cancer488.90
2. The Swami's Team488.90
3. Pam Reed's Badwater Crew488.90
4. Team Illumina488.90


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