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June 15/06 7:55 am - Nature Valley Grand Prix: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 06/15/06

Nature Valley Grand Prix Minnesota USA

By James Lockwood

Waiting for an hour after posting the fastest time, Navigator Insurance's Bernard Van Ulden just shook his head as Health Net/Maxxis' Nathan O'Neill blazed through the finishing chute to post the winning time.

“I knew he would go fast,” Van Ulden said. “If I had beaten him, you would have seen me doing back flips down the street here.”

Still, the second year pro was good enough for second place at 8 minutes, 42 seconds, and he was the only rider who would spoil a Health Net sweep of both the podium and top five in the first stage of Great River Energy's Nature Valley Grand Prix.

“It makes a statement,” O'Neil said of both his win and the team's performance in the St. Paul Riverfront Time Trial along the Mississippi River. The Australian national time trial champion beat Van Ulden by 13 seconds, coming in at 8:29, and stayed ahead of Greg Henderson, Karl Menzies, and Gord Fraser enough that he may be able to hold onto the leader's jersey for a bit.
That trio came in separated by about a half second, with Henderson clocking 8:48.52 and Fraser coming in at 8:49.07.

Whether the intermediate and finishing time bonuses are enough to pass the jersey around the team or he keeps the jersey, O'Neill said it is nice to have the options.
“The other three guys [on the team] behind me are all sprinters. It gives us a lot of options,” O'Neill said.

“It puts us in a pretty good position,” Fraser said.
Health Net's director sportif Jeff Louder was pleased with O'Neill's and the team's performance, but he wasn't surprised.

“Whether we are riding on good spirits or on the form from racing the past couple of weeks, it doesn't matter. It is finally good to be building some momentum,” he said. With Henderson's wins at Mt. Hood, Reading and Philadelphia, O'Neill continues Health Net's success in the past couple of weeks.

However, Louder said given competition at this year's Nature Valley Grand Prix in the men's field - with several of North America's top teams fielding full squads - he was not as assured as his riders that the team would keep the jersey.

“The big dynamic here are the time bonuses,” he said.
Van Ulden, who raced Nature Valley last year with only three other teammates, said this year having a full team will change the nature of the tactics for the team, as well as not having to defend the jersey going into stage two.

“I am not here to sit on some wheels,' he said. “I'm here to make something happen.”

Whether that means taking the jersey in stage two is another story. Navigator's director sportif Ray Cippolini said on paper the 58.6-mile road race in stage two looks like a sprint fest, but he noted in the country, elements can play a big role.

“There's a lot of racing to be done yet this week,” Cippolini said, not tipping his hat to any strategy the team may have to disrupt the Health Net momentum.

Frankie Andreau, directing Toyota-United in its first appearance at the Minnesota stage race, was a bit more direct about tactics heading into the week. “You focus more on a stage win,” he said while sitting with his rider, Stefano Barberi, who walked away with the BMC Best Young Rider's jersey as well as the sixth fastest time at 8:58.

The Nature Valley Grand Prix heads to the Cannon Falls, Minn., on Thursday for a 58.6-mile road race for the second stage before returning to the Twin Cities for the Minneapolis Downtown Classic criterium on Friday. It finishes on Sunday in Stillwater, Minn.

By Steve Kay

TEAm Lipton's Kristin Armstrong continued dominating the time trial discipline by taking the first stage of the Great River Energy Bicycle Festival's Nature Valley Grand Prix.

The current U.S. National Women's Time Trial Champion finished the Saint Paul Riverfront Time Trial in 9 minutes, 25 seconds, six seconds ahead of the defending Nature Valley Grand Prix champion Christine Thorburn, who finished in second at 9:31.

“The field is really deep this year. We have riders coming from places as far away as Australia and New Zealand,” Webcor/Platinum Builder's Thorburn said before the time trial.

Armstrong seemed to sense the importance of the day's event. “I think it is important to go out and put up a strong time today. There are several tough stages ahead,” she said prior to taking the starting ramp.

Armstrong added that the short 4.5-mile stage made posting a good time even more important. This is her first time at the Minnesota five-day stage race, but other TEAm Lipton riders told her the race is won with time bonuses.

Thorburn, who wore the leader's jersey for five straight days last year, is all too aware of that.

“I actually finished four seconds faster this year than last,” Thorburn said after the race. Even though she was disappointed with the second place finish, Thorburn found something to smile about. “My teammates are happy, it means they don't have to protect the yellow jersey.”
Thorburn was very excited for several of her Webcor/Platinum teammates who posted solid times, including Erinne Willock, who finished just outside of the podium with a 9:49. It was enough to capture the white BMC Best Young Rider Jersey, though.

In third place was Alison Powers of Rio Grand/Sports Garage at 9:45.

Stage winner Armstrong also was quick to praise her teammates. “There is no room for error out there, so I give a lot of credit to my teammates who went out before me. They offered tips on how the wind was blowing and in an event like this, every second matters.”

Armstrong now will don the yellow leader jersey as the Nature Valley Grand Prix heads to the Cannon Falls road race for the second stage. The Nature Valley Grand Prix, the first of three races in the Women's Prestige Cycling Series, runs through Sunday.

Stage 1 - June 14th: Saint Paul Riverfront Time Trial, 4.5 miles/7.2km

Pro/1/2. Men
1. Nathan O'Neill (Health Net pb Maxxis)8:29.79
2. Bernard Van Ulden (Navigators Insurance)at 0:12.88
3. Greg Henderson (Health Net pb Maxxis)0:18.73
4. Karl Menzies (Health Net pb Maxxis)0:18.81
5. Gord Fraser (Health Net pb Maxxis)0:19.91
6. Scott Nydam (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)0:22.58
7. Doug Swanson (Nature Valley Racing Team)0:24.55
8. Reid Mumford (ABD)0:27.07
9. Kirk O'Bee (Health Net pb Maxxis)0:27.78
10. Stefano Barberi (Toyota-United)0:28.58
11. Bryce Mead (ABD)0:30.19
12. Matt Rice (Jelly Belly)0:30.51
13. Hilton Clarke (Navigators Insurance)0:31.58
14. Chris Harkey (Hincapie Sports/Bianchi/ Dasani)0:32.00
15. Scottie Weiss (Hincapie Sports/Bianchi/ Dasani)0:34.78
16. Frank Pipp (Targetraining)0:36.91
17. Oleg Grichkine (Navigators Insurance)0:37.34
18. Justin Morgan (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)0:37.37
19. Nick Reistad (Jelly Belly)0:37.53
20. Mike Olheiser (MMW/Carve)0:37.83
21. Ian Stanford (Nature Valley Racing Team)0:37.87
22. Tim Johnson (Health Net pb Maxxis)0:38.05
23. Scott Zuizanski ( Nevada)0:38.21
24. Sharon Allpress (TRIA)0:38.33
25. Jackson Stewart ( Nevada)0:38.37
26. Mike Jones (Health Net pb Maxxis)0:38.64
27. Sterling Magnell (Toyota-United)0:39.41
28. Aric Hareland (Hollywood Cycles/Silver Cycling)0:39.78
29. Jose Garcia (Toyota-United)0:40.32
30. Mark Hekman (Abercrombie & Fitch p/b Inferno)0:40.49
31. Andrew Bajadali (Jelly Belly)0:40.81
32. Caleb Manion (Jelly Belly)0:41.57
33. Jason Allen ( Nevada)0:42.93
34. Ivan Stevic (Toyota-United)0:44.01
35. Jason Klikna (BMC Racing Team)0:43.32
36. T. Burke Swindlehurst (Navigators Insurance)0:43.48
37. David Sachs (Vision Quest)0:44.73
38. Brian Jensen (Jelly Belly)0:44.96
39. Dale Sedgwick (Bianchi/Grand Performance)0:46.33
40. Shawn Milne (Navigators Insurance)0:48.18
41. Michael Grabinger (Grandstay/Out N About Gear)0:48.19
42. Jacob Rosenbarger (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)0:48.37
43. Chad Nikolz (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)0:48.94
44. Ryan Nenninger (Mercy-Specialized)0:50.17
45. Alexander Boyd (VMG Racing)0:50.48
46. Brice Jones (Jelly Belly)0:50.87
47. Pete Hanna (Bianchi/Grand Performance)0:51.04
48. Guy East (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)0:51.19
49. Osvaldo Olmos (BMC Racing Team)0:51.54
50. Daniel Casper (Grandstay/Out N About Gear)0:52.37
51. Peter Fairbanks (Bianchi/Grand Performance)0:52.72
52. Paul Deninger (Mercy-Specialized)0:52.85
53. Johnny Hayes (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)0:53.40
54. David Robinson ( Nevada)0:53.46
55. Eric Marcotte (Bianchi/Grand Performance)0:53.64
56. Jonathan Garcia (Team Einstein's Cycling)0:53.71
57. Michael Dietrich ( Nevada)0:53.89
58. Spencer Beamer (VMG Racing)0:53.98
59. Duane Dickey (Bianchi/Grand Performance)0:54.37
60. Siro Camponogara (Navigators Insurance)0:54.88
61. Phillip Gaimon (VMG Racing)0:55.63
62. Steve Tilford (Trek/Shimano)0:57.01
63. Josh Thornton (Toyota-United)0:57.16
64. Jared Faciszewski (VMG Racing)0:57.65
65. Shane Weaver (Hincapie Sports/Bianchi/ Dasani)0:58.45
66. Ken Hanson (BMC Racing Team)0:59.01
67. Brian Dziewa (Mercy Cycling)0:59.08
68. Brian Eppen (Mercy-Specialized)1:00.13
69. Matt Shriver (Targetraining)1:00.18
70. Chris Kuhl (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)1:00.64
71. Philip Wikoff (Team Hotel San Jose)1:00.88
72. Jarred (Grandstay/Out N About Gear)1:01.35
73. Chase Fullerton (VMG Racing)1:01.86
74. Owen Laine (BMC Racing Team)1:02.13
75. Stefan Rothe (Mercy Cycling)1:02.82
76. Lee Rosenthal (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)1:02.92
77. Barkley Robinson (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)1:03.72
78. Tim Mulrooney (Hollywood Cycles/Silver Cycling)1:04.20
79. Andrew Fischer (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)1:04.51
80. Corey Steinbrecher (Jelly Belly)1:06.15
81. Thomas Luke (HRRC/CollegePoint/Specialized/BikeSource)1:06.62
82. John Meehan (Mercy-Specialized)1:07.54
83. David Rodriguez (BMC Racing Team)1:07.91
84. Bill Stolte (HRRC/CollegePoint/Specialized/BikeSource)1:08.02
85. Jed Schneider (Subaru)1:08.51
86. Andrew Guptill (Targetraining)1:08.33
87. Tone Coughlin (Hollywood Cycles/Silver Cycling)1:08.47
88. Erik Dahl (Flanders/MBRC)1:10.21
89. Andy Minier (Nature Valley Racing Team)1:11.50
90. Jon Randall (
91. Abraham Mcnutt (Abercrombie & Fitch p/b Inferno)1:14.10
92. Lane Anderson (
93. Pat Lemieux (Bianchi/Grand Performance)1:14.44
94. Martin Gilbert ( Nevada)1:14.62
95. Thomas Soladay (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)1:14.98
96. Jonathan Parrish (Landis/Trek/VW)1:15.49
97. Rudy Robaina (VMG Racing)1:15.59
98. Brandon Gavic (Wheel & Sprocket)1:16.16
99. Josh Bezecny (Targetraining)1:16.36
100. Jason Knight (HRRC/CollegePoint/Specialized/BikeSource)1:16.78
101. Jonathon Page (Colavita Olive Oil - Sutter)1:17.13
102. Brian Bibens (Subaru)1:17.96
103. David Zimmerman (Flanders/MBRC)1:19.65
104. Jack Seehafer (Team Einstein's Cycling)s.t.
105. Frank Dierking (ABD)1:21.69
106. Jay Henderson (Hollywood Cycles/Silver Cycling)1:22.61
107. John Olney (Mercy-Specialized)1:23.11
108. Ralph Henderson ( Cycling TEAM)1:24.21
109. Matt Williams (Grandstay/Out N About Gear)1:24.70
110. Andrew Crater (Wheel & Sprocket)1:26.32
111. Jered Gruber (Abercrombie & Fitch p/b Inferno)1:26.40
112. Dan Schmatz ( Nevada)1:27.74
113. Hayden Brooks (Subaru)1:28.15
114. Adam Curry (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)1:28.54
115. Chad Vandelune (
116. Chris Doig (Flanders/MBRC)1:29.77
117. Dan Swanson (Nature Valley Racing Team)1:29.88
118. Ben Brooks (Navigators Insurance)1:30.61
119. Matt Cooke (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)1:30.41
120. Justin Hale (BMC Racing Team)1:33.40
121. David Guttenplan (Subaru)1:34.09
122. Derek Goerke (HRRC/CollegePoint/Specialized/BikeSource)1:34.57
123. Owen Gue (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)1:34.63
124. Jason Donald (Team Einstein's Cycling)1:34.75
125. Mat Stephens (Mercy Cycling)1:34.97
126. Mike Ebert (ABD)1:36.03
127. Morgan Wiswall (Wheel & Sprocket)1:36.76
128. Pleasure Jackson (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)1:37.33
129. John Acker (Wheel & Sprocket)1:38.81
130. Andrew Wulfkuhle (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)1:43.58
131. Ryan Gamm (Abercrombie & Fitch p/b Inferno)1:44.67
132. Michael Anderson (Endeavour)1:45.81
133. Kyle Colavito (Team Einstein's Cycling)1:45.70
134. Terry Beenken (Bianchi/Grand Performance)1:46.70
135. Chris Ruhl (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)1:48.17
136. John Puffer (ABD)1:48.48
137. Evan Lawrence (Broadmark / Hagens-Berman)1:48.87
138. Shawn Willard (Wheel & Sprocket)1:51.42
139. Andy Kruse (Nature Valley Racing Team)1:52.31
140. Troy Scherer (Grandstay/Out N About Gear)1:53.14
141. Brian Fouche (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)1:53.41
142. David (Shawn) Adams (Abercrombie & Fitch p/b Inferno)1:53.62
143. Jason Snider (Hollywood Cycles/Silver Cycling)1:53.70
144. Banning Ostrow (Hollywood Cycles/Silver Cycling)1:53.97
145. Cole House (Endeavour)1:54.53
146. Adam Froemming (Flanders/MBRC)1:59.56
147. Kurt Refsnider (
148. Matt Henry (Nature Valley Racing Team)2:05.17
149. Dylan Lewis (ABD)2:16.05
150. Shawn Brick (BirchwoodGIS)2:19.72
151. Chia Kung (Grandstay/Out N About Gear)2:34.04
152. Dave Mccook (Jelly Belly)2:40.60
153. Jake Defresne (Nature Valley Racing Team)2:50.16
154. Ben Raby (Bianchi/Grand Performance)2:51.97
155. Matt Muyres (Nature Valley Racing Team)3:09.34
156. Jonathon Swain (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)3:11.10
157. Paul Esposti (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)4:18.78
158. Ivan Dominguez (Toyota-United)4:27.90
159. Ryan Hamity (Team Einstein's Cycling)9:06.21
DNF Ben Jacques-Maynes ( Nevada)
DNF Alberto Tiberio (Health Net pb Maxxis)
DNF Phil Zajicek (Navigators Insurance)
DNF Kevin Attkisson (Texas Roadhouse Cycling)
Team GC
1. Health Net presented by Maxxis26:05
2. Navigators Insurance Cycling Teamat 0:45
3. Jelly Belly Cycling Team1:12
4. Toyota-United Pro Cycling teams.t.
5. Nevada Pro Cycling Team1:23
6. Hincapie Sports/Bianchi/ Dasani1:28
7. Nature Valley Racing Team1:37
8. Rio Grande/Sports Garage1:38
9. ABD Cycling Team1:41
10. Bianchi/Grand Performance1:53
11. Broadmark / Hagens-Berman1:54
12. BMC Racing Team1:57
13. VMG Racing2:03
14. Grandstay/Out N About Gear2:05
15. Mercy-Specializeds.t.
16. Targetraining2:08
17. CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25s.t.
18. Hollywood Cycles/Silver Cycling2:15
19. Abercrombie & Fitch p/b Inferno2:44
20. HRRC/CollegePoint/Specialized/BikeSource2:54
21. Mercy Cycling2:59
22. Team Einstein's Cycling3:11
23. Cycling Team3:15
24. Subaru Cycling Team3:17
26. Wheel & Sprocket3:42
27. LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies3:52
Women Pro/1/2/3
1. Kristin Armstrong (TEAm Lipton)9:25.39
2. Christine Thorburn (Webcor-Platinum)at 0:06.57
3. Alison Powers (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)0:19.89
4. Rachel Heal (Victory Brewing Team)0:21.24
5. Kori Seehafer (TEAm Lipton)0:22.75
6. Erinne Willock (Webcor-Platinum)0:23.99
7. Katie Mactier (Argon 18/Champion Systems)0:25.51
8. Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita/ Cooking Light)0:30.09
9. Tina Pic (Colavita/ Cooking Light)0:31.26
10. Charm Breon (Cheerwine)0:32.57
11. Jessica Phillips (Argon 18/Champion System)0:34.21
12. Felicia Gomez (Webcor-Platinum)0:35.51
13. Kristin Sanders (Cheerwine)0:35.11
14. Katharine Carroll (Victory Brewing Team)0:35.21
15. Katheryn Curi (Webcor-Platinum)0:36.30
16. Iona Wynter (Colavita/ Cooking Light)0:37.94
17. Meshy Holt (Colavita/ Cooking Light)0:38.41
18. Alex Wrubleski (Team Biovail)0:40.44
19. Betina Hold (Webcor-Platinum)0:40.50
20. Laura Vangilder (TEAm Lipton)0:44.13
21. Kele Murdin (Velo Bella-Kona)0:45.54
22. Amanda Shaw (Team Biovail)0:46.93
23. Anne Samplonius (Team Biovail)0:47.18
24. Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing Team)0:47.90
25. Leigh Hobson (Victory Brewing Team)0:48.71
26. Marisa Asplund (Colorado Premier Training - Colnago)0:50.30
27. Heather Labance (Advil-ChapStick)0:50.53
28. Candice Blickem (Aaron's)0:51.07
29. Brooke Ourada (Colorado Premier Training - Colnago)0:51.30
30. Meredith Miller (TEAm Lipton)0:51.82
31. Michelle Beltran (Cheerwine)0:52.56
32. Sara Tillotson (Colavita/ Cooking Light)0:53.21
33. Carmen Small (TRIA)0:52.85
34. Sarah Ulmer (Jazz Apple)0:52.99
35. Rebecca Larsen (Aaron's)0:54.59
36. Joelle Numainville (Team Biovail)0:56.86
37. Mara Abbott (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)0:57.32
38. Lisa Sweeney (Colorado Premier Training - Colnago)0:57.51
39. Moriah Macgregor (TRIA)0:57.73
40. Karol-Ann Canuel (Equipe du Quebec)0:59.80
41. Joanie Caron (Equipe du Quebec)0:59.93
42. Sima Trapp (Colavita/ Cooking Light)1:02.91
43. Gina Grain (Colavita/ Cooking Light)1:05.09
44. Betsy Galenti (America's Dairyland)1:05.30
45. Jenn Reither (TRIA)1:06.22
46. Katherine Lambden (TEAm Lipton)1:07.46
47. Allison Beall (TRIA)1:08.22
48. Natalie Klemko (America's Dairyland)1:08.84
49. Teresa Moriarty (Flanders/MBRC)1:08.95
50. Megan Monroe (Colorado Premier Training - Colnago)1:09.81
51. Tamyra Barnard (Team Kenda Tire)1:10.60
52. Taitt Sato (McGuire)1:11.42
53. Alison Testroete (Team Biovail)1:11.91
54. Martina Patella (McGuire)1:13.01
55. Emilie Roy (Equipe du Quebec)1:13.79
56. Liza Rachetto (TEAm Lipton)1:14.00
57. Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing Team)1:15.16
58. Stephanie Bourbeau (Team Biovail)1:15.50
59. Courtenay Brown (McGuire)1:15.82
60. Shannon Hutchison-Krupa (Aaron's)1:17.13
61. Trish Heisdorffer (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)1:19.21
62. Beth Allen (Team Joy Rides/Austin Flyers)1:18.98
63. Megan Hottman (MRRC/Trek-VW Midwest)s.t.
64. Emma Nelson (Advil-ChapStick)1:19.05
65. Brooke Miller (PABW Powered by Tibco)1:19.94
66. Melodie Metzger (McGuire)1:19.99
67. Julia Bradley (Team R.A.C.E.)1:20.00
68. Nicky Wangsgard (Colorado Premier Training - Colnago)1:22.30
69. Robin Farina (Team Kenda Tire)1:22.40
70. Kristin Wentworth (America's Dairyland)1:22.88
71. Rosara Joseph (Jazz Apple)1:23.21
72. Kathleen Billington (Conneticut Coast Cycling)1:24.23
73. Amy Mackey (PABW Powered by Tibco)1:24.56
74. Jennifer Trew (Team Kenda Tire)1:24.93
75. Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing Team)1:25.04
76. Beth Fisk (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)1:26.28
77. Patricia Palmer (America's Dairyland)1:26.50
78. Jane Ziegler (Velo Bella-Kona)1:26.57
79. Pamela Hinton (TRIA)1:27.32
80. Ann Hansgate (Flanders/MBRC)1:27.95
81. Caitlyn Mccullough (Advil-ChapStick)1:29.72
82. Johanne Cyr (Equipe du Quebec)1:29.77
83. Catherine Powers (Aaron's)1:31.51
84. Sharon Allpress (TRIA)1:32.32
85. Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)1:32.43
86. Abby Cooper (Team Kenda Tire)1:32.99
87. Linda Sone (Hollywood Racing/Silver Cycling)1:33.29
88. Victoria Vallstrom (PABW Powered by TIbco)1:33.43
89. Syrae Weikle (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)1:33.50
90. Michelle Hyland (Jazz Apple)1:34.14
91. Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda Tire)1:36.11
92. Molly Vetter-Smith (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)s.t.
93. Julie Adams (PABW Powered by Tibco)1:35.86
94. Sarah Bambeger (Cheerwine)1:36.91
95. Brei Gudsell (Jazz Apple)1:36.80
96. Flavia Oliveira (PABW Powered by Tibco)1:37.45
97. Margot Herman (Velo Bella-Kona)1:38.16
98. Andrea Myers (Team Blue Cycles/Uvex)1:39.42
99. Eryn Hanna (PABW Powered by Tibco)1:39.81
100. Marie-Pier Bédard (Equipe du Quebec)1:40.07
101. Jennifer Manefield (Cheerwine)1:41.35
102. Sarah Caravella (TEAm Lipton)1:41.78
103. Debbie Dust (Team Kenda Tire)1:42.98
104. Paula Plant (Birchwood/GIS)1:46.73
105. Anna Drakulich (Advil-ChapStick)1:47.03
106. Sheryl Golin (Hollywood Racing/Silver Cycling)1:49.39
107. Elizabeth Frye (Cheerwine)1:49.49
108. Betsy Cordes (Giant/BHillsDomestiques)1:51.21
109. Molly Muste (Tri City Cyclists)1:52.40
110. Lara Kroepsch (TEAm Lipton)1:52.55
111. Jennifer Joynt (Velo Bella-Kona)1:54.18
112. Reem Jishi (Advil-ChapStick)1:54.80
113. Kendra Keeley (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)1:55.03
114. Tara Ross (Victory Brewing Team)1:55.23
115. Mackenzie Dickey (Aaron's)1:56.32
116. Elisa Gagnon (Advil-ChapStick)1:56.79
117. Carissa Wilkes (Jazz Apple)1:57.60
118. Cathryn Watson (Birchwood/GIS)1:58.99
119. Krystal Lacy (Team Blue Cycles/Uvex)2:02.86
120. Stacy Marple (PABW Powered by Tibco)2:04.40
121. Francine Haas (Team Blue Cycles/Uvex)2:05.48
122. Rochelle Gilmore (Advil-ChapStick)2:07.44
123. June Upshaw (Team Kenda Tire)2:10.90
124. Laura Danley (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)2:13.97
125. Shana Sturla (Flanders/MBRC)s.t.
126. Katy Ligler (Team Kenda Tire)2:14.26
127. Emilie Duchow (Team Blue Cycles/Uvex)2:20.73
128. Lauren Koedyk (Jazz Apple)2:21.53
129. Alicia Seltz (Team Blue Cycles/Uvex)2:22.10
130. Laurel Sundberg (Velo Bella Kona)2:24.09
131. Jennifer Tilley (Team Blue Cycles/Uvex)2:36.26
132. Kristen Over (Team Blue Cycles/Uvex)2:50.85
133. Megan Elliot (Argon 18/Champion System)3:01.61
DNF Erica Lanser (Colavita/ Cooking Light)
DNF Hiroko Shimada (Velo Bella-Kona)
Best Young Rider
1. Erinne Willock (Webcor-Platinum)9.49
2. Katharine Carroll (Victory Brewing Team)at 0:11
3. Alex Wrubleski (Team Biovail)0:16
4. Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing Team)0:24
5. Carmen Small (TRIA)0:29
6. Rebecca Larsen (Aaron's)0:30
7. Joelle Numainville (Team Biovail)0:33
8. Mara Abbott (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)
9. Lisa Sweeney (Colorado Premier Training - Colnago)both s.t.
10. Karol-Ann Canuel (Equipe du Quebec)0:36
11. Joanie Caron (Equipe du Quebec)s.t.
12. Natalie Klemko (America's Dairyland)0:45
13. Alison Testroete (Team Biovail)0:48
14. Emilie Roy (Equipe du Quebec)0:50
15. Kathleen Billington (Conneticut Coast Cycling)1:00
16. Amy Mackey (PABW Powered by Tibco)s.t.
17. Jennifer Trew (Team Kenda Tire)1:01
18. Ann Hansgate (Flanders/MBRC)1:04
19. Caitlyn Mccullough (Advil-ChapStick)1:06
20. Abby Cooper (Team Kenda Tire)1:09
21. Flavia Oliveira (PABW Powered by Tibco)1:13
22. Andrea Myers (Team Blue Cycles/Uvex)1:15
23. Marie-Pier Bédard (Equipe du Quebec)1:16
24. Anna Drakulich (Advil-ChapStick)1:23
25. Mackenzie Dickey (Aaron's)1:32
26. Rochelle Gilmore (Advil-ChapStick)1:43
27. Laura Danley (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)1:50
28. Katy Ligler (Team Kenda Tire)s.t.
29. Emilie Duchow (Team Blue Cycles/Uvex)1:57
30. Megan Elliot (Argon 18/Champion System)2:38
Team GC
1. Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team29:20
2. TEAm Liptonat 0:02
3. Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team0:34
4. Victory Brewing Team0:39
5. Cheerwine0:54
6. Team Biovail Pro Cycling1:09
7. Rio Grande/Sports Garage1:31
8. Colorado Premier Training - Colnago1:33
9. TRIA1:52
10. Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling1:57
11. Equipe du Quebec2:09
12. America's Dairyland2:32
13. Advil-ChapStick Cycling Team2:34
14. McGuire Cycling Team2:35
15. Velo Bella-Kona2:44
16. Jazz Apple Cycling Team2:45
17. Team Kenda Tire2:52
18. PABW Powered by TIBCO3:12
19. Flanders/MBRC3:46
20. Team Blue Cycles/Uvex4:42


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