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June 17/06 10:26 am - RAAM Day 5 Report, Day 6 am standings

Posted by Editoress on 06/17/06

The Race Across America - Solos Day 5, Teams Day 3
Courtesy RAAM

June 16th Report

Enduro soloist Jean-Marc Velez and Traditional soloist David Jones drop out as the rest of the remaining solo riders (Enduro and Traditional) brave howling winds through the Heartland... and the race within the race - RAAM solos vs. teams to get to the Mississippi River - will be too close to call.

Jean-Marc Velez officially dropped out (DNF) of the 2006 RAAM this evening at approximately 22:00 EDT citing only the reason of "None" when asked why he was quitting.

Velez did crash earlier in the race (near T.S. 20 in Colorado) and was able to continue after a trip to the hospital to get patched up. However, he only made it to the next Time Station before calling to announce his withdrawal... It appears that Velez was simply "course-whipped" by the race. RAAM HQ estimates report that Velez was in serious trouble of making race cut-offs.

David Jones very reluctantly called in his withdrawal from Ulysses, Kansas after assessing his ability to make cut-off times and dodge a looming storm that his crew was alerted to. David reports that he felt good climbing into Colorado, then got a little down with his nutrition through the eastern side of the state, and then once again felt good getting into Ulysses which makes his decision even more difficult.

As a rookie who has dedicated the last year of his life to planning and training for RAAM, Jones says it will feel a little weird returning to his full time job as an aerospace engineer. He's happy to be a part of the RAAM experience and didn't realize how rewarding it could be for his crew and himself to overcome the immense obstacles of RAAM. The race wishes David well and looks forward to hear his decision about racing the RAAM again.

Meanwhile, Traditional solo race leader Fabio Biasiolo is estimated (by rough computer analysis at race HQ) to arrive at Time Station 35 (the Mississippi River) at 10:12 AM on June 17... however, the two lead teams are estimated to arrive 62 and 54 minutes ahead of Basiolo!

But since this is the Race Across America and anything can happen, we'll leave it to the race gods to decide who gets to the Mighty Miss first.

The latest Race Weather - Continued "howling" winds followed by more "howling" gusts of wind.

Two-time RAAM winner and ultracycling pioneer Lon Haldeman said that in the 25 year history of RAAM he's never witnessed such a sustained period of high winds across such a large area - which in this race has included 30-40+ mile per hour winds across the eastern half of Colorado and through the entire state of Kansas.

From the rolling desk of Danny Chew somewhere in Kansas...

Danny Chew called in his "Chew's Views" report for Friday, June 16, as he travels across Kansas catching up with many solo riders.

20 men and one woman in both solo divisions were slowed considerably across the plain states by these 30+ mile per hour south crosswinds bringing average speeds down considerably and literally blowing Fabio Biasiolo and Jonathan Boyer off their bikes.

Despite being blown over, Biasiolo has built a considerable lead of almost four hours over the rest of the Traditional division into the first Time Station in Missouri, while Boyer has established a 40 minute lead over the Enduro field through the same spot.

GUUS MOONEN (Traditional) only had 30 minutes of sleep in the first third of the race through Durango, CO and this lack of rest seems to have caught up to him as he rolled into Time Station 26 in Pratt, KS. Moonen took four hours of sleep in a motel across from the wild and wooly McDonald's serving as T.S. 26 (see Report from the Field, 2006-15-06, 21:15 EDT) last night, and then had to take another two hours during the day.

Being from Holland, Moonen likes flat terrain and is looking forward to the next few days through the middle states.

DAVID HAASE (Traditional) had a relatively unlucky day as his crew left Pratt, KS in a hurry to catch up with him and drove under a clearance that was too low for one of his bikes. A bike store owner had a bike Fed Ex'ed all the way from Wisconsin to Time Station 27 in Mount Vernon, Kansas while Haase took a huge 11 hour sleep. With a new bike on board as back-up, Haase appears refreshed and is back to form.

KEVIN WALLACE (Traditional) can barely speak from a bout of dry, cracked throat which many racers picked up with the extreme climate change from Arizona to Colorado, but his form looks good and he's in an extremely confident mood. Wallace has set his sites on all the riders in front of him, and after "taking it easy" through the first half of the race, he's ready to turn it on when he gets to the Mississippi River.

KENNY SOUZA (Enduro) fought what seemed to be a bout with pneumonia through Utah and Colorado, and took an 11 hour sleep to try to shake it off and recover. Souza has now accumulated over 35 hours of off-the-bike time with less than half the race course completed and it appears that his intention to finish the race is still extremely high, though he may forego a good result.

On the TEAM side of the race, TEAM TYPE 1 continues to close the gap on BEAVER CREEK/VAIL. The rookie racers of Team Type 1 lost ground early and were down as much as 2 hrs, 2 minutes at T.S. 20 in Trinidad, CO. Now, they are a mere 6 minutes back through T.S. 31 in Collins, MO. Team Type 1 has been experimenting with putting two riders on the road at the same time to draft off one another in order to increase speed. The move is still tentative and little utilized because of the unfamiliarity of the teammates with each other. Averaging over 20 miles per hour, Team Type 1 is well ahead of the eight-person speed record of 19.84 mph.

And that's officially it for Day 5 of the solo race and Day 3 of the team race as the clock strikes midnight at RAAM HQ in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Current Standings (8am EDT)

Men's Solo - TraditionalMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Fabio Biasiolo1852.61190.2
2. Daniel Wyss1852.61190.2
3. Dino Nico Valsesia1793.91248.9
4. David Haase1793.91248.9
5. Kevin Wallace1740.31302.5
6. Guus Moonen1740.31302.5
7. Attila Kaldy1619.31423.5
8. Gerhard Gulewicz1619.31423.5
9. Tony O'Keeffe1619.31423.5
10. Marcel Knaus - DNF Medical1295.31747.5
11. David Jones - DNF Time1295.31747.5
12. James Kern - DNF Medical7212321.8
13. Orlando Borini - DNF Medical7212321.8
14. Louis Lamoureux - DNF Medical488.92553.9
Men's Solo - EnduroMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Marko Baloh1852.61190.2
2. Jonathan Boyer1793.91248.9
3. David Tinker Juarez1678.31364.5
4. Kenny Souza1557.21485.6
5. Bryce Walsh1557.21485.6
6. Rob Lucas1443.51599.3
7. Mitchell Lesack1443.51599.3
8. Fred Boethling1443.51599.3
9. Guido Kunze1443.51599.3
10. Jean - Marc Velez - DNF1173.11869.7
11. Jure' Robic - DNF Medical885.52157.3
12. Guy Wells - DNF Time565.12477.7
13. Valentin Zeller - DNF Medical488.92553.9
Women's Solo - TraditionalMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Shanna Armstrong1496.81546
2. Patty Jo Struv - DNF Medical771.22271.6
Two Person MaleMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Team BodyXchange / Garden Pathways1793.91248.9
2. Team Race for Wishes1401.41641.4
3. Cheniere's Making Cancer History Team1345.61697.2
4. Team eXtreme1345.61697.2
Two Person MixedMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Racing Against Diabetes1443.51599.3
Two Person RecumbentMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Volae Wolf Pack1496.81546
Four Person MaleMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Beaver Creek - Vail1927.51115.3
2. Swiss DAMOVO Team1740.31302.5
3. Athletes Racing for Charity Team1678.31364.5
4. Dreams for Kids1557.21485.6
5. Gearsandtears1557.21485.6
6. Team Heifer International1496.81546
7. Team care 4 kids (NICH)1443.51599.3
8. Team OC Quattro1401.41641.4
9. Vencendo Desafios Team Brazil1345.61697.2
10. 2CURE - HD1295.31747.5
11. Team Nor'easter1295.31747.5
12. Team Cyclonauts1222.71820.1
Four Person FemaleMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Vail / Beaver Creek B2B Divas1496.81546
2. Team Red Helmets1345.61697.2
Four Person Mixed
1. Emily's Team1619.31423.5
2. Just Sweat No Tears1496.81546
3. Team 4 Gone1401.41641.4
Four Person TandemMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Team JDRF1295.31747.5
Corporate ChallengeMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Team Type 11927.51115.3
2. Team ViaSat1619.31423.5
3. Team Donate Life 81557.21485.6
4. Cycling for Chaffey1496.81546
Corporate Challenge HPVMiles completedMiles to finish
1. Handcycleteam RC - Enjo Volarlberg1678.31364.5


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