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June 18/06 9:41 am - Test of Metal

Posted by Editoress on 06/18/06

Squamish Siblings Capture Test of Metal Titles June 17th, Squamish, BC
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The brother and sister duo of Neal and Meghan Kindree took home the top spot in their respective categories in this year's North Shore Credit Union Test of Metal.

Neal led the field with a blistering time of 2:44:48 to win the men's pro-elite category while his older sister, Meghan, took the pro women's side with a time of 3:21:24.

Neal battled through the 67 kilometer course with Canadian Olympian Seamus McGrath before taking a 47 second victory over McGrath.

"I've been dreaming about winning this race since I was in grade 6. So this really is a dream come true," Kindree said at the finish line.

Meghan won her race with an 8 min. 30 sec. gap over her nearest rival, but had some concern about the fast pace set at the beginning of the race.

"We went out too fast for me," Meghan said, "And I remembered what my always said, 'Ride your own race.' So I slowed down and found my rhythm. It seemed to work pretty well"

Race director Cliff Miller was thrilled to have two Squamish locals winning the race, but emphasized that for most of the 800 plus riders who ride, just finishing is an achievement.

"This is a real community bike race," Miller said. "With almost 300 volunteers and countless locals lining the course, it's nice for them to see our hometown talent come through. But they're out there cheering just as loud for for Uncle Bob and Aunt Sally who are finishing in 5 hours as they do for the pros, and each of those achievements is worth celebrating."

Miller offered thanks to the volunteers, many of whom spend dozens of hours to make the race the success it is, and to the sponsors who support the event.

Elite Women
1. Meghan Kindree (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)3:21:24
2. Kate Aardal3:29:56
3. Melissa Dekker3:30:55
4. Linda Robichaud3:33:32
5. Ann Yew3:34:56
6. Joanna Harrington3:41:57
7. Lesley Clements (Marin Bikes)3:47:42
8. Jennifer Schulz3:52:53
9. Ashleigh Miller (Natural Earth Racing)3:53:41
10. Charlotte Klein3:56:46
11. Jadine Riley3:57:11
12. Ashley Baker4:39:43
Elite Men
1. Neal Kindree (Kona/Les Gets)2:44:48
2. Seamus McGrath (Felt)2:45:35
3. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain)2:50:14
4. Matthew Green (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)2:52:21
5. Ian Mackie2:52:21
6. Mike Hunter2:52:38
7. Dwayne Kress2:53:05
8. Matt Ryan2:53:53
9. Drew Mackenzie2:56:36
10. Brendan MacIntosh (Riders Cycles/Trek)2:57:35
11. Andrew Kyle2:58:10
12. Matt Bodkin2:59:58
13. Mike Palmer3:00:19
14. Manuel Fehlmann3:01:56
15. Matt Cottrell (On the Edge Race)3:01:58
16. Ryan Taylor3:02:34
17. Sven Sturm (Kreb's Cycle Club)3:03:28
18. Dave Burch3:04:34
19. Thomas Skinner3:05:00
20. Martin Vale3:07:46
21. Brad Tilby3:08:43
22. Dave Vunic3:09:21
23. Justin Mark3:11:27
24. Carsten Ivany (Natural Earth Racing)3:13:27
25. Dustin Gordon (Team Whistler)3:14:50
26. Jeff Ferguson3:19:41
27. Ryan Watts (Pemberton Bike)3:22:57
28. Matt Patterson3:23:58
29. Clayton Sansbury3:29:18
30. Benjamin Schmidt (Natural Earth Racing)3:30:48
31. Galen Kehler3:44:43
32. Alex Cogger4:09:37
33. Trevor Porter4:10:14
DNS. Matthew Hewitt
DNS. Matt Klymson (Krebs Cycle Club)

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