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June 22/06 9:10 am - Mardis Cycliste De Lachine

Posted by Editoress on 06/22/06

Les Mardis Cycliste De Lachine June 20th

Round #3 of the Mardis Cyclistes Saputo was won by Martin Gilbert (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada) in a time of 1:01:18, followed by Dominique Rollin (Velo Club Roubaix) and Sebastien Moquin (Sleeman/Clear Energie). A record field of 128 riders turned up for the June 20th event, including teams from Australia and the Netherlands fresh from the Tour de Beauce. Alexandre Lavallée (Louis Garneau Optik) was fourth. The President of le Mardis Cyclistes, Tino Rossi, offered a $1,000 prize to anyone who could defeat the 50-km race course record, but no rider claimed the prize.

Prior to Tuesday night's race neither Rollin or Gilbert had any points and overall leader Moquin added 115 points for a new total of 371 points. Moquin has pulled well ahead of Michel Detry (VCM-Cycles Regis) in second place with 220 points, with Daniel Belisle (Cinelume-Cycles Performance) in third with 180. There are five more races in the series before the August 15 grand finale.

The junior 25 km "Lait's Go" race, had nearly 40 participants (both male and female, ages 14-16). Simon Lambert-Lemay (André Cycle/idCad) won with a time of 35:17 although it was William Garneau (Elicycle/Sports-Experts) who had led the pack for most of the race. Hugo Houle (Velocite Drummond) finished second.

1. Martin Gilbert ( / Sierra Nevada)1:01:18
2. Dominique Rollin (Vélo Club Roubaix)
3. Sébastien Moquin (Sleeman Clear Energie)
4. Alexandre Lavallée (Louis Garneau Optik)
5. Daniel Bélisle (Cinelume-Cycles Performanc)
6. Daniel Belleville (Sleeman Clear Energie)
7. Wesley Sulzberger (
8. Michel Detry (VCM-Cycles Régis)
9. Daniel Schmatz ( / Sierra Nevada)
10. Martin Rooseboom (Cycle Patrick)
Standings after 3 events
1. Sébastien Moquin (Sleeman Clear Energie)371 pts
2. Michel Detry (VCM-Cycles Régis)220
3. Daniel Bélisle (Cinelume-Cycles Performan)180
4. Nicholas Rowe (Espoirs Laval)157
5. David Veilleux (Louis Garneau Optik)143
6. Dominique Rollin (Vélo Club Roubaix)142
7. François Doyon (La Cabosse d'Or)128
8. Pierre- Olivier Boily (Sleeman Clear Energie)120
9. Martin Gilbert ( / Sierra N)115
10. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Sleeman Clear Energie)112
11. Jean- François Laroche (Sleeman Clear Energie)109
12. Eric Boily (Volkswagen Trek)106
13. Martin Rooseboom (Cycle Patrick)105
14. Daniel Belleville (Sleeman Clear Energie)100
15. Cody Stevenon (FRF Courrier)95
16. Wesley Sulzberger (
17. Alexandre Lavallée (Louis Garneau Optik)85
18. François Brunelle (Sleeman Clear Energie)47
19. William Goodfellow (André Cycle/idCad)44
20. Benjamin Martel (Sleeman Clear Energie)42
21. Guillaume Boivin (André Cycle/idCad)38
22. Alexandre Nadeau (Sleeman Clear Energie)36
23. Yann Deville (CIBC Wood-Gundy)30
24. daniel schmatz ( / Sierra N)29
25. Martin St-Laurent (Volkswagen Trek)27
26. Louis- Francois Guimont (Premier Tech)26
27. Ariel De Cardenas (Premier Tech)24
28. Alistair Howard (Espoirs Laval)23
29. Jean- François Fortin (Cinelume-Cycles Performan)23
30. Mathieu Roy (Louis Garneau Optik)22
31. Zachary Garland (Espoirs Laval)21
32. Hugues Lapointe (Espoirs Laval)21
33. Thierry Laliberté (Sportif Bromont, Sportif Bro)20
34. Luc Blain (Cinelume-Cycles Performan)19
35. dominique rossi (indep)19
36. Peter Dawson (
37. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Sleeman Clear Energie)16
38. Christian Deshaies (André Cycle/idCad)16
39. Yves Lefebvre (CIBC Wood-Gundy)16
40. RYAN Bélivveau (Espoirs Laval)16
41. Xavier Nadeau (Espoirs Laval)16
42. Maxime Desrochers (Espoirs Laval)16
43. Marc Dugas (Vélo Club Longueuil)105
Juniors- 25km
1. Simon Lambert-Lemay (André Cycle/idCad)35:17
2. Hugo Houle (Vélocité Drummond)
3. Alexandre Morin (Indépendant-RP)
4. Jérôme Boucher (Elicycle/Sports-Experts)
5. Mikaël Bilodeau (Espoirs Laval)
6. Pierre-Etienne Boivin (Vélo Club Longueuil)
7. William Garneau (Elicycle/Sports-Experts)
8. Laurie- Anne Dupont- (Espoirs Laval)
9. Maxime Gauthier (Elicycle/Sports-Experts)
10. Olivier Archambault (Espoirs Laval)
1. Simon Lambert-Lemay (André Cycle/idCad)385 pts
2. Hugo Houle (Vélocité Drummond)334
3. Alexandre Morin (Indépendant-RP)282
4. William Garneau (Elicycle/Sports-Experts)242
5. Mikaël Bilodeau (Espoirs Laval)214
6. Jérôme Boucher (Elicycle/Sports-Experts)212
7. Laurie- Anne Dupont- Renaud (Renaud Espoirs Laval)120
8. Cedrik Dion - Poitras (Estricycle)119
9. Pierre-Etienne Boivin (Vélo Club Longueuil)117
10. Frédéric Poisson (Vélo 2 Max (T-R))42
11. Olivier Archambault (Espoirs Laval)34
12. Yaroslav Zems (Espoirs Laval)33
13. Maxime Gauthier (Elicycle/Sports-Experts)30
14. Yannick Bédard (Vélo 2 Max (T-R))28
15. Shanie Bergeron (Espoirs Laval)21
16. Laurent Dallaire (Vélo Club Longueuil)20
17. Corneliu Tunea (Espoirs Laval)19
18. Maximilien Benjamin (Indépendant-RP)15


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