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June 23/06 8:57 am - Coupe De La Paix Cycliste: Stage 2 Results & GC

Posted by Editoress on 06/23/06

Coupe De La Paix Cycliste June 23rd

Stage 2: Mascouche, 125 KM

1. Sean Finning (Aus) Australie1:29:13
2. Benjamen Martel (Can) Sleeman
3. Wes Sulzberger (Aus) Australie
4. Ryan Mackenzie (Can) Volkswagen Trek
5. Ashley Hutchison (Aus) Australie
6. Dominique Rollin (Can) V.C. Roubaix
7. David Richter (Usa) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belm
8. Mark Pozniak (Can) J.V.R. de Betauwers
9. Michel Détry (Can) Cycle Performance
10. Jeffrey Dirksen (Ned) J.V.R. de Betauwers
11. Alexandre Lavallée (Can) Garneau Optik
12. Sebastien Moquin (Can) Sleeman
13. François Brunel (Can) Sleeman
14. Eric Lyman (Can) Calyon
15. Charly Vives (Can) Calyon
16. Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Garneau Optik
17. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Sleeman
18. Aaron Fillion (Can) Ottawa B.C.
19. Pierre-Olivier Boily (Can) Sleeman
20. Jean-François Fortin (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance
21. Vincent Caron (Can) Ski Vélo Vincent Renaud
22. Brandon Sant (Can) V-Com
23. Martin St-Laurent (Can) Volkswagen Trek
24. Devon Smibert (Can) Synergie
25. Stephen Keeping (Can) Ottawa B.C.
26. Rob Van Bekkum (Ned) J.V.R. de Betauwers
27. Jean René Bélanger (Can) Volkswagen Trek
28. Jean-François Racine (Can) Espoirs Laval
29. Keith Moore (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee
30. Clovis Auger (Can) Volkswagen Trek
31. Ian Manning (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee
32. Philippe Abbott (Can) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belm
33. Dave Vukets (Can) Team R.A.C.E.
34. Hughes Lapointe (Can) Espoirs Laval
35. Alex De Korten (Can) J.V.R. de Betauwers
36. Matt Guse (Can) Team R.A.C.E.
37. Robin Bolduc (Can) Vélo Sommetall s.t.
38. Isaac Smith (Can) J.V.R. de Betauwers0:08
39. Yves Lefebvre (Can) CIBC Wood Gundy
40. Maxime Charbonneau (Can) CAN19860905
41. Sébastien Pilotte (Can) Sleeman
42. Paul Migner (Can) CIBC Woud gundy
43. Mathieu Roy (Can) Garneau Optik
44. Derek Mcmaster (Can) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belmall s.t.
45. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belm0:15
46. Chris Saunders (Can) J.V.R. de Betauwerss.t.
47. Darko Ficko (Can) La Bicicletta0:30
48. Jean-Francois Gagné (Can) Rack Ultras.t.
49. Stephen Wooldridge (Aus) Australie0:38
50. Alexandre Nadeau (Can) Sleeman0:44
51. Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon0:58
DNF. Peter Dawson (Aus) Australie
DNF. Michael Ford (Aus) Australie
DNF. Alexandre Charest (Can) CIBC Wood Gundy
DNF. Raphael Tremblay (Can) Volkswagen Trek
DNF. Osmond Bakker (Can) Independant
DNF. Jeff Schiller (Can) Team R.A.C.E.
DNF. Robert Brisson (Can) Sud-Ouest
DNF. Peter Sanowar (Can) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belm
DNF. Eric Boily (Can) Volkswagen Trek
1. Gina Grain (Can) Colavita1:00:05
2. Merrill Collins (Can) La Bicicletta
3. Anne Samplonius (Can) Biovail
4. Laura Yoisten (Can) Victory Brewing
5. Lisa Sweeney (Can) CPT- Colnago
6. Karol-Ann Canuel (Can) D'amos
7. Emily Roy (Can) Indépendant
8. Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Biovail
9. Marie-Pier Bédard (Can) Espoirs Laval
10. Julie Marceau (Can) Marinoni
11. Joëlle Numainville (Can) Biovailall s.t.
12. Leah Wilson (Can) Cascades1:53
13. Suzie Bélanger (Can) Cascades2:04
14. Katy St-Laurent (Can) Sleeman
15. Jeneviève Gauthier (Can) Le Yeti
16. Jessica Burns (Can) Cascades
17. Veronique Labonté (Can) Cascadesall s.t.
18. Marie-Michele Richard (Can) Cascades2:10
19. Vanessa Goodbehere (Can) Cascades2:27
1. Sean Finning (Aus) Australie370 pts
2. Wes Sulzberger (Aus) Australie370
3. Dominique Rollin (Can) V.C. Roubaix350
4. Benjamen Martel (Can) Sleeman340
5. Alexandre Lavallée (Can) Garneau Optik280
6. David Richter (Usa) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belm260
7. Mark Pozniak (Can) J.V.R. de Betauwers220
8. Eric Lyman (Can) Calyon200
9. Ryan Mackenzie (Can) Volkswagen Trek200
10. François Brunel (Can) Sleeman190
11. Ashley Hutchison (Aus) Australie165
12. Nicholas Rowe (Can) Espoirs Laval160
13. Peter Dawson (Aus) Australie140
14. Pierre-Olivier Boily (Can) Sleeman120
15. Michel Détry (Can) Cycle Performance120
16. Jeffrey Dirksen (Ned) J.V.R. de Betauwers115
17. Aaron Fillion (Can) Ottawa B.C.110
18. Charly Vives (Can) Calyon100
19. Sebastien Moquin (Can) Sleeman95
20. Martin Rooseboom (Can) Cycles Patrick70
21. Mathieu Roy (Can) Garneau Optik65
22. Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Garneau Optik55
23. Peter Sanowar (Can) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belm50
24. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Sleeman40
25. Hughes Lapointe (Can) Espoirs Laval25
26. Jean-François Fortin (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance10
27. Jeff Schiller (Can) Team R.A.C.E.10
Isaac Smith (Can) J.V.R. de Betauwers10
Rob Van Bekkum (Ned) J.V.R. de Betauwers10
Clovis Auger (Can) Volkswagen Trek10
Devon Smibert (Can) Synergie10
Sébastien Pilotte (Can) Sleeman10
Derek Mcmaster (Can) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belm10
Cameron Hughes (Aus) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belm10
Stephen Keeping (Can) Ottawa B.C.10
Alexandre Nadeau (Can) Sleeman10
Keith Moore (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee10
Dave Vukets (Can) Team R.A.C.E.10
Ian Manning (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee10
Matt Guse (Can) Team R.A.C.E.10
Yves Lefebvre (Can) CIBC Wood Gundy10
Stephen Wooldridge (Aus) Australie10
Robin Bolduc (Can) Vélo Sommet10
Darko Ficko (Can) La Bicicletta10
Vincent Caron (Can) Ski Vélo Vincent Renaud5
Ryan Belliveau (Can) Espoirs Laval5
Brandon Sant (Can) V-Com5
Martin St-Laurent (Can) Volkswagen Trek5
Jean René Bélanger (Can) Volkswagen Trek5
Raphael Tremblay (Can) Volkswagen Trek5
Jean-François Racine (Can) Espoirs Laval5
Osmond Bakker (Can) Independant5
Philippe Abbott (Can) Ital Pasta/Trans.Belm5
Alex De Korten (Can) J.V.R. de Betauwers5
Michael Ford (Aus) Australie5
Alistair Howard (Can) Espoirs Laval5
Maxime Charbonneau (Can) CAN198609055
Paul Migner (Can) CIBC Woud gundy5
Chris Saunders (Can) J.V.R. de Betauwers5
Jean-Francois Gagné (Can) Rack Ultra5
Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon5
1. Gina Grain (Can) Colavita290 pts
2. Merrill Collins (Can) La Bicicletta290
3. Anne Samplonius (Can) Biovail260
4. Karol-Ann Canuel (Can) D'amos210
5. Lisa Sweeney (Can) CPT- Colnago210
6. Marie-Pier Bédard (Can) Espoirs Laval190
7. Emily Roy (Can) Indépendant170
8. Laura Yoisten (Can) Victory Brewing170
9. Suzie Bélanger (Can) Cascades120
10. Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Biovail80
11. Veronique Labonté (Can) Cascades75
12. Annie Gervais (Can) Martin Swiss60
13. Julie Marceau (Can) Marinoni60
14. Joëlle Numainville (Can) Biovail50
15. Leah Wilson (Can) Cascades40
16. Katy St-Laurent (Can) Sleeman20
17. Jeneviève Gauthier (Can) Le Yeti10
Marie-Michele Richard (Can) Cascades5
Jessica Burns (Can) Cascades5
Vanessa Goodbehere (Can) Cascades5


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