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October 10/98 11:04 am - Nova Scotia News

Posted by Editor on 10/10/98

1998 Bicycle Nova Scotia Mountain Bike Series Final Standings
(courtesy Randy Gray)

Category Name Club Total Points
CadetDoug Smith The Bike People 496.32
CadetTrevor Shewfelt ind. 492.55
CadetMike Nelson Sports Experts 489.99
CadetChris Price Lunenburg Bike Barn 469.04
CadetGreg Kerr Cyclesmith 447.43
CadetAaron Rowlands Lunenburg Bike Barn 433.58
CadetTim Fletcher Cyclesmith 422.69
CadetAndrew Feener Cyclesmith 411.43
CadetAlex Filipow Sportwheels 367.72
CadetIan Cox The Bike People 345.31
CadetNick Adams Framebreak 300
CadetWill Wong The Bike People 241.19
CadetMatthew Henshaw Team Backstreet 220.64
CadetMatt Lindsay The Bike People 216.82
CadetConnor Barrett CPEI/Specialized 193.56
CadetChris Kelly Centential CC 170.7
CadetJohn Plumer ind. 161.09
CadetDustin MacBurnie ind. 94.31
CadetJosh Brown ind. 85.19
CadetChris LaRoche Bicycles Plus 72.27
Junior Expert-mAndrew Walker Slickrock 496.55
Junior Expert-mKevin Noiles Sportwheels 466.39
Junior Expert-mEric Mott Slickrock 453.64
Junior Expert-mCraig Turner Slickrock 414.56
Junior Expert-mJan-Mark Vanderleest High Mtn Cycle 324.99
Junior Expert-mGraham Little Bikes Plus/Smittys 281.87
Junior Expert-mMason Fulton High Mountain Cycle 199.47
Junior Expert-mGreg Grant MikeUs Bike Shop 183.38
Junior Expert-mCory Jay CPEI 91.21
Junior Expert-mMarcel Vautour ind. 82.11
Junior Expert-mChris Prins High Mtn Cycle 78.22
Junior Expert-mJosh Webb The Bike People
Junior Sport-m Mason Fulton High Mtn Cycle 496.1
Junior Sport-m Colin Banks Framebreak 467.58
Junior Sport-m Dustin MacBurnie ind. 465.57
Junior Sport-m Mark Foster Cyclesmith 453.76
Junior Sport-m Jason Gee Framebreak 345.48
Junior Sport-m Steven Murray ind. 342.56
Junior Sport-m Tristan Burleton Sportwheels 315.05
Junior Sport-m Brendan Lynds ind. 250.09
Junior Sport-m Dave Thimot ind. 190.79
Junior Sport-m Conor Scallion High Mtn Cycle 169.87
Junior Sport-m Trevor Shewfelt ind. 167.93
Junior Sport-m Kevin Hagell High Mountain Cycle 89.46
Junior Sport-m Ryan Johnstone ind. 84.69
Junior Sport-m Matthew White ind. 77.84
Junior Sport-m Andrew Scott ind. 77.5
Junior Sport-m Josh Webb The Bike People
Masters Sport-m Peter Campbell Valley Stove&Cycle 500
Masters Sport-m Al Heubach BIKE BARN 463.61
Masters Sport-m David Walker Slickrock 436.42
Masters Sport-m Bernie Harris ind. 432.83
Masters Sport-m Jeff Hoyle ind. 304.4
Masters Sport-m Ian Moffatt ind. 264.4
Masters Sport-m Bruce Webb The Bike People 242.6
Masters Sport-m Roy Rasmussen ind. 229.27
Masters Sport-m Wayne Small Slickrock 210.38
Masters Sport-m Peter Eaton Cyclesmith 198.88
Masters Sport-m Jim Penney Sportwheels 158.76
Masters Sport-m George Bell Brew Crew 150.9
Masters Sport-m Paul Smith Bike People 150.3
Masters Sport-m John Barrett CPEI 124.96
Masters Sport-m Ed Walsh ind. 75.05
Masters Sport-m John Ross The Cape 71.02
Masters Sport-m Ian Rodd CPEI 64.59
Masters Sport-m Jim Foster ind. 82.73
MinimeDavid Heyman High Mtn Cycle 496.66
MinimeJamie Lamb ind. 485.05
MinimeTaylor Hodgins Cyclesmith 444.46
MinimeMatt Ellis Lunenburg Bike Barn 419.38
MinimeJessie Brand Cyclesmith 390.36
MinimeTyler Rodd CPEI 171.85
MinimeMatthew Lynch High Mtn Cycle 153.99
MinimeTaylor Conrad Lunenburg Bike Barn 97.15
MinimeRyan Dooley Cyclesmith 88.7
MinimeChris Graham ind. 66
MinimeTony Fletcher Cyclesmith 65.09
Pee-Wee Stephen Rush ind. 100
Pee-Wee Matthew English Outback Jacks 500
Pee-Wee Daniel Juteau Slickrock 452.55
Pee-Wee Samuel Neatby Slickrock 417.04
Pee-Wee Andrew Childerhose Slickrock 140.58
Pee-Wee Luke Heffler Bicycles Plus 134.9
Pee-Wee Bobby Hennessey CPEI 79.05
Pee-Wee Laura Johnstone ind. 75.05
Pee-Wee Zak Likely CPEI 58.83
Pee-Wee Brandon Smith ind. 45.26
senior expert-m Terry Tomlin Cyclesmith/Kona/Ocean 500
senior expert-m Ed Rushton Volkswagon Trek 495.29
senior expert-m Dan Smith Brew Crew 447.56
senior expert-m Pat Collins Slickrock/Headshok 386.92
senior expert-m Travis Field Greenwood CC 368.27
senior expert-m Dave Pierce Cyclesmith-Ocean 273.58
senior expert-m Cameron Maynard Outback Jacks 256.55
senior expert-m Brad Cameron High Mountain Cycle 251.69
senior expert-m Brent Horner Slickrock 181.3
senior expert-m Scott Langin Cyclesmith-Ocean 180.63
senior expert-m Andy MacCallum Bikes Plus/Smittys 179.98
senior expert-m Mark Campbell The Bike People 173.81
senior expert-m Brett Hazel Valley Stove&Cycle 166.03
senior expert-m Peter Campbell ind. 92.3
senior expert-m Shawn Amirault ind 84.77
senior expert-m Jeff Simms High Mtn Cycle 84.51
senior expert-m Glenn Peach Outback Jacks 83.1
senior expert-m Nick Flemming Cyclesmith/Specialized 81.67
senior expert-m Jason Simpson Bow Cycle Republik 76.5
senior expert-m Rick Warner Brew Crew
Senior Expert-w Lisa McInnis The Bike People 500
Senior Expert-w Nancy Austin Cyclesmith/Kona 492.24
Senior Expert-w Sherry Huybers The Bike People 472.49
Senior Expert-w Sue Earle-Bishop Cyclesmith 234.89
Senior Expert-w Sarah Newton Cyclesmith 96.65
Senior Sport-Men Lewis Goulden The Bike People 480.23
Senior Sport-Men Craig Crocker The Bike People 478.68
Senior Sport-Men Paul Everard ind. 473.5
Senior Sport-Men Donald Burton Cyclesmith 424.71
Senior Sport-Men Brett Hazel ind. 394.34
Senior Sport-Men Mike Regan Bikes Plus/Smittys 379.83
Senior Sport-Men Ian Everard ind. 373.64
Senior Sport-Men Craig Blake Slickrock 337.7
Senior Sport-Men Fil Bohac Greenwood CC 299.21
Senior Sport-Men Geoff Brown ind. 293.14
Senior Sport-Men Terry Wynn Cyclesmith 258.01
Senior Sport-Men Steve Choinard Slickrock 222.36
Senior Sport-Men Real Fortin Slickrock 219.5
Senior Sport-Men Isaac Benvie The Bike People 195.84
Senior Sport-Men David Pace ind. 183.02
Senior Sport-Men Peter Dewar CPEI 180.01
Senior Sport-Men Carl Simoneau Cyclesmith 162.46
Senior Sport-Men Rob Braund The Bike People 134.42
Senior Sport-Men Cameron Maynard Outback Jacks 99.98
Senior Sport-Men Michael Currie Brew Crew 98.16
Senior Sport-Men Nick Wilson The Brew Crew 92.96
Senior Sport-Men Dominique Gauvin ind. 92.59
Senior Sport-Men Kevin White ind. 91.65
Senior Sport-Men Jason Eagles Cyclesmith 85.58
Senior Sport-Men Sean Ritchie ind. 84.01
Senior Sport-Men Chris DeGrace ind. 83.93
Senior Sport-Men Jeff Mosher Cyclesmith 83.18
Senior Sport-Men David Stachon Cyclesmith 81.36
Senior Sport-Men Dana Wright The Bike People 73
Senior Sport-Men Todd Wilson ind. 67.91
Senior Sport-Men Mike Strang ind. 64.96
Senior Sport-w Kim McTaggart ind. 481.93
Senior Sport-w Treena Hansen Singletrack Mud Pack 466.56
Senior Sport-w Deanna Schofield Singletrack Mud Pack 447.29
Senior Sport-w Julie Smith Bicycles Plus 435.54
Senior Sport-w Tracy Gray The Bike People 399.18
Senior Sport-w Sara Francis Singletrack Mud Pack/Brew Crew 340.92
Senior Sport-w Krista Fraser Bikes Plus/Smittys 248.69
Senior Sport-w Tracy Webb ind. 186.45
Senior Sport-w Krista Koval Bikes Plus/Smittys 174.1
vet expert men Lorenzo Caterini The Bike People 500
vet expert men Randy Gray Cyclesmith/Ocean/Tamarack 476.63
vet expert men Rob Morrison The Bike People 470.45
vet expert men Rick Devine The Bike People 457.56
vet expert men Scott Berrington Slickrock 375.05
vet expert men Shawn Skelhorn Slickrock 360.36
vet expert men Brian Adams Framebreak 185.07
vet expert men Bill Ross Sportwheels 184.81
vet expert men Pat Saulnier Framebreak 81.1
Vet Sport-men Mike Knowlton Outback Jacks 494.75
Vet Sport-men John O'Reilly Slickrock 485.24
Vet Sport-men Bruce Roberts High Mtn Cycle 469.15
Vet Sport-men Chris VanderHam ind. 432.85
Vet Sport-men Glenn Coltman The Bike People 365.33
Vet Sport-men Kevin Juteau Slickrock 340.61
Vet Sport-men Tom Kavanagh The Bike People 274.69
Vet Sport-men Mark Childerhose Slickrock 269.45
Vet Sport-men Mike Dymond Greenwood CC 261.99
Vet Sport-men Colin Chase Cyclesmith 188.71
Vet Sport-men Tony Lovett ind. 176.07
Vet Sport-men Scott Morgan Bike People 174.88
Vet Sport-men Eric Weaver Bikes Plus 161.75
Vet Sport-men Shane Grenon Greenwood CC 92.48
Vet Sport-men Paul Shaw Cyclesmith 90.54
Vet Sport-men Steve Parkinson Slickrock 84.55
Vet Sport-men Stephen Swan Team Backstreet 71.05

Mountain Biking News from Nova Scotia

An Awards banquet will be held Sunday, October 25 at 6pm at Kings's Palace on Quinnpool Road in Halifax. Prizes to top 3 finishers of each category and draw prizes for everyone else. Contact Randy or Tracy Gray at 477-1888 for more information.

The Bicycle Nova Scotia Mountain Biking Committee will be meeting that same Sunday from noon-4pm at Sport Nova Scotia, Spring Garden Road, Halifax. All are welcome to attend. Contact Randy Gray at 477-1888 for more info.

A Provincial Level Commissaires Course (Mountain Bike) will be held November 7th and 8th at Sport Nova Scotia. Cost is $20. Contact Randy or Tracy Gray at 477-1888 for registration/information.


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