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July 15/06 11:50 am - Edmonton Midweek Series, Mississauage Midweek Series

Posted by Editoress on 07/15/06

Edmonton Midweek Series: Tuesday Nighter

July 11th: Villenueve Time Trial, 20km

1. Bruce Copeland, 26:34
2.Kurt Wotiuk, 28:42
3.Don Fox, 28:48
4.Brad Fehr, 29:11
5.David Larsen, 29:19
6.Susan Copeland, 30:30
7.Annette Kamenz, 30:33
8.Andrew Phillips, 30:34
9.Axel Hallbauer, 30:35
10.Sinh Chein, 30:38
11.Gerhardt Jacobs, 30:41
12.Chantall Widney, 30:59
13. Tim Riess, 31:07
14. Matt Wheatley, 31:09
15. James Cochio, 32:37
16. Paul Kozak ,32:46
17. Liz Hoepner, 34:35
18. Ali Nutting, 35:03
19. Damian Clayton, 36:19
20. Val Trainer, 36:31

MIdweek Club Tuesday Night Races
Courtesy Midweek Club

A hot, sunny Tuesday night brought out a season high ninety eight riders to the Midweek Tuesday Night races. In addition Mr. McCarthy from the Mississauga News and the growing number of spectators we were joined by a crew of photographers from the Mississauga Camera Club.

In the late race the early move was launched by young guns Mark Hinnen (La Bicicletta) and Hamilton's Zach Morris (Neworld). It wouldn't last long, as the pack closed down on what was to be another fast night of racing.

But Morris was feeling jumpy and dug deep once more to get on a Heath Cockburn attack, which would be the move of the race. But the lead was tenous, holding only a few seconds off the front of the pack.

Cockburn kept his foot on the gas as the laps ticked down, but it was only when Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling Club) bridged over the the break with 40 laps remaining that the break would establish itself.

Cockburn and then Kurzawinski set a scorching pace, with Morris able to come around occasionally on the back stretch, and thus the trio would lap the field with ten laps remaining.

The lead trio decided to sprint it out for the finish behind the pack. Morris edged Cockburn for the win and DK had to settle for third after pulling his foot out in the sprint, while up ahead KHS speedster Gerard Yates had taken the field sprint for fourth place.

This was the first win for the charismatic kid from the west end, and at a record setting average speed of 46.5 km/h.

Thanks to our usual crew of volunteers. Craig Fagan and Dan Rothnie for set up and takedown and marshalling duties and Michelle Payne for help at registration and working the lap counter and trusty medic Adam Hobbs

Check out photos from the night on Mississauga Camera Club's site.

Early Race
22 Laps - 21.5 km - 41.0 km/h

1. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 31:33
2. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas) all s.t
3. Graham Anderson (Midweek CC)
4. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC)
5. Ben Beneditz (Pavan)
6. Matthew Campbell (Bayside)

Late Race
52 Laps - 50.96 km - 46.5 km/h

1. Zach Morris (Neworld) 1:05:49
2. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) s.t.
3. Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling Club) s.t.
4. Gerard Yates (KHS) 1 lap
5. Rodney McEwen (Jet Fuel) all st.
6. Mark Polsinselli (Pavan)
7. Jason Valenti (
8. Mark Shaw (Chain Reaction)
9. Rob Fletcher (La Bicicletta)
10.Dan Lefebvre (Team RACE)
Primes: Heath Cockburn, Mark Hinnen
98 Starters


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