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July 15/06 12:54 pm - Giro di Burnaby Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 07/15/06

Giro di Burnaby Criterium Burnaby BC, July 14th
Courtesy Team Navigators

In a series of races known as BC Superweek, racing began with a new event, the Giro di Burnaby Criterium. One of Canada's biggest cycling events, the BC races are known for their large and enthusiastic crowds, and fast paced racing.

A break of 10 developed and included several riders from Canada's premier Pro team, Symmetrics, local favorite Kirk O'Bee of Health Net, and the Navigators Insurance trio of Siro Camponogara, Hilton Clarke, and Vassili Davidenko.

With several laps remaining, it was Davidenko and a Symmetrics rider off the front, but an aggressive chase by O'Bee caught the pair on the final lap. Camponogara then gave Clarke a textbook lead out as the Australian sprinter easily bested Symmetric's Andrew Pinfold, and the Canadian National Crit Champ. Davidenko held on for 4th.

Men Pro 1/2
1. Hilton Clarke (Aus) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team
2. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
3. Cameron Evans (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
4. Vassili Davidenko (Rus) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team
5. Ryan Roth (Can) Team R.A.C.E.
6. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
7. Ryan Anderson (Can) Aviawest Vega
8. Peter Sanowar (Can) Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire C.C.
9. Siro Camponorara (Ita) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team
10. Andrew Randell (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
11. Kirk O'Bee (Usa) Health Net presented by Maxxis
12. Craig de Gier (Can) GS Campione
13. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
14. Dave Richter (Usa) Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire C.C.
15. Brandon Crichton (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
16. Nick Friesen (Can) Pedalhead Road Works
17. Garth White (Can) TREK - Red Truck Racing Team
18. Maurice Worsfold (Can) Team Coastal
19. Chris Worsfold (Can) Team Coastal
20. Daniel Maggiacomo (Can) Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire C.C.
21. Dave Brooks (Can) Giga-Bike/La-Z-Boy
22. Per Strom (Can) Bicisport
23. Scott Slater (Can) Masi-Adobe
24. Jamie Sparling (Can) BiciSport
25. Jeffery Schiller (Can) Team R.A.C.E.
26. Jacob Erker (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
27. Dan Schmit (Can) TREK - Red Truck Racing Team
28. Dan Wood (Can) ERTC Redbike
29. Paul Beard (Can) Escape Velocity / DEVO
30. Ryan Hopping (Can) ERTC Redbike
31. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire C.C.
32. Ryan Mcnamara (Can) Giga-Bike/La-Z-Boy
33. Jason Fluckiger (Can) Bayside Cycling Club
34. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team
35. David Goosen (Can) Mighty Riders
36. Derek McMaster (Can) Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire C.C.
37. Murray Solem (Can) GS Campione
38. Andrew Thompson (NZl) Trek New Zealand
39. Trevor Haaheim (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team
40. Dave Vukets (Can) Team R.A.C.E.
41. Oleg Grishkin (Rus) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team

1. Gina Grain (Can) Colavita Cooking Light
2. Joelle Numainville (Can) Team Biovail
3. Lisa Sweeney (Can) Colorado Premier Training - Colnago
4. Stacey Spencer (Can) TREK - Red Truck Racing Team
5. Marni Hambleton (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
6. Dawn Berg (Can) Oak Bay Bikes
7. Jennifer Lee (Can) GS Campione
8. Alexandra Wrubleski (Can) Team H&R Block
9. Alison Testroete (Can) CMC/Bow Cycle
10. Claire Cameron (Can) GS Campione
11. Mandy Poitras (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
12. Maria Lee (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
13. Laura Brown (Can) CMC/Bow Cycle
14. Kristine Brynjolfson (Can) Team Coastal
15. Anna Tratnyek (Can) Terry Precision
16. Sarah Kerlin (Usa) Velo Bella
17. Moriah MacGregor (Can) Dizzy Chicks
DNF. Lisa Dorian (Can) Dizzy Chicks
DNF. Jenelle Cassidy (Can) Dizzy Chicks
DNF. Leslie Vice (Can) Dizzy Chicks
DNF. Tanya Bagnell (Can) ERTC
DNF. Sara Laliberte (Can) GS Campione
DNF. Lisa Tasa (Can) Chapman Land Surveying Racing
DNF. Audrey Lemieux (Can) Colavita Cooking Light
DNS. Leah Goldstein (Isr) Symmetrics Cycling
DNS. Lee Darling (Can) Team Coastal
DNS. Camille Nonis (Can)) Escape Velocity / DEVO


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