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July 17/06 12:07 pm - National MTB XC Championships: Day 2 Results

Posted by Editoress on 07/17/06

Cross Country Nationals Sun Peaks, Kamloops BC
Reports made possible by the support of MAXXIS and Rocky Mountain

Photos from Timbits challenge and (some) Master's podiums

U13 Men
1. Connor Musselman (ON) Independent0:24:28
2. Alexander Geddes (BC)at 2:19
U13 Women
1. Kerry-Anne Hamilton (BC) Team Whistler/ Epic Ride0:36:57
U15 Men
1. Tyler Allison (BC) BC Provincial Team0:27:11
2. Dylan Musselman (ON) Arrow Racingat 1:23
3. Sebastian Sleep (BC) BC Provincial Team2:27
4. Mack Thomson (ON) Arrow Racing3:41
5. Scott Mulder (BC) BC Provincial Team3:56
6. Matthew Brown (BC) BC Provincial Team4:17
7. Spencer Jackson (BC)5:11
8. Nicholas Geddes (BC)5:39
9. Nick Pike (BC) On the Edge Race Club, Sprockids Coast Riders12:20:52
10. Kiernan Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall12:24:55
DNF. Chris Benson (MB) Falcon Lake
U15 Women
1. Alison Mackeller (BC) BC Provincial Team0:37:20
2. Heidi Schaffer (AB) Rundle Mountain Cyclingat 8:54
3. Samantha Mee (BC) BC Provincial Team12:10:09
4. Kelsey Begg (BC) BC Provincial Team12:16:46
Master Expert 30-39 Men
1. Ryan Oliver (BC) Red Shreds1:35:05
2. Mark Svenson (BC)at 0:47
3. Steve Soldan (AB) Mountain Magic Equipment1:36
4. Jeff Bolstad (AB) H&R Block3:16
5. Warren Ellis (BC) nrg enterprizes /eagle homes4:13
6. Jeff Neilson (AB) Team Alberta4:47
7. Davin Vande Beek (AB) Independent5:09
8. David Perrin (BC)7:27
9. Richard English (BC) Skookum Cycle8:21
10. Darren Anderson (AB) Pedalhead Racing Team9:51
11. Matt Drown (BC) Krebs Cycle Club12:11:10
12. Patrick Seguin (QC) Ride With Rendall12:12:04
13. Trevor Hopkins (BC) Team Whistler/Natures Path12:12:33
14. Jason Leber (BC) Steed Cycles12:18:51
15. Ian Crosthwaite (BC) Fresh Air Experience12:19:47
16. Derek Crowe (YT) Team Yukon12:31:56
DNS. David Dorning (MB) Woodcock Cycleworks
Master Expert 30-39 Women
1. Kerry Van Kooy (BC) Bike Barn1:31:57
2. Joanne Thomson (ON) Ride With Rendallat 2:21
3. Karen Quaedvlieg (BC) FloraGlo Lutein6:31
4. Cindy Koo (AB) Team Alberta12:20:48
Master Expert 40-49 Men
1. David Kvick (BC) Sugoi/Giant1:34:27
2. Peter Lawrence (AB) Team Albertaat 3:25
3. Tim Daechsel (BC) Bike Barn8:26
4. Bob Allison (BC) Worca9:57
5. Michael Judge (BC) Steed /Sram12:11:53
6. Barry Tanemura (BC) Independent12:13:06
7. Robert Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall12:16:14
8. Paul Craig (BC) Natural Earth Racing12:17:11
9. Graham Garrison (BC) Dizzy cycles/wedgewood team12:20:43
10. Lucas Fennell (BC) Natural Earth Racing12:24:46
11. Douglas Hallett (ON)12:25:51
13. John Wong (BC) Floraglo Norco12:33:36
14. Graham Smith (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling12:44:38
DNF. Ron Edwards (BC)
Senior Expert Men
1. Wendell Challenger (BC) GS Campione1:40:33
2. Casey Dyck (AB) Schmoe Racingat 0:32
3. Adam Elliot (BC) Kelowna Cycle1:00
4. Aaron Weiss (BC) full boar3:59
5. Matt Law (BC) Giga Bike/La-Z-Boy5:31
6. Kirk Hamilton (AB) River Valley Cycle12:15:36
7. Norrie Henderson (BC) Kelowna Cycle12:21:34
DNF. Tyler Trace (BC) Giga-Bike/ La-Z-Boy
DNF. Tom Birk (BC) Steed Cycles
Senior Expert Women
1. Brandy Svenson (BC) Island Cycle1:37:27
2. Karen Martins (AB) Hardcoreat 0:47
3. Heather Enders (YT) Team Yukon2:03
4. Allison Furniss (YT) Team Yukon5:12
5. Stephanie Adams (ON) Arrow Racing12:13:09
Junior Sport M
1. Josh Fletcher (ON) Arrow Racing1:32:59
2. Jesse Horn (BC) On The Edge Race Clubat 1:25
3. Michael Johnston (MB) Team Manitoba / Tread The Thunder12:11:06
DNS. Kasper Woiceshyn (AB) Bow Cycle Cyclemeisters
Master 40+ W
1. Judi Garrison (BC) Dizzy cycles/Team Wedgewood1:14:07
2. Susan Weston (BC) Natural Earth Racingat 4:56
3. Carrie Grover (AB) Dirt Girls5:07
4. Inga Ivany (BC) Velocity Cycles7:53
DNF. Judy Harlton (AB) DirtGirls
Master 50+ M
1. Robert Anderson (CA) Fralock1:15:53
2. Tony Routley (BC) Team Whistler/Natures Pathat 1:12
3. Nels Guloien (BC) Team Sugoi/Giant5:08
4. Bill Benson (MB) Woodcock7:13
5. Robin Willard (BC)12:15:46
6. David Johnston (MB) Team Manitoba / Tread The Thunder12:36:13
7. Joe Royle (AB) Independent12:38:36
DNF. Mike Gosselin.
DNS. Paul Skinner (BC) Skookum Cycles
Master Sport 30-39 M
1. Patrick Beckstead (BC) Independant1:19:39
2. Dave Cleveland (BC)at 0:31
3. Paul Green (BC) Independent3:12
4. Nobuo Shoji (BC)3:14
5. Simon Blythe (BC) Independent6:56
6. Craig Fabische (BC)12:24:46
7. Greg Devins (BC)12:27:43
DNF. Joe Purves-Smith (BC)
Master Sport 30-39 W
1. Kim Ritter (AB) Independent1:09:55
DNF. Jennifer Tabbernor (BC) Team Whistler/ Natures Path
Master Sport 40-49 M
1. Brent Hladchuk (BC)1:17:44
2. Jim Fry (ON) Wild Rock Outrittersat 12:48:46
DNS. Craig Hamilton (BC) Epic Ride
Senior Sport M
1. Dylan Holliday (BC) Giga-Bike/ La-Z-Boy1:22:30
2. Joshua Stott (BC) Team Whistler / Natures Pathat 1:58
3. Ryan Jeans (BC) Natural Earth Racing9:31
4. Kevin Mcmahon (AB) Pedalhead12:14:01
DNF. Nick Gill (BC)
DNS. Kirk Bothwell (AB) Terrascape Racing
Senior Sport W
1. Tami Thicke (AB)1:19:16
2. Stacie Coder (BC)at 5:24
DNF. Aimee Willette (AB) Cyclemeisters / Bow Cycle
Under 17 Sport M
1. Patrick Mc Manus (AB) Independent0:54:57
2. Zachary Gartside (BC) BC Provincial Teamat 3:36
3. Linden Clark (MB) Tread The Thunder12:15:02
4. Justin Doverspike (MB) Tread The Thunder12:23:10
5. Brenon Durston (MB) Tread The Thunder12:29:16
6. Matthew Johnston (MB) Team Manitoba / Tread The Thunder12:37:54
DNS. Erik Mulder (BC) Steed


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