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July 24/06 6:31 am - Alberta Provincial ITT Championships

Posted by Editoress on 07/24/06

Alberta Provincial ITT Championships Saturday July 22 nd

A hot and virtually calm day allowed for some fast times on the Darwell 40 km course for the Alberta Provincial ITT Championships. 92 riders competed in either age or ability category.

Bruce Copeland (Juventus) pulled off a 50:31, breaking the Provincial Championship record of 50:46 set 10 years ago by Jeff Barnes on the same course. Shawn Taylor (H&R Block) had a good ride at 54:26 for silver over Bob Veroba (Bicisport) at 54:51.

Fastest woman's time of the day was 58:35 by Susan Copeland (Juventus) over National Junior ITT champion Julie Beveridge (Bicisport) at 1:00:18 followed closely by duathlete Nancy Burden (Juventus) at 1:00:24

40 km

Women B
1. Annett Kamenz (Aerobic Power/ Fresh Start)00:59:44
2. Teresa Melton (Aerobic Power / Fresh Start)01:03:21
3. Jessica Kisell (Bicisport)01:04:20
4. Anna Rogers (Edmonton Road and Track Club)01:09:24
5. Lindsay Herrick (Aerobic Power)01:10:58
6. Tami Thicke (Singletrack)01:12:52
7. Michelle Beveridge (Bicisport)01:14:24
8. Lauren Lankester (Bicisport)01:15:58
9. Annie Stadnyk (bicisport)01:21:34
Women A
1. Susan Copeland (Juventus)00:58:35
2. Julie Beveridge (Bicisport)01:00:18
3. Nancy Burden (juventus)01:00:24
4. Tricia Orzeck (Synergy)01:03:18
1. Lisa Stowe (Bicisport)00:24:29
Masters Women C
1. Val Trainer (Juventus)01:12:31
OOP. Janet Sillman (Thunder Bay Cycling club)01:04:43
Masters Women B
1. Joanne Breau (BICISPORT)01:02:41
2. Carolyn Soules (Calgary Crankmasters)01:03:39
3. Elizabeth Ariano (ERTC/Redbike)01:06:29
4. Lisa Licis (Hardcore)01:08:11
Masters Women A
1. Colleen Malcolm (velocity)01:05:50
Masters Men D
1. Lev Krivitsky (Terrascape Racing)01:02:55
2. James Oldham (CrankMasters)01:17:04
3. Patrick Hodgkinson (Crankmasters)01:17:12
Masters Men C
1. Don Fox (Juventus)00:57:37
2. Wayne Long (United cycle)00:59:18
3. Stan Walter (Crankmasters)01:02:16
4. Michael Zelensky (Terrascape Racing)01:02:33
5. Claude Breau (BICISPORT)01:03:47
6. Douglas Laver (Independent)01:07:40
7. Mark Jones (9th Street Cycle-Logic Cycling)01:09:44
Masters Men B
1. Gary Brown (Rundle Mountain CC)00:54:31
2. Zbigniew Szymanski (United Cycle Racing Team)00:55:45
3. Peter Toth (ERTC)00:56:17
4. Terence Dahms (Pedalhead Roadworks/Rudy Project)00:57:16
5. David C Watson (Velocity Cycling Club)00:57:20
6. Tracy Shearer (Juventus)00:58:49
7. Bob Burden (Juventus)00:59:36
8. Don Mankewich (Alberta Randonneurs)01:04:02
9. Allan Plesniarski (Juventus)01:04:35
10. Wes Zaniecki (Calgary Crankmasters)01:05:44
11. Myron Stadnyk (bicisport)01:16:36
Masters Men A
1. Keith Bayly (Deadgoat Racing)00:59:22
2. Reid Cummings (Cyclemeisters / Bow Cycle)00:59:45
3. Sherman Cutknife (Cycle Logic)01:06:38
Cat 5
1. Jason Dyck (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start)00:59:48
2. Axel Hallbauer (ERTC)01:01:19
3. Gerhard Jacobs (Crankys Bike Shop)01:02:04
4. Sinh Chiem (United cycle racing team)01:03:01
5. Marcelo Lafuente (Pedalhead Roadworks)01:03:07
6. Martin Day (cabc)01:03:08
7. James Tallian (CrankMasters Calgary)01:03:34
8. Jacek Kasprzyk (Crankmasters)01:03:47
9. Lance Harris (juventus)01:04:33
10. Warren Schmitz (Aerobic Power/ Fresh Start)01:07:56
11. Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)01:08:18
12. George Berry (Velocity)01:08:24
13. Emils Muehlenbachs (PEDALHEAD RACING)01:09:42
14. Daniel Richter (Velocity)01:10:33
15. Mackenzie Carson (Juventus)01:13:58
16. Michael Lankester (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)01:21:07
Cat 4
1. Brad Fehr (Pedalhead Road Works)00:57:21
2. Scott Book (ERTC/Redbike)00:57:41
3. Mark Ruttiman (Pedalhead Roadworks)00:58:14
4. Graham Shrive (PEDALHEAD ROAD WORKS)00:58:22
5. Mark Rumsey (Hardcore Racing)00:59:02
6. Aaron Schooler (ERTC/redbike)00:59:16
7. James Lyon (Cycle-logic)00:59:18
8. David Larson (Juventus)01:00:50
9. Andrew Phelps (Cranky's Bike Shop)01:01:19
10. Jonathan Mayne (Pedalhead Road Works)01:01:20
11. Kyle Harris (juventus)01:01:54
12. Carlos Salas (TRS Racing)01:02:26
13. Paul Kozak (ERTC/redbike)01:03:26
14. Rob Found (Freewheel Jasper)01:03:50
15. Dan Hunka (Juventus Cycling Club)01:04:40
16. Greg Yanicki (bicisport)01:04:44
Cat 3
1. Andy Achuff (Pedalhead Racing)00:57:33
2. Sandy Hilton (Pedalhead Roadworks)00:58:08
3. Robert McKerrell (CABC/Projekt One)00:58:41
4. Kyle Anderson (ERTC/redbike)01:00:28
5. Aaron Chappell (edmonton road and track)01:00:53
Cat 1/2
1. Bruce Copeland (Juventus Cycling Club)00:50:31
2. Shawn Taylor (H&R Block)00:54:26
3. Robert Veroba (Bicisport)00:54:51
4. John Twells (Pedalhead/Original Joes)00:56:28
5. Nick Jendzjowsky (pedalhead roadworks)00:56:30
6. Kevin Masters (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start)00:56:46
7. Dennis Bland (Crankmasters)00:57:38


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