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July 26/06 12:38 pm - Mardis Cyclistes de Lachine Saputo

Posted by Editoress on 07/26/06

Martin Gilbert Wins Again - Becomes Leader's Jersey Threat Montréal, July 25th
Courtesy Mardis Cyclists de Lachine Saputo
Translated by Amanda Leigh Cox

Returning after a week's rest, the Mardis Cyclistes de Lachine Saputo brought excitement and speed to the crowds at Parc Lasalle last night. Martin Gilbert ( Nevada) won his third Mardis race, while veteran Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Sleeman Clear Énergie) outsprinted Daniel Bélisle (Cinelume-Cycles Performance) by a tire width at the finish line.

Multiple break-aways were attempted but all were quickly retrapped by the peleton; equating to another thrilling sprint finish, won by Martin Gilbert ( Nevada). The decision of who would take the second step on the podium was far more tight however, with Officials having to rely on the photo-finish to determine second and fifth places. After carefully studying the photos, Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Sleeman Clear Énergie) took second place by a tire width; Daniel Bélisle (Cinelume-Cycles Performance) took the third step on the podium, accompanied by his young son. Jean-Sébastien Béland (Volkswagen Trek) narrowly missed the podium, instead taking fourth place by a hair after an impressive sprint effort.

Sébastien Moquin (Sleeman Clear Énergie), leader of the General Classement finished in fifth place. Despite his finish off the podium, Moquin used an effective race strategy in order to ‘limit the damages' to his hold on the Yellow Jersey – focusing on points. Moquin holds on to the leader's jersey for another week, as he came in second in the sprints points scoring throughout the race. Also good news for the racer is the almost complete healing of the ankle and elbow injuries he accrued during a fall after almost a full month of total rest. On the other hand, Moquin's absence from his bike was evident.

Certains key players in the General Classement –such as Éric Boily (Volkswagen Trek), David Veilleux (Louis Garneau Optik) and Pierre-Olivier Boily (Sleeman Clear Énergie), were absent from les Mardis last night; racing for Team Quebec at the American NRC keystone race Tour de ‘Toona in Pennsylvania.

Three-time winner of the Mardis Cyclistes de Lachine series, Gilbert is only a few points behind Dominique Rollin (Vélo Club Roubaix) and Moquin in the overall points race; a gap he may soon take up, as Rollin will be absent from the series for the rest of the season, in Europe with his team.

In the Coupe des Jeunes Lait's Go, Simon Lambert-Lemay (André Cycle
id/Cad) seems to be unbeatable in the points race ; winning again last night – his sixth series victory for the 2006 season. The second and third places in the race were won by the second and third place riders in the General Classement; Hugo Houle (Vélocité Drummond) and Alexandre Morin (Indépendant-RP), respectively.


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