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July 30/06 10:01 am - MT Washington Canada Cup DH Results & Canada Cup winners

Posted by Editoress on 07/30/06

MT Washington Canada Cup DH Mt Washington BC

Junior Expert Men
1. Dean Tennant (BC)4:27.78
2. Dan Csokonay (BC)4:37.32
3. Adam McConaghy (BC)4:37.34
4. Lee Boeyen (QC)4:55.64
5. Mike Patychuk (BC)5:07.18
Senior Elite Women
1. Adrienne Miller (BC) Devinci Daredevil5:03.96
2. Seana Wright (BC)5:27.09
3. Amber Zirnhelt (BC) Brodie Bikes6:22.56
Senior Elite Men
1. Geoff Pendrel (BC) Devinci Daredevil4:09.68
2. Luke Kitzanuk (BC) Giant Bicycles4:18.34
3. Stuart Couper (BC)4:21.43
4. Brent Anderson (BC) Mountain City Cycle4:21.52
5. Neil McKinnon (BC) Oak Bay Bikes4:22.41
6. Louise-Philippe Leonard (QC)4:25.40
7. Jonathan Allard (QC) Sports Aux Puces4:29.16
8. Dominick Menard (QC)4:29.48
9. Antoine Larose (QC) Commencal: Dropmachine4:39.56
10. Derek Covell (ON) Norco Factory team4:40.24
11. Ross Roseingrave (BC)4:40.56
12. Sean Manara (BC) Dodge City Cycles4:46.96
13. Roddi Lega (AB) Norco Factory team4:51.17
14. Robbie Davidson (ON) Privateer Racing4:51.61
15. Josh Mead (ON)5:03.02
16. Justin Brown (ON) Norco Factory team7:33.90
DNS. Patrick Bisson (QC)
DNS. Charles-Alexandre Dube (QC)
Under 17 Expert Men
1. Simon Garstin (BC) Mt. Washington Treadshed4:34.06
2. Steven Pawlitsky (BC)5:05.47
DNS. Simon Garstin (BC) Mountain City Cycle
Under 17 Women
1. Meranda Miller (BC) 5:17.13

Canada Cup winners

Elite Women: Adrienne Miller (BC) Devinci Daredevil - won them all
Elite Men: Luke Kitzanuk (BC) Giant Bicycles


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