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August 7/06 7:33 am - Trans Rockies Challenge: Day 1

Posted by Editoress on 08/7/06

Trans Rockies Challenge

Day 1 (August 6th): Fernie, BC To Sparwood, BC

Open Men
1. Andreas Hestler (Can)/Seamus McGrath (Can) Rocky Mountain Business3:01:07
2. Troy Misseghers (Can)/Eric Batty (Can) Mountain Bike Cityat 2:09
3. Tim Heemskerk (Ned)/Evan Sherman (Can) United Cycle Trek2:25
4. Stefan Widmer (Can)/Matt Green (Can) RMB 18:58
5. Mike Palmer (Can)/Martin Vale (Can) Aviawest-Vega17:26
6. Heath Mccroy (Can)/Leighton Poidevin (Can) Soul Bro28:54
7. Steven Gaffney (Can)/Shane Besler (Can) Opus31:45
8. Ryan Draper (Can)/Hazen Simson (Can) Downer / Reboundcycle.co39:54
9. Mark Spratt (GBr)/Sebastian Huckson (GBr) Lunar Power43:24
10. Justin Mark (Can)/Robin Dutton (Can) Arrowsmith Bikes45:52
11. Pavel Richtr (Cze)/Lukas Klezl (Cze) programcycle USP46:20
12. Normon Thibault (Can)/Stefan Jakobsen (Can) Frontrunners48:46
13. Roger Hughes (GBr)/Brian Lewis (GBr) mtb / Vie49:40
14. Brian Cimmiyotti (USA)/Daniel Cooley (USA) Scott's cycle and sports50:16
15. Dustin Luton (USA)/Jon Tanklage (USA) Coates Cycos52:49
16. Paolo Gambetti (Ita)/Andrea Minguzzi (Ita) Velociraptor1:05:58
17. Chris Peters (USA)/Dan Murphy (USA) Cannodale Bacon Brigade1:06:14
18. Erik Bakke (USA)/Dallas Morris (Can) Wildcat Well Ops/Deadgo1:06:45
19. John Inglis (Can)/Lon Martin (Can) The Haywoods1:07:49
20. Nathan Blake (GBr)/Paul Crook (GBr) Gnarly Nutters1:12:34
21. Fernando Garcia Vila (Esp)/Bart Bellver Manez (Esp) Cyclones Team1:12:56
22. Tobi Richli (Swi)/Michi Sigrist (Swi) Fulle Pulle1:16:39
23. Mike Norton (Can)/Carson Bannon (Can) TRS1:19:28
24. Dan Charest (Can)/Tim Chala (Can) Sparwood Titans1:23:26
25. Shaun Michael Kuzio (Can)/Shelby Lefebvre (Can) Team Abitibi Consolidated1:25:38
26. David Weik (USA)/Craig Pack (USA) It IZ What It IZ1:26:40
27. Garry Christopher (GBr)/Jeff Cowie (GBr) Motorhouse1:28:56
28. Roger Brudermann (Swi)/Marco Dietiker (Swi) Sherpa Tensing Pedalerie1:42:26
29. Gary Brown (Can)/Fraser Ross (Can) CGI / Sitka1:45:30
30. Greg Shore (Can)/James Bruce (Can) Escape Artists1:47:18
31. Grady Semmens (Can)/Tyler Semmens (Can) Semmens Bros. Racing1:49:00
32. Trent Marshall (Can)/Jody Ponto (Can) keepin' it wheel1:50:03
33. Gary Tait (Can)/Darren Keith (Can) Do North1:52:23
34. Steve Schippanoski (Can)/Chris Scott (Can) Urge1:52:51
35. Shane Dench (Can)/Tom Fransham (Can) Super Heavyweight Cham1:52:53
36. Phil Hoilett (Can)/Dave Brown (Can) Canmore Castlegar Conne1:52:56
37. Tim Borys (Can)/Shea Tritter (Can) Synergy Racing1:53:26
38. Jeff Dallin (Can)/Mark Coates (Can) Innovative Fitness1:57:37
39. Benoit Guizar (Mex)/Alain Guizar (Mex) Taco'Riendo Machin1:57:40
40. Craig Smith (GBr)/Alan Nizbet (GBr) The Hub In The Forest1:58:07
41. Troy Heithecker (USA)/Timothy Erickson (USA) Homeless But Free2:00:43
42. Chris Scott (Can)/Trevor Beattie (Can) Hard Tail Pride2:01:00
43. Jean-Franc Tremblay (Can)/Clement Rouleau (Can) Team Go Hard2:02:08
44. Chris Baisch (RSA)/Colin Meyer (RSA) Morningside Cycles SA - F2:04:15
45. Rich Dillen (USA)/Josh Neely (USA) Team Bad Idea Racing2:05:31
46. Michael Dougherty (Can)/Iain Radford (Can) The Inflatables2:06:11
47. Michael Kingston (Aus)/Gavin Burke (Aus) Aussie Battlers2:10:32
48. Noel Edwards (Can)/Colin Davis (Can) Couloir-Life Works2:12:35
49. Gary Tee (GBr)/Huw George (GBr) Valley Riders UK2:13:04
50. Casper Van Oosten (Ned)/Francis Fahrni (Swi) TU/e Plastic People2:13:33
51. Craig Douce (Aus)/Dale Bartrom (Can) rmoutlook.com2:13:48
52. Troy Lemens (Can)/Sean Anastasiadis (Can) IRON HORSE/SPORT CH2:17:09
53. Scott Stroming (USA)/Bob Schoeneman (USA) Wenatchee Area Racers2:21:21
54. Geoffrey Lindsay (Can)/Patrick Murphy (Can) Newpark Mud Men2:22:41
55. Werner Van Vuuren (RSA)/Vaughn Walton (RSA) ZA/ Mediclinic2:23:47
56. Trent Wiebe (Can)/Bob Bedier (Can) Team Lightweight2:24:24
57. Gonzalo Robles Gil (Mex)/Gerardo Cano (Mex) Mucho Guano2:28:03
58. Deryk Lyddiatt (Can)/James Galipeau (Can) Moose2:30:25
59. Brian Tuffs (Can)/Dan Baumgarten (Can) Miazzurts2:30:45
60. James Friesen (Can)/Jonathan Friesen (Can) Tinker Creek Farm Team2:31:24
61. Dan Higginson (GBr)/Barry Cox (GBr) Chasing Your Tail2:34:46
62. Christian Klose (Ger)/Alexander Klose (Ger) abbruch2:36:50
63. Steven Kotowich (Can)/Marc Gratton (Can) Prairie Sky2:37:53
64. Gero Bankhaus (Ger)/Markus Szczabel (Ger) Never Give Up2:44:18
65. David Wagstaff (GBr)/Steve Kaye (GBr) Pactrac / Skinfit2:44:57
66. Brian Galvin (Irl)/Stephen Moore (Irl) workatheight.ie2:51:22
67. Terry Eichinger (Can)/Glen Bos (Can) ikenbos2:51:24
68. Greg Head (Can)/Troy Head (Can) Devon NRG2:53:24
69. Sean Solon (Irl)/Mark Solon (Irl) Xtreme Paddies2:57:46
70. Christian Male (GBr)/Ian Gill (GBr) Golden Balls3:00:51
71. Christopher Buckman (Can)/Grant Pellegrin (Can) The LuluLemon Heads3:01:50
72. Edmund Therrien Jr (USA)/Martin Kovacs (Can) Team Tuckermen3:03:13
73. Simon Newall (GBr)/Lee Walker (GBr) Stour Youth3:04:19
74. Tom Porter (Can)/Kevin Sweeney (Can) Back of the Pack3:08:06
75. Jon Peters (Can)/Dan Peters (Can) John Fehr Insurance3:08:46
76. Eric Colberg (Can)/Tim Dekker (Can) Big E's Pressure Welding3:09:20
77. Will Larooi (Can)/Tim Thompson (Can) Team Matrix Video3:09:59
78. Mike Omelaniec (Can)/John Gibson (Can) 4word/langley concrete gro3:12:30
79. Simon Driscoll (GBr)/Andy Fletcher (GBr) Team Smoke Screen3:13:09
80. Guy Thomas (GBr)/Didier Nehr (Fra) Escargot3:15:26
81. Robert Hill (Can)/Joh O'shaughnessy (Can) Team CanadaHomeHealth3:21:24
82. Cameron Baty (Can)/Chris Law (Can) I should‚ve just bought the3:28:49
83. Chris Hyman (RSA)/Nolan Daniel (RSA) Where's Louie?3:49:57
84. Carl Bachand (Can)/Daryl Goodfellow (Can) 2. R Max3:53:10
85. Lark Richardson (Can)/Ken Chorney (Can) Uncomfortably Numb4:07:46
86. Hector Jaime (Mex)/Jair Manjarrez (Mex) Viva Mexico!4:31:07
87. Kevin Schmidt (Can)/Jeff Schmidt (Can) Mudlarks4:52:12
88. Graham Kawulka (Can)/Troy Moskal (Can) Dibs On Dead Last (DODL4:54:05
89. Tim To (Can)/Don Reichert (Can) Team Genie Bicycles5:03:13
90. Troi Whalen (Can)/Dave Craig (Can) Team Aeromedical4:58:53
Open Mixed
1. Lynda Wallenfels (USA)/David Harris (USA) Health-FX3:47:33
2. Louise Kobin (USA)/Eric Warkentin (USA) X-fusion6:27
3. Samuel Koerber (USA)/Tricia Stevenson (USA) *Cannondale/LandRover*8:21
4. Hillary Harrison (USA)/Ryan Watts (Can) Crissi - Crystal Hotels10:17
5. David Frye (USA)/Beth Frye (USA) Frye Daze25:00
6. Melanie Alexander (GBr)/Richard Holmes (GBr) Fancier Ride34:18
7. Jessica Demars (Can)/Robert Blanchard (Can) Ride On39:04
8. Blair Martin (NZl)/Heather Evans (NZl) Kiwi Flyers48:04
9. Nancy Lopez (Can)/Kobe Davis (Can) Big Country50:11
10. Rowan Goeller (RSA)/Joanna Goeller (RSA) Scatterlings of Africa55:10
11. Martina Weinzettl (Aut)/Michael Russ (Aut) EMARS Riders1:04:06
12. Ruth Mckean (Irl)/Roger Crippin (GBr) Flying Scots1:12:28
13. Cyd Fraser (Can)/Craig Bartlett (Can) Troubled Beavers1:15:12
14. John Pallas (Can)/Heather Pallas (Can) PCI Dynamic Duo1:17:52
15. Daniel P. Thauvette (Can)/Caroline T. Pinard (Can) Corazon - CBRS1:18:03
16. Glenn Meeth (USA)/Tanya Meeth (USA) Boogie Hips1:18:14
17. Amy Guidinger (Can)/Brett Romanow (Can) Guidi-up1:20:46
18. Luis Gutierrez (Mex)/Monica Gutierrez (Mex) Mexi-CAN1:24:08
19. Katy Curtis (Can)/Anthony Salmon (GBr) 2. bikes & a Lobster Pot1:25:42
20. Eric Geerts (Bel)/Bren Van Calsteren (Bel) Bike - it1:25:43
21. John Ramsden (Can)/Calindy Ramsden (Can) Dark Horse Racing1:26:42
22. Howard Lowe (GBr)/Fiona Patterson (GBr) Endure UK1:28:02
23. Jason Tuffs (USA)/Heather Fuhr (USA) Encinitas1:38:47
24. Lisa Le Poole (Can)/Ryan Bowen (Can) Up the Creek1:50:21
25. Amy Kerdok (USA)/Keith Berkoben (USA) Higher Education1:52:09
26. Michael Solon (Irl)/Benedicte Maillard (Fra) Xtreme Paddies 22:15:56
27. Chuck Fortier (Can)/Cathy Ross (Can) Cops For Cancer2:17:13
28. Joanne Mcleod (RSA)/Justin Mcleod (RSA) Team McLeod3:02:50
29. Maarten Byl (Bel)/Monique Snieders (Ned) M & M3:18:43
30. Ian Bester (RSA)/Jonelle Bester (RSA) Team Metamorphosis3:40:58
31. David Nelson (Can)/Jodi Janzen (Can) Pant Like A Pug4:12:27
Open Women
1. Lesley Clements (Can)/Nikki Kassel (Can) Uncivil Servants3:57:56
2. Sue Butler (USA)/Anna Vacca (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondaleat 10:39
3. Nicola Mann (Can)/Melanie Lewis (GBr) Ticycles/Avanti Racing24:29
4. Michelle Newton (Can)/Alexandra Watson (Can) The Steed Sistas53:42
5. Marie-Jose Santerre (Can)/Lisa Bartlett (Can) Canmore Girlz1:38:05
6. Truus Swaans (Ned)/Patrice Vercammen (Ned) Otten Marathon Racing Te1:42:37
100+ Open Gender
1. Randy Iddings (USA)/Dan Norton (USA) Ranarok/Greggs3:42:19
2. Bob Foster (NZl)/Steve Moffatt (NZl) Team Cannondaleat 15:53
3. Peter Loetzner (Ger)/Herf Sonntagbauer (Aut) Team MTB-Bergstrasse24:49
4. Keith Bontrager (USA)/Richard Latorraca (USA) Bontrager Wheelworks1:00:08
5. Malcolm Law (NZl)/Graeme Brown (NZl) Kiwi Connection1:22:25
6. Jeff Brown (Can)/Philip Ng (Can) Radial Motion1:24:56
7. Thys Neser (RSA)/Brett Sachs (RSA) Oshkosh1:41:45
8. Robert Champagne (Can)/Bill Benson (Can) Toyota Never Quit Team2:01:19
9. David Collett (RSA)/Dennis Lawrie (RSA) GFP Cycopsyclists2:21:03
10. Simon Parker (Aus)/Paul Bougourd (GBr) Climb and Punishment2:45:15
11. John Walton (Can)/Rick Beaupre (Can)2:50:06
12. Kent Stuckert (Can)/Clive Burke (GBr) A Canuck and A Brit3:07:20
13. R. Glenn Dawson (Can)/Rory Cattanach (Can) Dog Meat3:40:41
14. Richard Woodbury (USA)/Laurie Woodbury (USA) Woodbury4:17:41
80+ Men
1. Theo Wouters (Ned)/John Bullens (Ned) Otten Marathon Racing Te3:22:45
2. Jon Gould (USA)/Davey Moore (USA) Team Tamarack/Scott USat 13:55
3. Mike Edwards (Can)/Rich Hamilton (Can) / Differe21:55
4. Paul Newitt (Can)/Nels Guloien (Can) Team Pedal Kona24:54
5. Gary Hill (GBr)/Jack Peterson (GBr) UK NUMPLUMZ31:42
6. Mike Cavaliere (Can)/Stan Magee (Can) Riders of Graymount36:11
7. Derek Shiers (Can)/Dale Plant (USA) Kona/TiCycles36:53
8. Tim Butler (USA)/Hamish Gordon (Can) Team RACE42:30
9. Hans Swaans (Ned)/Jan Van Rooy (Ned) Joyb!Ke ˆ Bth - Joybik44:42
10. John Rozell (Can)/Dean Irvine (Can) Steed Cycles46:43
11. John Millon (USA)/Zdenek Fiebinger (Cze) Outspokin49:55
12. Scott Thomson (Can)/Richard Fletcher (Can) Arrow Racing52:13
13. Patrick West (USA)/Tim Murphy (USA) Chikookabra56:22
14. Paul Craig (Can)/Lucas Fennell (Can) Natural Earth Racin57:46
15. John Chilton (Can)/Chris Malthaner (Can) Bo's Buddies58:50
16. Timothy Crum (USA)/Mike Hardenbergh (USA) Damn Dirty Apes59:05
17. Eric Tremblay (Can)/Daniel Dube (Can) Team Saguenay1:02:50
18. Andy Klumb (USA)/Matt Thourot (USA) Hotel Whiskey1:03:14
19. Robert Trainer (Can)/Ronald Edwards (Can) A week of R and R.1:11:00
20. David Richardson (Can)/Douglas Richardson (Can) Brother, Where Art Thou?1:19:21
21. Trevor Pombert (Can)/Roger Clemens (Can) Team United Cycle1:19:38
22. Robert Kelly (Can)/Jeff Mckague (Can) Just Goin' to the Bike Stor1:20:10
23. Andrew Haliburton (RSA)/Tony Cole (RSA) Durban Dynamite1:20:37
24. James David (USA)/Steve Kutina (USA) Festering Testicles1:28:05
25. John Miller (USA)/Paul Mcclintock (GBr) Nothumbrian Cheesehead1:36:05
26. Mike Dannelley (USA)/Roch Frey (Can) American Interbanc1:36:41
27. Jean - Michel Madec (Fra)/Daniel Glevarec (Fra) Poher Team1:37:18
28. Philip Roadley (Can)/Cory Fielding (Can) Bikes & Beyond1:37:34
29. Ron Donaldson (Can)/Paul Allan (Can) Waterloo Flying Do1:38:29
30. Ron Sadesky (Can)/Alain Parent (Can) Conglomerates1:39:27
31. Rory Attridge (RSA)/Neil Evans (RSA) Davies Civils 21:39:37
32. George Oliver (Can)/Doug Burland (Can) fossil fuelers1:43:32
33. Andy Aufschnaiter (Can)/Richard Plamondon (Can) The Heli Ski Riders1:50:13
34. Francisco Ramirez (Mex)/Mauricio Ortega (Mex) Mexicanisimo1:50:17
35. Edward Toole (USA)/Steven Frank (USA) Wannabees1:50:54
36. Arthur Rijk (Ned)/Tim Snijder (Ned) Team TNT Netherlands1:53:53
37. Don Shewan (Can)/David King (NZl) RGO Office Products1:56:31
38. Vince Haag (USA)/Brad Neumann (USA) The Bungalow Amoebas2:01:15
39. Ralf Madl (Ger)/Johannes Bizer (Ger) DEEP BLUE2:02:43
40. Lloyd Murray (Can)/Peter Spielmann (Ger) 1996: Met in Moab2:06:15
41. Ewen Macgregor (Aus)/Mark Cadle (GBr) Go Aussie!2:06:21
42. Simon Jongebloed (Aus)/Carl Wilkin (Aus) 2. Blokes From Adelaide2:10:52
43. Dj Brooks (USA)/Alina Mcmaster (Aus) Aroc 'in Roll 'in2:11:50
44. Joe Jackson (USA)/Brian Fish (Can) Team Moose Jaw2:16:01
45. Chip Woodland (USA)/Brian Grossman (USA) Team Vail2:25:47
46. Dan Wray (Can)/Alex Blampied (GBr) Tail Gunners2:31:12
47. Terrance Hook (Can)/Tony Taylor (Can) Team TNT Canada2:39:34
48. Kevin Clapperton (Can)/Richard Clapperton (Can) Wobbly Wheels2:40:33
49. Don Martin (Can)/Scott Burns (Can) The Extreme Team2:51:25
50. Philip Lett (Can)/Kem Akol (USA) Team BRJ Sportfire2:56:13
51. Jim Seethram (Can)/Michael Kohlenberg (Can) United Cycle - Orissa2:56:28
52. Mike Hayes (Can)/Kevin Harris (Can) Team De'Nial3:13:12
53. Ray Perkins (GBr)/Marcus Childs (GBr) Thirty 23:40:56
54. David Hazlett (Can)/Bruce Thomson (Can) Gears Then Beers4:02:56
55. Tim Hudema (Can)/Reid Alan (Can) Team Missing Links4:38:33
56. Jeremy Davies (RSA)/Paddy Cresswell (RSA) Davies Civils 14:37:15
80+ Mixed
1. Margie Smith (Can)/Joey Cowen (Can) Wilson Mountain Sport/RB
2. Jeff Bandura (Can)/Jennifer Tabbernor (Can) BikeKootenayRockies.com4:28:24
3. Tamara Goeppel (Can)/Thomas Tetz (Ger) Leki BikeXtremeat 36:26
4. Jane Meeks (GBr)/Gary Baum (GBr) Eden Wheelers47:59
5. Gavin Mackintosh (RSA)/Rose Mackintosh (RSA) Makatini56:36
6. Dan McCarthy (USA)/Kathleen Oot-Coffey %


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