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August 22/06 10:50 am - MTB World Champs: U23 Women Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/22/06

MTB World Championships Rotorua, New Zealand

Reports made possible by the support of MAXXIS

1. Ren Chengyuan (People's Republic Of China)1:31:17
2. Ying Liu (People's Republic Of China)at 1:38
3. Sarah Koba (Switzerland)4:56
4. Tereza Hurikova (Czech Republic)6:35
5. Nathalie Schneitter (Switzerland)7:56
6. Eva Lechner (Italy)8:15
7. Nina Homovec (Slovenia)8:46
8. Elisabeth Osl (Austria)9:13
9. Amy Hunt (Great Britain)10:07
10. Adelheid Morath (Germany)12:40
11. Chloe Forsman (United States Of America)12:53
12. Jenna Zander (United States Of America)13:21
13. Evelyn Staffler (Italy)13:47
14. Laura Metzler (France)14:21
15. Maureen Guichardot (France)15:23
16. Hanna Klein (Germany)15:27
17. Tereza Jonsova (Czech Republic)15:49
18. Carissa Wilkes (New Zealand)16:13
19. Meghan Kindree (Canada)16:43
20. Jean Ann McKirdy (Canada)17:23
21. Francisca Campos Salas (Chile)20:40
22. Michelle Hyland (New Zealand)22:22
23. Catherine Vipond (Canada)23:16
24. Evgenia Belozerova (Russian Federation)27:32
25. Michelle Bellamy (New Zealand)-1Lap
26. Fiona Lindsay (New Zealand)-1Lap
DNS. Caroline Mani (France)
DNS. Lauren Koedyk (New Zealand)
DNS. Chelsea Wills (New Zealand)


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