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November 3/98 1:43 am - Alberta `Cross Results

Posted by Editor on 11/3/98

Bow Cycle/Republik - Cyclo-Cross ‚98 October 31, 1998
(courtesy Andy Holmwood, Alberta Bicycle Association)

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School, DeWinton, Alberta

Open Men (7 laps X 2.8 km = 19.6 km.)

1.Aaron WhitfieldCalgaryBow Cycle/Republik59‚32
2.Brian McClennonCalgaryBow Cycle/Republik1:01:02
3.Travis SmithCalgaryNCTDC/Bike Shop1:01:10
4.Steve McCarthyCalgaryDynamic Cycle1:02:13
5.Scott MontgomeryCalgaryBow Cycle/Republik1:02:42
6.Andrew WalkerCalgaryBicisport1:02:47
7.Jeff SmithCalgaryBow Cycle/Republik1:03:07
8.Bryan SzaszCalgaryBow Cycle/Republik1:04:00
9.Donal SchaferCalgaryBicisport1:04:11
10.Jim FisherCalgaryJuventus1:04:29
11.Dan ProulxCalgaryNCTDC/Bike Shop1:05:08
12.Stuart HughesCalgaryBow Cycle/Republik1:07:00
13.David JohnsCalgaryNCTDC/Bike Shop1:07:41
14.Nicholas UttingCalgaryBow Cycle/Republik1:09:06
15.Dustin HittelCalgaryEurotechdnf

Open Women (6 laps X 2.8 km = 16.8 km.)

1.Krista SvedahlCalgaryBrew Bros./Soma1:04:34
2.Jen ReimerCalgaryEurotech1:06:41
3.Laura YoistenCalgaryNCTDC/Bike Shop@ 1 lap
4.Jenny TrewCalgaryNCTDC/Bike Shopdnf

Veteran Men (6 laps X 2.8 km = 16.8 km.)

1.C.P. WalshCalgaryBrew Bros./Soma53:41
2.Derrill ShuttleworthEdmontonVelocity54:05
3.Kim HarrisCalgaryEurotech1:04:20

Novice Men (6 laps X 2.8 km = 16.8 km.)

1.Zach DavisCalgaryNCTDC/Bike Shop53:44
2.Ryan MacKenzieCalgaryNCTDC/Bike Shop57:21
3.Desmond BliekCalgaryBow Cycle/Republik58:47
4.Phil ChuggCalgaryNCTDC/Bike Shop1:02:17
5.Suchaet BhardwajCalgaryNCTDC/Bike Shop1:10:47

Event Chief Commissaire: Chris Wood
Commissaires: Richard Hansen, Brenda Mehler

Race hosted by the Bow Cycle/Republik Cycling Team


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