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July 11/97 18:54 pm - Tour Official Results, Giro, Nova Scotia News

Posted by Editor on 07/11/97

A Strange Day in France A very bizarre day on the Tour: Erik Zabel (Telekom) wins the 217 kilometre 6th stage and is then relegated to the back of the pack (to 123rd) for irregular sprinting (he switched across the road after establishing his line in the sprint); Abdujaparov kicked out after a Stage 2 positive drug test (he had finished third); top sprinter Tom Steels DQ‚d and kicked out of the Tour after throwing his bottle at Frederic Moncassin (he claims he was punched, and thought it was Moncassin); ANOTHER favourite crashes out of the Tour with a broken collarbone - Evgeni Berzin .... Other than that, Tour leader Cedric Vasseur‚s GAN team did an admirable job of quashing any attempts by other riders to emulate Vasseur‚s breakaway. (note: Abdujaparov shows up as 2nd (after Zabel‚s relegation) because his team can still appeal, and there is still a chance that the positive will be overturned - but it won‚t be) Stage 6, Le Blanc to Marennes - 217 km 1 BLIJLEVENS Jeroen 5:58:09 2 ABDOUJAPAROV Djamoli 3 TRAVERSONI Mario 4 MINALI Nicola 5 MONCASSIN Frédéric 6 MC EWEN Robbie 7 BALDATO Fabio 8 NAZON Damien 9 STRAZZER Massimo 10 SIMON François all s.t. 12 CIPOLLINI Mario 24 FRASER Gord (Canada) 27 BOARDMAN Chris 43 EKIMOV Vjatceslav 44 JALABERT Laurent 48 ULLRICH Jan 66 RISS Bjarne 103 PANTANI Marco 116 MUSEEUW Johan 123 ZABEL Erik (relegated) all s.t. 160 BERZIN Evgeni at 0:48 GC 1 VASSEUR Cédric 34:12:44 2 ZABEL Erik at 2:09 3 CIPOLLINI Mario 2:15 4 BOARDMAN Chris 2:54 5 ULLRICH Jan 2:56 6 VANDENBROUCKE Franck 3:00 7 O'GRADY Stuart 3:03 8 MONCASSIN Frédéric 3:04 9 OLANO Abraham 3:04 10 JALABERT Laurent 3:06 22 RIIS 3:59 26 EKIMOV 4:17 35 BERZIN 4:56 63 PANTANI 6:27 174 FRASER (Canada) 18:50 Women‚s Giro d‚Italia Stage 9, Agordo, 91 kms: 1. Fabiana Luperini (Italy) 2:52:26 2. Imelda Chiappa (Italy) at 2:44 3. Edita Pucinskaite (Lituania) 4. Linda Jackson (Canada) 5. Barbara Heeb (Switzerland) 4:20 G.C. 1. Fabiana Luperini (Italy) 23:10:25 2. Imelda Chiappa (Italy) at 3:07 3. Linda Jackson (Canada) 3:13 4. Edita Pucinskaite (Lituania) 3:21 5. Barbara Heeb (Switzerland) 5:57 Nova Scotia News (thanks to Randy Gray) The 1997 Canada Games Cycling Team has been named. It consists of: Men's Team Pat Collins Steve Doucette Matthew Little Andy MacCallum Greg Sieniewicz Women's Team Cari MacDonald Pam Brennan The Bicycle Nova Scotia Mountain Bike Team representing Nova Scotia at the Canadian National Championships in Hardwood Hills, Ontario on August 9th and 10th will consist of: Ed Rushton Terry Tomlin Travis Field Lisa McInnis Sherry Huybers Andrew Walker Craig Turner Trevor MacNeil


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