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September 14/06 10:41 am - Chrono Champenois

Posted by Editoress on 09/14/06

Chrono Champenois 2006 - France
Report courtesy CCA

Canadian road cyclists who took part in the Chrono Champenois in France on Sunday performed well on the 33.4 km race course, giving Canada encouraging results just a few days prior to the World Championships in Salzburg, Austria.

In the women's category, Anne Samplonius took 7th place (47:11), at 2:11 from the winner, Switzerland's Karin Thurig (Univega Pro Team), a specialist in this type of very flat and fast course.

The Chrono Champenois event was back to back with the Tour d'Ardèche, making it difficult for Samplonius, who won one of the Tour d'Ardèche' stage, to achieve a better ranking. But in such conditions, Samplonius, who was testing a new bike, succeeded in setting a time close to the one of France's Jeannie Longo (46:59), in 5th and Great Britain's Wendy Houvenaghel (46:49 - 4th).

In the men's time trial, Canada's espoirs David Veilleux and Brad Fairall had strong rides within the elite category, which contained great international riders, among them pros and espoirs who will also be contenders at the upcoming Worlds.

David Veilleux (44:42) took 13th place at 2:10 behind Finnish winner Matti Helminen with Bradley Fairall two spots ahead in 11th at 1:34.

On a more significant note, Canada's two espoirs were less than 40 seconds behind the winner (21:31) at mid-race, at 22:04 (Bradley Fairall) and 22:10 (David Veilleux). Most of all, both have reached times close to or even better than world-level espoirs such as Peter Latham NZL (21:43), Sylvain Georges FR (21:27), France's 2006 time trial champion Florian Morizot (21:50), Australia's Mark Jamieson (22:06), Logan Hutchings NZL (21:53) and France's Yoann Offredo.

As Jacky Hardy, Canadian Cycling Association coach commented: "It is a real element of satisfaction and a very encouraging feeling a few days before the Worlds in Salzburg, considering David Veilleux's youth (19 years old) and also the fact that Bradley Fairall, who will still race in the espoir category next year, is only starting back to his season (his latest competition dates back to end of July)."

Next competition will be the Chrono de Tauxigny (18 K time trial), in the Orleanais region, located in the Centre-West of France, Saturday September 16.

Chrono Champenois Women - 33.4 km
1. Karin Thurig (Sui) (Univega)45:00.16
2. Christiane Soeder (Aut) (Univega)at 0:0.94
3. Andrea Thurig (Sui) (Sélection Suisse)0:50.88
4. Wendy Houvenaghel (Gbr) (Sélection Grande-Bretagne)1:49.03
5. Jeannie Longo (Fra) (Sélection France)1:59.35
6. Edwige Pitel (Fra) (Sélection France)2:03.48
7. Anne Samplonius (Can) (Sélection Canada)2:11.33
8. Edita Pucinskaite (Ltu) (Team Nobili Rubinetterie)2:32.31
9. Kathy Watt (Aus) (Lotto-Belisol)2:56.26
10. Rebecca Romero (Gbr) (Sélection Grande-Bretagne)3:17.60
11. Silvia Valsecchi (Ita) (Team Nobili Rubinetterie)4:04.06
12. An Van Rie (Bel) (Lotto-Belisol)4:06.37
13. Vera Koedooder (Ned) (Team Buitenpoort)4:16.32
14. Karine Gautard (Fra) (Vienne Futuroscope)4:23.86
15. Rachel Leitner (Fra) (ASPTT Mulhouse)6:13.77
16. Emmanuelle Merlot (Fra) (Vienne Futuroscope)7:20.11
17. Ana Vigario (Por) (Antante Santa Bicicastre)8:31.79
puis Hors Délai
18. Yun Mei Wu (Chi) (Giant Pro Cycling)9:41.29
19. Yan Xia Jiang (Chi) (Giant Pro Cycling)10:48.57
20. Claudia Vitorino (Por) (Antante Santa Bicicastre)11:30.36
21. Natacha Deville (Fra) (EC Villers-Boulzicourt)13:53.30
Chrono Champenois Men - 33.4 km
1. Matti Helminen (Fin) (Team Profel Ziegler CT)42:32.18
2. Alexander Bespalov (Rus) (Sélection Russie)at 0:31.17
3. Pete Latham (NZl) (Sélection Nouvelle-Zélande)0:36.75
4. Sylvain Georges (Fra) (CC Mainsat Expert)0:38.55
5. Florian Morizot (Fra) (Auber 93)0:39.96
6. Logan Hutchings (NZl) (Sélection Nouvelle-Zélande)0:40.97
7. Mark Jamieson (Aus) (CC Etupes)0:49.53
8. Yoann Offredo (Fra) (US Créteil)0:58.65
9. Stéphane Rossetto (Fra) (US Créteil)1:23.34
10. Nicolas Baldo (Fra) (CFC 07 Le Cheylard)1:32.40
11. Bradley Fairall (Can) (Sélection Canada)1:34.62
12. Noan Lelarge (Fra) (GS Bretagne Jean Floc'h)1:35.61
13. David Veilleux (Can) (Sélection Canada)2:10.28
14. Florian Fromm (Ger) (Team Rietumu Bank)2:25.34
15. Jean-Eudes Demaret (Fra) (AC Besançon)2:40.35
16. Sébastien Thomas (Fra) (EC Montmarault-Montluçon)2:46.72
17. Alexandre Roux (Fra) (US Créteil)2:53.25
18. Laurent Arn (Sui) (Team Rietumu Bank)3:03.07
19. Denis Cioban (Mda) (VC Bourgtheroulde)4:04.69
20. Julien Mazet. (Auber 93)4:30.29
21. Niels Brouzes (Fra) (Auber 93)4:58.93


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