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September 15/06 9:42 am - Profile of Cyclists in Canada

Posted by Editoress on 09/15/06

Profile of Cyclists in Canada
Courtesy CROP Marketing Research

Even though summer is coming to an end, cyclists will not be putting away their bikes just yet. They will be taking advantage of the first weeks of fall to prolong their enjoyment of one of their favourite physical activities. Cycling being one of the most popular sports in Canada, this month's article will draw a profile of Canadian cyclists.

This profile was generated using 3SC, a CROP survey which provides a portrait of the population and of certain groups according to their values and attitudes, and each year measures a wide variety of information about the population.

Almost 1 out of 4 Canadians (37 %) goes biking regularly (14 %) or occasionally (23 %). 44 % of Canadians never do any biking. These results do not distinguish between different cycling disciplines, whether it is road, track or mountain biking.

The following is a sociodemographic portrait of Canadians who cycle regularly or occasionally :

• For all ages : Biking appeals to many age groups within the population. It is mostly popular among people of less than 50 years of age.

• A male-oriented activity : There are more males (43 %) among cyclists than females (31%).

• More francophones : Biking is more popular among francophones (50 %) than anglophones (33 %).

• For the affluent : Overall, cyclists are more affluent than the general population. 41 % of people with an annual household income of $60,000 and over take part in this activity whereas this proportion drops to 33% among those who earn less than $25,000 annually.

• More educated : Biking is more popular among the most educated people. 41% of Canadians with a university education take part in this activity whereas this proportion drops to 33% for people with a high school education.

• More popular in Quebec : More than half of Quebecers (51%) ride their bike; it is the province where this sport is the most popular in Canada. This activity is less popular in the Maritimes (22%).

It is also possible to identify values and attitudes specific to cyclists. The following are characteristics of cyclists:

• Cyclists are filled with vitality and are known for their energy. Seeking to live their life to the fullest, they are looking for intense experiences and distinguish themselves by their openness to the unknown. Biking suits their spontaneous nature since it allows them to go on outings without much planning and to easily modify their initial itinerary.

• Their desire to feel emotions and to have intense experiences causes them to take risks. Some will even use their bikes in a more risky manner, by either mixing biking with other sports as in the case of triathletes or doing acrobatic manoeuvres with BMX bikes.

• They make constant efforts to stay in shape and to maintain a healthy lifestyle by engaging in physical activity and favouring healthy eating. Biking is a way to remain physically active and to maintain better health.

• Very involved in their community, cyclists are interested in social issues. They seek to help those in need and are sensitive to environmental issues as well. For some, cycling is a non-polluting means of transportation that helps to preserve the environment.

• These people are rather liberal, tolerant, and favour freedom over discipline. Very open-minded, they consider young people to be their equal and their definition of a family unit encompasses more that the traditional „father-mother-children‰.

• Cyclists distinguish themselves by the control they exert over their life. They enjoy setting objectives for themselves. The many challenges that cycling offers people of all levels can fulfill this need, whether it is pedaling on a track that is a few kilometres long or going down a mountain full speed.

• Wishing to benefit from life, cyclists are above all looking for happiness and fun. Their professional life remains important for them; they may even put it ahead of their family life.

• As consumers, they enjoy purchasing the newest products as soon as they are available on the market. They do not hesitate to purchase the latest gadgets for their bike. Price is not an important purchase criterion for them as they look for the best deals and prefer useful and quality products over goods that only enhance their social standing. Not materialistic, they do not measure their worth by means of their possessions and are insensitive to others' opinions. Cyclists are moreover suspicious of advertising and of the models it sets.


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