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November 10/98 7:54 am - `Cross Rules Change, Burnaby Mountain Update

Posted by Editor on 11/10/98

`Cross National Rule Changes

We have been told that the rules for bicycles and entries at the 1999 National Cyclo-cross Championships have been relaxed. For bikes there is no longer a restriction on tire width, bar width or bar extensions - in other words, anything that is allowed for a mountain bike race is legal. The event will also be 'Open', meaning that riders of other nationalities will be allowed to compete (however, they will not be awarded a national title if they should happen to win a category). These changes are not yet posted on the `Cross website, since we are waiting for official confirmation from the organizer. By the way, time is running out if you want to pre-register (and save $5). Help the organizers plan things, and get your registration in NOW! Go to the website by clicking on the cyclo-cross icon in the upper right corner of this page.

Burnaby Mountain Update - This is Important...
(courtesy EMP)

It appears that the long term future of mountain biking on Burnaby Mountain will soon lie in the hands of the cycling community itself.

On Oct. 28, 1998 I had the pleasure of attending the third and final Burnaby Mountain Park management plan open house, which was hosted by the Burnaby Parks and Rec. Department. As had been the case in the previous two events, a large and diverse group of interested parties were eager to get in their two cents worth before it was too late. I am happy to say that mountain bikers turned out in droves, to show their love for this mountain and its trails.

There had also been two previous workshops, where the various interest groups such as cyclists were able to get into more detailed discussions regarding the designations of specific trails, such as: multi-use, bike only, hike only, etc. And, in some cases, actual trail closures. Representatives from the Burnaby Mountain Biking Club were asked by Cycling BC to speak on behalf of the cycling community at these events. It seems to have reaped great rewards.

When looking at the final proposal put forth for approval by the Burnaby Parks and Recreation Commission and Burnaby Council, it was encouraging to see that most of the trails had been designated as partial multi-use, bike / hike. The main access loop up Joe's trail and down Mell's remains multi-use. Also proposed as multi-use is Nicole's trail, my personal favorite, and the benefactor of more BMBC trail maintenance time that any other trail on the Mountain. Moving east, Gear Jammer and the routes below it are proposed to remain open, including Lower Snake and The Gravel Pit. The entire east side trail network - North Road, Dead Moped etc. - is also proposed as multi-use, as is the power line trail to the base of Joe's. Slated for closure on the Southeast side (for environmental and safety reasons) are Weanie Boy, Upper Snake and Rickety Bridge.

On the west side the picture for cyclists doesn't look so good. In an effort to create a block of forest which is less impacted by recreational use, the P&R dept. has proposed the closure of all but one trail to Mountain Biking. The route down would be the yet to be completed west leg of the Trans Canada Trail. The loss of these excellent west side routes seems unnecessary, considering the whole North West sector remains unused at present.

Now for the part where the future of these trails falls into the hands of the cycling community. The trail access for mountain bikers will be on conditional basis, requiring a review after one year. This will allow the parks and recreation department to monitor trail usage, conditions, and compliance with trail closures. This is the same process which was used to evaluate off-leash areas in Burnaby parks. The dog owners kept their part of the bargain by controlling their dogs and cleaning up their droppings. Because of this they have recently seen more areas opened up for there use. If we, the cycling community, obey closures, don't braid or cut new trails, and show due respect to other trail users, we can enjoy these trails for years to come.

It's all up to us.

Ron Leavitt
Public Relations Officer
Burnaby Mountain Biking Club

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